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  2. Field for ticket 'Assigned to'

    Hi @Joyce We have a table called h_itsm_request_team_assignment which records an entry every time a ticket is: a) Assigned to a new team b ) Assigned an owner or new owner From this you should be able to work out which requests have been assigned multiple times. If you need any assistance, please let me know the type of Report/Chart you are looking to create, any criteria (e.g. Type of request? Assigned between teams or assigned between owners?) and over what time period Kind Regards Bob
  3. Service Support by Everyone EXCEPT...?

    Hi @Darren This is still in the planning stage and has not been scheduled yet. This is not something I would expect to be with development for some time yet as we have a full development queue. I'll keep you posted once we are closer to looking at this. Regards, James
  4. Field for ticket 'Assigned to'

    Hi I want to create a report for tickets which have been re-assigned more than one. Which table and which field have ticket assignment details? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  5. Extra Details Issue

    Hi @SJEaton Sorry I'm a bit late to the discussion but I just wanted to contribute, and potentially take a step back. Firstly - I would advise to ALSO configure any custom fields from Service and not directly from a request. Doing it from a request simply makes thing more confusing, and you have more control when using the "View Details" for on the Service. If we were to create a brand new Service, as mentioned above, we have the option to use up to 17 custom fields (Custom A to Custom Q). This is also per Request Type - so you can have 17 custom fields for Incidents against your Service, and 17 for Service Requests against your Service. In my screenshot below, I've configured them all in the view details form: I've also made all of this visible even if no value exists. And as you can see, when I raise an Incident, this is what I see: You can have multiple Catalog Items with Progressive Captures against a Service - and as you have done, you can map the responses to the catalog items. But regardless of how many you Catalog Items/Progressive Captures you have, you still only have the 17 Custom Fields against that Service to play with. So for Example - in my Service "Bobs Service 10" I have two catalog items: For my "New Starter" Catalog Item, I have created a Progressive Capture and have 16 questions, all about the new starter e.g. "What is the Starter Name?" "What is the Starter Date?" "What is the Starter Manager?" . . "What is the Starter Email?" In theory I can use 16 of my custom fields against that Service, each with a unique label, to map all the answers to - if I need to. So: "Starter Name" --> (Maps to h_custom_a "Starter Name") "Starter Date" --> (Maps to h_custom_b "Starter Date") "Starter Manager" --> (Maps to h_custom_c "Starter Manager") . . "Starter Email" --> (Maps to h_custom_p "Starter Email") Now I come to my Leaver Catalog Item and Progressive Capture. Because this falls under the SAME service, if I want to map to any custom fields with a unique label, I only have 1 left - h_custom_q. If I have understood correctly, you are in a scenario where you have multiple customer questions in a number of Progressive Captures and you are trying to capture them on the request details. The bad news is, that as per above you are limited to the 17 per service. So how do you resolve this? You have a few options: 1) Split out the Service - In my example above, if I really need to capture those questions in the request details, I would create a new service that is specific to a New Starter. Each Service gives you 17 Custom Fields per type. 2) Consider why you need the Answers as Custom Attributes - All Progressive Capture answers are captured within the questions section anyway. The main reason that people want to map answers to Custom Fields is so that they can be edited in the future (e.g. a Change Implementation Plan). But if the data is unlikely to change, (e.g. the Name of a New Starter) do you really require that answer to be mapped? 3) User Shared Labels - A bit more tricky and will involve some careful consideration - but are there any custom attributes that can be shared across you Catalog Items? In my example above, perhaps instead of "Starter Name" and "Leave Name" as the label for h_custom_a, I would just have "Name" so it can be shared. Apologies if this is going over old ground or I have misunderstood any of the original issue that you posted - I also appreciate this is a bit harder to do when you have already set up your Service Catalog in a particular way as you need to rework it rather than begin at the Service/Custom Fields level as I have done above. But please let me know if you have a specific issue or problem to overcome and perhaps we can assist a more granular capacity. Kind Regards Bob
  6. Time spent on Incident Tickts

    Hi @Prathmesh Patel, I hope I understood your question. The timer will run in the email as long as the email composer remains open. If you leave the email popup without sending the email, it will reset. Thanks, Daniel.
  7. Time spent on Incident Tickts

    actually it doesnt disappear, it does not start.
  8. Time spent on Incident Tickts

    I have installed Time sheet Manager, and configured it to time spent on composing emails as a test - this works. However, when selecting an Incident tickets the clock disappears!.. ANy help would Apprciated. Regards, Prav
  9. Service Support by Everyone EXCEPT...?

    Hi @James Ainsworth Are there any updates on this requirement? We're close to mobilising a new team and if this feature was due v soon, it would save us quite a lot of time and effort thanks Darren
  10. Scheduler and Reporting on Hornbill Collaboration

    Hi Hayley, Thanks for your post. The development on the scheduling features has been worked on over the last few months. This is the ability to schedule multiple things, not just reporting. We are looking at specific areas where we are introducing the scheduling. One area that is currently available as an experimental feature is the scheduling of tasks. We have also started work on what we call "In-app Reporting" for Service Manager which will combine scheduling and some simple reporting. You mentioned "simpler reporting" on the collaboration side. I would be interested if you have some particular reports in mind? Kind regards, James
  11. Integrating with Xerox

    Happy to help. As mentioned you may want to set up an out of office / auto reply rule which sits in front of the update rule so that out of office replies aren't added to the calls automatically.
  12. Afternoon, Quick question, when i went to the SITS 17 we were advised that you were working on a scheduler for reporting and also simpler reporting to be available on the collaboration side can i please have a update on the scales of this? Many thanks Hayley
  13. Integrating with Xerox

    Thankyou so much, this makes perfect sense and has worked!
  14. Integrating with Xerox

    Yes so the regex check is broken down as: In the subject line ignore any number of any characters in front of a group set out like this, upper or lower case characters a-z (2 of) followed by any number 0-9 (8 of), there can also be any number of any characters behind. So no matter where in the subject line it is, as long as the format is correct it will find the reference number and if the reference number is attached to an open call (or closed if you have set it up that way) it will add the update. Obviously if you have custom reference numbers you will need to change the regex check accordingly (so if you use INC00000001 rather than IN00000001 just change the {2} to {3} for example)
  15. @Martyn Houghton these were all related to schema changes on the table that holds BPM state (that table on your instance is around 10Gb in size), it takes time on large tables. The good news is we don't often change the schema for this table so I would expect you will not see this very frequently at all. None the less this is not efficient so we are looking into ways of changing the way we hold BPM state to overcome this problem. It will take some planning so wont be an immediate change but I will keep you informed as we make progress. Gerry
  16. LDAP_Import - Unable to set user status error

    @samwoo Just to explain what it looks like is happening by default the workers is set to 10 but it looks like your instance was under fairly decent load at this time so responses to API calls were slow anything longer than 30 seconds would timeout in the Import which is what the error is suggesting was happening, bringing that down to 1 makes everything much slower but reduces the load on the Instance. When this is scheduled you can play around with increasing the workers back to 2 or 3 as this should be fine when the instance is under minimal load, you were testing the import pretty much at peak hours for where we see load i.e between 8am and lunch time. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  17. New line in custom fields

    @carlt @nasimg no, is not possible I'm afraid with current functionality. We'll ask internally if such functionality can be implemented in a future update.
  18. Thanks Trevor, This has now worked with 1 worker. It took a long time, but it isn't a problem as this runs about 5.30 every evening so we will stick to using 1 worker. Cheers, Samuel
  19. New line in custom fields

    Hi Hornbill Just bumping this to get this to the top of the list (sorry but need a response) Nasim
  20. LDAP_Import - Unable to set user status error

    @samwoo Can you change -workers 2 to -workers=1 it will take a little longer but runs effectively single threaded. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  21. Thanks for this. It seemed to have worked for the first 687 records and now is throwing up a different error now, for each time it attempts: Maybe this is why the new users havent imported because they would likely to be further down the list. Thanks, Samuel
  22. LDAP_Import - Unable to set user status error

    @samwoo Sorry i found the issue and recreated locally i have built and released an update which fixes the issue https://github.com/hornbill/goLDAPUserImport/releases/tag/v2.4.1 Can you try the updated binary, no need to change the configuration file, and let me know the outcome please. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  23. LDAP_Import - Unable to set user status error

    @samwoo Thanks, can you post the value of the instanceID as its shown in the configuration file feel free to PM me if you are not happy posting the instanceId. Also can you zip and PM me the output log file please. Cheers Trev
  24. Hi @TrevorKillick - thanks .BAT file ldap_import.exe -file=UsersWBC.json -workers 2 -logprefix=WBCUsers_ .CONF file { "APIKey": "###################################", "InstanceId": "###############", "UpdateUserType": true, "UserRoleAction": "Both", "LDAPServerConf": { "Server": "###############################", "UserName": "################", "Password": "#########", "Port": ###, "ConnectionType": "", "InsecureSkipVerify": false, "Scope": 1, "DerefAliases": 1, "SizeLimit": 0, "TimeLimit": 0, "TypesOnly": false, "Filter": "(&(objectClass=user)(&(!(sAMAccountName=*test*))(givenName=*)(!(company=###))(!(company=####))))", "DSN": "OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU=####,DC=wokingham,DC=gov,DC=uk", "Debug": false }, "UserMapping":{ "UserId":"[sAMAccountName]", "UserType":"basic", "Name":"[cn]", "Password":"", "FirstName":"[givenName]", "LastName":"[sn]", "JobTitle":"[title]", "Site":"", "Phone":"[telephoneNumber]", "Email":"[mail]", "Mobile":"[mobile]", "AbsenceMessage":"", "TimeZone":"", "Language":"", "DateTimeFormat":"", "DateFormat":"", "TimeFormat":"", "CurrencySymbol":"", "CountryCode":"", "UserDNCache":"[distinguishedName]" }, "UserAccountStatus":{ "Action":"Update", "Enabled": true, "Status":"active" }, "UserProfileMapping":{ "MiddleName":"", "JobDescription":"", "Manager":"[manager]", "WorkPhone":"", "Qualifications":"", "Interests":"", "Expertise":"", "Gender":"", "Dob":"", "Nationality":"", "Religion":"", "HomeTelephone":"", "SocialNetworkA":"", "SocialNetworkB":"", "SocialNetworkC":"", "SocialNetworkD":"", "SocialNetworkE":"", "SocialNetworkF":"", "SocialNetworkG":"", "SocialNetworkH":"", "PersonalInterests":"", "homeAddress":"", "PersonalBlog":"", "Attrib1":"", "Attrib2":"", "Attrib3":"", "Attrib4":"#################", "Attrib5":"", "Attrib6":"", "Attrib7":"#####", "Attrib8":"" }, "UserManagerMapping":{ "Action":"Both", "Enabled":true, "Attribute":"[manager]", "GetIDFromName":true, "Regex":"CN=(.*?)(?:,[A-Z]+=|$)", "Reverse":true, "ManagerSearchField":"h_name", "UseDNCacheFirst":false }, "LDAPAttributes":[ "cn", "sn", "sAMAccountName", "userPrincipalName", "givenName", "manager", "mail", "mobile", "telephonenumber", "mobile", "title", "company", "physicalDeliveryOfficeName", "thumbnailPhoto" ], "Roles":[ "Self Service User", "Basic User Role" ], "ImageLink":{ "Action":"Both" , "Enabled": true , "UploadType": "AD" , "ImageType": "jpg" , "URI": "[thumbnailPhoto]" }, "SiteLookup":{ "Action":"Both", "Enabled": true, "Attribute":"[physicalDeliveryOfficeName]" }, "OrgLookup":{ "Action":"Both", "Enabled":true, "Attribute":"###############", "Type":5, "Membership":"member", "TasksView":false, "TasksAction":false, "OnlyOneGroupAssignment":false } } Cheers, Samuel
  25. LDAP_Import - Unable to set user status error

    @samwoo Sorry about this, can you post the command line you are using to invoke and a copy (Minus any internal username / Password / URLs) of the configuration file you are using please. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  26. Hello, Last night the LDAP_Import has stopped importing new users from AD (strangely). I confirmed that the filters set against the LDAP_Import conf files can see the new users, yet the tool itself did import them. I then went to run the LDAP_Import ad-hoc and I got this in the output (and this LDAP_Import has been untouched since I first set it up to import AD Profile Pictures). But there was a message at the top saying that I wasn't using the latest version of the LDAP_Import tool... so I proceeded to download it and make the necessary tweaks to the .conf files. When running it this time, I get the following message: The LDAP_Import tool and relevant files hasn't been modified in any way for a very long time so it's odd why this has happened now. Please advise. Samuel
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