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  2. Hi @David Hall Thanks for keeping me updated on developments. Look forward to this being rolled out. Keith
  3. Hi @Chaz I think we lose the body (description) if we use a custom summary?
  4. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Collaboration (666) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: Change -Added link to Task Details popup.Allowing Dismiss All of notifications of Activities (available as from server build > 2780)Fix When posting from to a timeline, sometimes the icon in the privacy selector is not being set correctlyEmail Composer - Reply All is now using the same setting as Reply to include the original messageCould not Follow-Up an activity that was generated by Document Manager's ReviewMultiple activitystreams on one page can clashes as new posts aren't checking that they belong to that activitystream when they are madeChanging Contact's organisation is not changing all data correctly (Based on server build > 2778)
  5. Hi @m.vandun I just wanted to let you know that our development team have provided a fix that should correct this issue. This will be available in the next Collaboration update to your instance. Regards, James
  6. Hi @ArmandoDM thanks for that.....I've now created a new role and given access to JUST the analyst settings
  7. @Michael Sharp Are you using the standard Request Details form in Progressive Capture, or a custom form? The summary takes the subject and the description takes the body and pre-populates it already.
  8. Hi @Keith I've just been investigating the last issue you mentioned around the sub-status change text overwriting the email content in the notifications. I've added a fix for this problem so that in future the received email content should be maintained in the notification emails. This fix should be going into a build planned for today, so all being well with testing it should be out to you within the next 2 weeks. Regards, Dave.
  9. @David Hall That's great news. Fingers crossed this should hopefully tie in with when we are going to start rolling this out on our services. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi @Martyn Houghton As @James Ainsworth mentioned yesterday, we've just completed a small change to provide a new application right under the service level management rights which will also control the ability to update request service levels in addition to the existing role checking, hopefully you can then add this right to your roles as needed. We have managed to get it into the next build planned for today, so as James said if all is well with testing and release it should be with you within the next couple of weeks. Regards, Dave.
  11. @chriscorcoran Does sound like that is the cause. I would log a request with Hornbill to get them to check it our under the skin in the database, as perhaps the Guest Accounts elements is not being updated when you change a contacts parent organisation. Cheers Martyn
  12. Thanks Martyn, I think its something to do with him being moved from one organisation to another as I can still add him to the view all requests under portal access. Its like its not worked out he has moved?
  13. @chriscorcoran Sounds like you are in the correct place. In Guest Accounts in the Admin Tool, are they showing as the original or updated Company/Organisation? It could also be permissions issue. Are all the 6 that are displayed already enabled for Organisation View, i.e. is it just showing you who is currently setup as you do not have permission to change them? For our 1st Tier team we need to add the add the application rights as below. Cheers Martyn
  14. Forgot to add the customer was moved from one organisation to another. Does he need to be removed from something?
  15. Hi I have given a user customer portal access but I'm not able to find them under the > organisation, >requests, >portal access section in order to give them view all organisation requests setting. It only shows 6 contacts out of 58, is there a limit to view? or do I need to do this somewhere else in the admin console? Thanks Chris
  16. Thanks @Martyn Houghton yep i had that type of logic in mind. I have raised a change proposal for this and added @sprasad and @Kelvin as connections, as this progresses i will post back. Thanks also for the tip for other users if they wanted to branch on customer type advising them to use numerical values for the customer type in the branching (it might have been helpful if i had included that)
  17. Hi @Paul Alexander, in this thread is discussed how you can see which right are associated to a role: If you want to give access only to certain functionalities, you might create a copy of the Service Desk Admin role , take off all the not relevant rights, and assign the new role to the User. In order to control whether members of his team can have calls assigned to them, the user needs Administer Service Desk right. Hope this helps Regards, Armando
  18. Hi @Chaz thanks very much for this. Did not know that was there!! It would be useful if the summary or description were populated with the email content when using progressive capture though. Regards, Mike.
  19. I always prefer the 'education' option ...
  20. Ah....ok. Thanks @DeadMeatGF Does anyone think that an option to prevent assigning calls to analysts whose status is 'do not disturb' or 'on holiday' might be a good idea? Although the status message is handy, it doesn't prevent anything and we're still getting calls assigned to people who won't have a chance to deal with it for possibly a couple of weeks. I know that 'education' reinforced by baseball bats might work, removing the 'assign' option might be a little less messy.....
  21. It's not a pop-up, where you start typing the name to assign the call, and the dynamic drop-down of names appears the status appears next to the name.
  22. When a Request is raised from an email, we provide a link back to the original email so that you get full context including attachments and who it was sent by/to etc. The full content is also added as the default description. There was an issue where this was truncated unnecessarily, but that will be sorted in our next update.
  23. @Steven Boardman If the breadcrumb trail on the right for the customer search had a tabbed output, listing the contact/co-workers requests as now, plus a tab for organisation's requests and site's requests, that would then work for both. Only one of the additional two tabs would need to be displayed/enabled using your same logic of customer type. Cheers Martyn
  24. Just to aid those implementing this branch in the future, customer_type is a numeric field who's values are as below. Cheers Martyn
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