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  2. Thanks @James Ainsworth for the answer
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  4. Hi Lyonel, Thanks for your post. It's not possible at the moment to have a poll as part of the question feature. It is something that has come up before and discussed a few times here at Hornbill. I think it is a good idea. I will ask about and see if there is anything in the plans for providing this type of feature. Regards, James
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  6. The issue is that is trying to reference a service level ID which no longer exists... the inexistent ID is the P4 service level, and looking in the data, it seems a new P4 service level has been created at some point... If this is correct, there are 16 requests in active state which will throw the same error... Let me know if the scenario is correct so I can see if they can be fixed...
  7. @derekgreen did you delete and recreate P4 service level in your "Service Desk" SLA? ... whilst this request was active? EDIT: btw, removing the node from the process is not related to this error...
  8. Is there a field code that returns the last update to the timeline (not from the owner), ideally I would like to include that in my current notification email. From: noreply [] Sent: 21 April 2017 17:15 To: Gani, Nasim <> Subject: Request IN00074015 has been updated via email Request IN00074015 which is assigned to you has been updated by email - "I tried logging off/on and it didn't work" The bit in red is what I'm missing. Nasim
  9. @samwoo The requirement to view requests which you are connected to from the portal does exist but is a little way down the queue, i will of course add you to this now and again this will help bring it forward Thanks Steve
  10. These are now resolved thanks although have since given up on Edge for various other reasons!
  11. I removed a process from our Incident BPM on Thursday of last week, it was emailing analysts when a call was assigned and it was pointed out that this was superfluous as Hornbill handles this requirement. Not sure if it's in any way connected but I have gone to resolve a call this afternoon and received the error attached. Can anyone advise?
  12. Hi Lee, You can have contacts be imported by sending your switch-on contact a filled in version of the .xlsx file he sends you. I also found this wiki article on SQL import, but I haven't tried this. Hope this helps, Alex
  13. Hi, This might sound like a stupid idea or maybe I simply missed something but is it possible to submit a poll as part of a question / post on a workspace or personal buzz? That would be a great way for me (as an admin) to collect information and feedback from my colleagues about Hornbill as well as any other topics? It would also encourage people to use Workspaces a bit more... Let me know what you think
  14. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (956) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: This update is a database maintenance in preparation for the changes introduced by the next update. It does not affect current functionality but is required to be applied prior to next update.
  15. Hi, is it possible to bulk upload contacts or do they have to be added individually? thanks lee
  16. Hi @Tom Brewster Yes, the ability to define a refresh period on the request list is in the development pipeline. I'll be posting back here once it is closer to being ready. I can't give an exact time from but it should be looked at over the next couple of months. Regards, James
  17. Hi @SJEaton, The name of the Translation String is "user.view.pcapture.attachments.uploadDropLabel". This will be available towards the end of the week commencing 1st May. Thanks, Ehsan
  18. ok, thanks for the help. Doug
  19. @DougA it does not apply retroactively I'm afraid... so emails already in Inbox woudl have to be processed manually
  20. Hi @Victor Test was one I was playing with rather than mess with the live one. I've changed the rule expression to use like rather than equals. Should it process anything already in the inbox or only as they are received? Doug
  21. Currently, when we receive an email and this relates to an existing Request, we use the 'apply email to request' option to process the email. Unfortunately, this initiates a Pop Up Box which is static and hides the background information. As the formatting on this pop up box is not right, it will be useful to be able to move the box and view the original Email content. It will also be useful to see who the Sender is as we have customers who work with multiple organisations. Ability to move apply to email box to view original email behind it.msg
  22. Cheers @Steven Boardman Is there a story regarding the following (re my idea for Connections to be able to view tickets in the Portal): If so could that be linked to the story related to this topic? (as you say in the other post, it could be a natural evolution of this one) Many thanks, Samuel
  23. portal

    Hi @James Ainsworth Many thanks for this confirmation. I have tested this via our customer portal and this is working as per our request, with the description box duly auto expanding. Much appreciated.
  24. @DougA incorrect definition of the expression in "test" rule: This is how it should be defined (if you're matching the string in the subject line):
  25. @DougA I'm looking into this... btw, the mail logs won't tell you why the routing rules did not work I might be wrong on this one... *sigh
  26. We have a very simple e-mail routing to create a new incident when an email with a specific subject is received. It's been working for ages but for some reason it's not working, there are 3 emails in the inbox that should be processed automatically. I've looked in the log and it just seems to be this sequence repeatedly. Any suggestions as to what might be going wrong? Thanks Doug
  27. @Victor Thanks for your help !
  28. @Ralf Peters good to know the issue is fixed Maybe the mail server/service was restarted? I heard of similar issues before where sometimes a restart might cause issues with accounts... but don't quote me on this
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