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  2. Hello, I was wondering if someone can assist in my query? Thanks, Samuel
  3. I have been sorting though are basic user to enable/disable assignment in Service Desk. This works great, however I have an issue if the Members go on to multiple pages. e.g 1st line I select the required users on Page 1 and enable assignment. Page 2 and 3 do not have any members who need to have assignment however I am unable to select No to all the users as I get a message "You are not allowed to exclude all members from assignment"
  4. Yet again @Victor I am in your debt. Thanks Dan
  5. @Dan Munns sorry, missed that part... so much for my new TV ... Try this: ( h_dateresolved > (CURDATE() - INTERVAL (WEEKDAY(CURDATE())) DAY) )
  6. Hi, Wondering if it is possible to play a slideshow through an external link rather than to having to log in to the admin portal (which we have to do every day on a TV)? If not could this feature be implemented? Thanks
  7. @Victor Ok that makes some sense. Looks like I will be reading up on SQL in my time off (haha) Getting back to my original issue (today anyway) any help with the current week part?
  8. @Kelvin @Dan Munns it depends on how you want the expression to be evaluated... you would need to be aware of logical operators precedence as AND and OR have different levels of precedence... To make a simple comparison think of arithmetic operations for multiply or, let's say, addition/subtraction. Example: 2 + 4 x 3 -1 equates to 2 + (4 x 3) - 1 which = 13 - you would not need the brackets because of multiply precedence. However if you want the addition to evaluate first then you would do (2 + 4) x 3 -1 = 17. So you can see you will get different results depending on how you configure operators precedence using brackets. Going back to your example, if you put (h_requesttype = 'Service Request') OR (h_requesttype = 'Incident') AND (<more_citeria>) then the first expression that evaluates is: (h_requesttype = 'Incident') AND (<more_citeria>) - because AND has a higher precedence than OR. The result of this expression, let's call it <result_1>, is used for the next evaluation: (h_requesttype = 'Service Request') OR <result_1>. Hope this makes sense
  9. @Dan MunnsI think you probably know more SQL than me I wish I knew more.. Im sure Victor will give us the answer.
  10. This syntax works for all the other widgets (thanks Victor) I believe you can bunch OR together but have to specify groups if using AND (SQL Newbie so I am sure I will be corrected shortly )
  11. I may be wrong but the syntax looks slightly wrong. I thought you needed brackets around each criteria (h_requesttype = 'Service Request') OR (h_requesttype = 'Incident') AND ...
  12. Ok so I now have 2 pages of widgets for a wallboard screen. I am now trying to create a widget to show resolved calls per analyst per week. I can set it to show the last X days but as this is a rolling X days it isn't what I need. I need it just to show all calls resolved since the Monday to CURRENT_DAY but cant work it out. The CURRENT_WEEK bit is where I need a hand Any help @Victor? Might get you a step closer to the cuddly toy... (I am sure the TV will come eventually )
  13. Hi @Melissa Gurney, We can add an option to change the default in the Admin Tool. It will be applied to the entire company. Will that be OK? Thanks. Daniel.
  14. Good afternoon, Do we have an option where we can make customised questions from the progressive capture editable, like in the details section?
  15. Hi, When using Asset Management, we don't want to see archived/retired equipment on a day to day basis as often it is equipment we have disposed of. An initial though I had was to develop an icon filter similar to the service manager i.e. Current/Active/Archived or icons for Operational/Pre-Production/Retired. Ideally this filter could be fixed to our preferences on a per person basis. Not sure on developers thoughts on this? Mike.
  16. @Awalker got it, thanks! .. I'll post an update as soon as I get a chance to look at it
  17. @DeadMeatGF yeah, the auto closure node is broken ... We working to have it fixed.
  18. HI @Victor This has been sent
  19. @Melissa Gurney I am not aware of any current setting that will make the "quotes" enabled by default.. Perhaps is something @Daniel Dekel could advise?
  20. We have this as well and to be honest I (and also my colleagues) like this functionality. Regards, Mark
  21. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Collaboration (590) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Email composer uses now a default font when defined in the System Settings (Admin Tool) - The key: mail.client.defaultFontFix Activities are being assigned always to the owner even if assigning to a different user or group
  22. I noticed this behaviour after applying build 919 and using the new navigation. We see it specifically in Internet Explorer (Chrome, Firefox Safari opens a new tab in the current window which I like). Regards Nasim
  23. Still no closure, I'm afraid - the attached image is from a call that was closed 18 (working) hours ago. In case you can check anything on our instance, the reference for that call is IN00003679
  24. @Victor is there a way of setting this to be the default setting so that the full email trail is available? So that the analyst doesn't have to click on the quotation marks each time. It is causing issues where if it hasn't been selected right at the start they are unable to see messages when clicking on the quotation marks later on. Thanks, Mel
  25. Well every day is a school day!
  26. @Lyonel as @James Ainsworth advised, we working to have this fixed to provide a consistent/unified functionality in this area Most likely all will be sorted in the next update.
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