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  2. Hi Martyn, I can see the benefit to having a 'Sticky Filter'. I will investigate and see if there are any plans in place for this. Regards, James
  3. Hi @Everton1878 There is a challenge with emails and providing the right balance where emails are being informative rather than as you say, bombarding people can be tough. At Hornbill we have take an approach of reducing internal email to a point where it is hardly used. Everything is in Hornbill. However, I understand that this move away from email is not always that straight forward. Here are a few things in response to your questions. I hope that they help. The two settings that are mentioned earlier in this post will send email to each individual member of the team based on the email address of their profile. So, this particular type of notification wouldn't work with a distribution group. We have some work planned for additional notifications when a customer updates a request when there is no owner. It is not currently scheduled but it is something we will look at over the next few months. We have released a feature that allows you to create sub-statuses which automatically change when a customer updates a request either by the portals or by email. Provided that a request is assigned directly to an owner, the team would not be notified. The Team notifications are for when a request has been assigned to a team without an owner. To deal with the 'Out of Office' emails you can create a Email Routing rule to manage these. The Email Routing rules are processed in order, so you will want to make sure that your rule for this is at the top. This video does a quick overview of the Email Routing rules including a mention of the 'Out of Office' emails
  4. Hi Martyn, Thanks for your post. I agree that this would be a nice feature. I'll give you an update once we have had a chance to look at it and assess approach and time frames. Regards, James
  5. Hi Chris, I believe that this is a particular case where there are no parameters to pass so no options to select. What this automated task should do is look at the SLA associated to the request and re-assess it against the Service Level rules. Based on the rules it will apply the appropriate Service Level. For example if you are checking Priority as one of the rule conditions for applying your Service Level, there may be a point in your workflow where you want to automatically re-assess the applied service level and check if the priority has changed and therefore a new Service Level needs to be applied. More information on the Service Level Rules can be found here I have also added a small update to our documentation here which now describes this automated task. I hope that helps. Regards, James
  6. Hi @Prathmesh Patel I just wanted to let you know that we have completed some work which should help with your requirement. Please view the update on the following topic. Regards, James
  7. Hi Everyone, There are a number of discussion points in this thread to do with controlling when a request can be resolved along with other actions. We have just finished work on a new feature that will allow you to control the availability of all the actions on a request. You will now be able to disable the resolution tab until you have all the appropriate information. Here is a short video to show it works. This feature will be available in the next Service Manager build which we should see toward the end of next week. Regards, James
  8. I just wanted to let you know that we have completed the work on a new feature that will let you control the access to the different actions on a request. It is in its final stages of testing and we are likely to see it in a build toward the end of next week. Here is a video that shows how this works. Regards, James
  9. Hi All, I was just looking at a Service Level problem and came across this task in the Business Process. It doesn't seem to do anything though. Am I missing something? Thanks Chris
  10. @Paul Alexander, @samwoo @Tina.Lapere We have identified an issue in relation to Translation Strings in Self Service. This will be fixed in the next update of Hornbill. Thanks, Ehsan
  11. Thanks, both. I ended up doing what is shown in the attached and it works well. Chris
  12. Thanks Sam (again!) So this DOESN'T show up if someone logs in who doesn't have the 'translate' option? If that's the case then it's not a problem.......we've only got a couple of logins at the moment as we haven't gone 'live' but it's something which I know people will pick up on!! thanks
  13. Hi, We have this too. Thanks Tina
  14. Hello, This only shows up if a user has access to translate across Hornbill. I am having this issue as well, and our instance of Hornbill Collaboration has already been upgraded to this version (and beyond I think) Thanks, Samuel
  15. Hello Could you let me know what the red, dotted underline is on the portal please? (see attachment). I've found an update which mentions it's been fixed, but I can't find why it happens nor why it doesn't seem to be fixed on our instance ( thanks
  16. Hi @DanielRi, Thank you very much for the update. It makes perfect sense and we've been unable to translate the Priorities of our Activities. Thanks again, Jamie
  17. When printing a request from within Service Manager you can choose to select the content in terms of sections to include, however there is not the option at the moment to only include those which are set to the visibility of 'Customer'. Often we will get a request to provide a report or printout of the whole request timeline to a customer, which at the moment we can only do via a report option in order to filter out the Team and Owner visibility options. Having a additional option on the print function to include/exclude the Team and Owner marked entries would enable us to use the Print option for this requirement. Cheers Martyn
  18. Following on from the introductions of the filter options on the request timeline, it would be good to have the ability to set your own personal filter settings which persist when opening new requests. Where as at the moment each time you open a request they reset to the All option. Cheers Martyn
  19. As an external support provider, we provide support to external organisations based on re-occurring maintenance contract. Each organisation has a numerous service subscriptions (10 to 15 minimum, average around 25), hence our previous post (link below) to have a organisation centric view of subscriptions. Being in the middle of our pick annual renewal period has also highlight the need to manage service subscriptions in an even more organised manner. Would it be possible to link the current 'beta' contract element of Customer Manager to include linked service subscriptions. Then when the contract expires the subscriptions are suspended until the contract end date is either updated following renewal or a replacement contract is entered? This would make management of service subscriptions much easier by grouping them together, where at the moment I have to go into each service individually to remove subscriptions manually, even if it is just a temporary measure whilst renewal payment is outstanding. I would presume have the ability to suspend a service subscription, even without the linkage to contracts would be beneficial to other as well. Cheers Martyn
  20. Hi, How can I add custom field defined on progressive capture form, to display in the view? In our change Request form/ progressive capture, we have ' change category and change Priority' (which are different from the system request priority and category), defined by custom field. I want to create change management view which shows these fields. How can I make them available, to be used in views? Thanks. Regards Joyce
  21. Hi Paul, thanks for joining the discussion. if the expectation is the database rights are set when a system/application right is added, this is not how it currently works. At the moment, the adding of database rights and system/application rights are separate exercises. Hopefully in the future there will be some connection between them which will make it easier for us to create custom roles, however at the moment this is what makes creating a custom role such an advanced task. Hopefully a developer with a more in depth understanding of whats possible will be able to confirm what we may see in this area. Dan
  22. Hi @Bob Dickinson, Thanks for the reply. There are 2 reasons for getting this information. 1) I would like to know where my agents are spending their time on. Not only for time reporting but mainly for optimization of processes. I would really like to know, if there are specific incidents that need a lot of updates (could be email to customers or updates internally, before it is resolved). If I have this info I could work to better optimising the workflow. 2) I would like to know where my agents are spending their time on. The only information I currently have, is how many tickets are created and closed per agent. If I only use this info, my agents are not doing anything on a daily basis . Emails: Is this just for emails that have been sent from against a request - or simply ALL emails sent from the mailbox over the course of a time period? Does this count require to be group by the individual who sent it? Emails by agent against a request. Updates Is the count purely for the "Update" type of action against a request timeline or for any interaction they have made with a request? (i.e. do you want to also include updates such as changes of priority, changes of status, adding the resolution etc? Some of these other interactions could be useful, but i'm more interested in updates that have been made. Kind Regards, Mark
  23. No this is not the issue described on the forum. I save every time after adding a role/permission. When adding a role/permission - it is not being reflected within the database rights/table
  24. OK thanks @Gerry An 'Infinitely better solution' sounds interesting. I look forward to the announcement. Thanks Carl
  25. HI Carl, We have disabled the feature at the moment, its been superseded with something all together better which I am going to be announcing very soon. The problem with the web call is dealing with the complexity of "gluing" the inputs and outputs together. When we designed the BPM I laid down and absolute mandate that outside of simple browsable (point and clickable) "expressions" there will be NO programming skills required to use the BPM. Now while the WebCall concept is a real game changer for automation its also entirely impractical because the only possible way of getting the flexibility is to use some sort of glue code to pass params into the web call, there are options like URL encoded, form encoded, URL params, headers and so on. Now we could almost deal with this using expressions although it would be messy it could be made to work, but the bigger, MUCH BIGGER problem is how to handle return values and map that back into something useful that the BPM can use for onward processing - this is where it basically gets impossible, the only way we could make this work would be to expose some form of scripting programming in the BPM so despite some early experiments our conclusion its just not really workable. The WebCall may still get put into production but with very limited capability, but right now, after experimenting and playing with it, the good and very competent folks here at Hornbill did not think we would be doing our customers any favours by releasing this. We have an infinitely better solution which we are working on right now, in fact its almost finished and I will be covering it in great detail at our next Hornbill INSIGHT event which is in June 28th. So watch this space, we have goodness coming very soon. Gerry
  26. @Gary@ADL On OUR instance, the email templates use the same custom fields as the BPM or ProgCapt (see attachment) so I'm not sure if there's an update that's needed on your (or our!) instance? I've checked using the Database Direct tool to see if the custom fields are being updated by the ProgCapt, and some are, but some aren't. There doesn't seem to be anything different between any forms but some are working, and some not. We're going 'live' next Thursday so I'm hoping I won't have to change too much to get it working before then!!!
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