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    Hi David, We are currently looking at a session for customers where we will be announcing some interesting and possibly exciting new stuff relating to Hornbill Service Manager and the Hornbill Platform. We are still bottoming out the content but it will not be in the format of our HUG meetings, more of an education day with some real-world live examples. Such a day is long overdue and I am keen to gauge interest and suggested topics, your post is a good starting point for that conversation. So everyone, please weigh in and let us know what content you would like to see featured. Gerry P.S. Good to see you guys have made the switch, welcome and thank you.
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    Hi @Everton1878 @Terje Mognes There will be a new Automated Task node option added to allow for changing the status of the Service linked to the request. This will allow you to automate the changing of the Status when a new issue is identified, and for you to ensure that it is reset to either No Status or Available once the issue is resolved / closed. As this will be a new node option you can include this where ever you need in your processes. This will be available in either the next or following Service Manager updates, so expect to see this available in the next couple of weeks, be sure to check the release notes for these update. We are still investigating the options around the publishing / un-publishing options. Steve
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    I'm pleased to let you know that this feature is now available. This uses the existing option for setting your company logo on the main portal landing page. You may find that if you already have a custom logo set up here that this will automatically apply to the login page so you shouldn't have to make any changes. Regards, James
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    We are interested in contributing, and hopefully we can bring some of our Scandinavian customers to the events as well.
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    Guys - just to say good job really on the email view stuff! - I wasn't a fan at first, but I have been using it recently, and with the extra little features that allow us to customise certain bits of it - i.e. having the additional info either within the message or the right in a separate pane. Or being able to chose whether we can see the content of the message or just the subject. big thumbs up really!
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    Hi Lee, Thanks for your post. The list is refreshed every time you move away from the list and come back. For example if you open a request from the list (withing the same browser tab) and then go back to the list, the list will be refreshed. The use of the refresh button is only required if you do not move away from the request list for a period of time. If you use any of the Views, or Filters, this too will refresh the list as you move between them. We are looking at introducing an additional auto-refresh after a period of time. I will add you as an interested user to this change. Additional discussions on this topic can be found here James
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    @DougA on customer portal (https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/) go to "My Service Manager" then to "Coming Soon!" tab...
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    Hi @lee mcdermott This is most likely due to the following system setting being set to off: security.database.allowSqlQueryOperation With this set to Off, the sqlQuery API is disabled by the platform. Switch this setting to On for the duration of the clean, before switching it back to Off again when the clean is complete. Hope this helps, Steve
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    @nasimg @Lyonel The change has been made and it will be available in the next build of Service Manager, which should be available within the next 2 weeks Steve
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    @Daniel Dekel You should post something on your Feature Friday blog about these shortcuts !!! This is a really cool small feature that is very useful
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    @Henrik Brattlie, Manag-E In regards to the operator knowledge capabilities, our next step here is to provide the operator and or the customer some data driven knowledge at the point they are raising requests, and in Hornbill this equates to having knowledge available to you in Progressive Capture. When either a customer or support person is raising a request, knowledge in the form of FAQs, Published Problems and Known Error's etc will be presented as they work through progressive capture, using information from progressive capture to narrow down the search results. For example if a Service is selected, then the available results will be narrowed to knowledge linked to that Service. We are due to start this particular feature shortly, i will update back here once this is in progress.. Steve
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    Just to add to James comments, you will also need to consider the following: Contact's will need to be enabled with the rights to do this on the Customer Portal You can enable this via the Portal Access control as shown below, per supported organisation. On the Service Portal, customers will need the Self Service Request Cancel User role in order for them to see the option to cancel Service Requests Steve
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    In Service Manager build 943 we have released a feature that allows a user on the portals to cancel a Service Request. This can be enabled by the follow Service Manager application setting which can be enabled in Administration under Service Manager -> Settings Customer Portal guest.servicemanager.customer.request.enableServiceRequestCancellation The default setting is 'Off' When the setting is 'On' Contacts on the Customer Portal will be able to cancel their Service Requests if no longer needed The Owner or Team of the Service Request can receive an email, Hornbill Notification or both informing them of the cancellation. Service Portal guest.servicemanager.portal.request.enableServiceRequestCancellation The default setting for this is 'Off' When this setting is 'On' Customers on the Service Portal will be able to cancel their Service Requests if no longer needed. The Owner or Team of the Service Request can receive an email, Hornbill Notification or both informing them of the cancellation. Information on the configuration of the notifications can be found here
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    Add me as well, please - this would be extremely useful for Facilities as a large number of calls are "on behalf of" calls and we currently use a free text box and manually reassign the customer.
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    Hi @Paul Alexander I've just checked and this development story is still outstanding and has not yet been scheduled. I have added you as an interested party and this in turn helps to move it forward in the priority list. As soon as this is scheduled i will post back to let you know Steve
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    @all we are currently investigating this.
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    how I'll look at about six tomorrow...
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    Hi, We're relatively new to the Hornbill platform - we've just finished our 30 Day Switch On and now we're configuring and testing for go-live. The Forums are a great resource to get information about the products but perhaps some of us could meet up - informally of course - to share best practices and to pick up tips and tricks that others have gained from experience. If Hornbill wanted to get involved too, then perhaps an afternoon's agenda could look like this: Overview of upcoming features - Hornbill Open topic Lean Coffee meeting (http://leancoffee.org/) - All Demonstrations - a couple of willing volunteers share some neat tricks they've incorporated into their business processes. How about it? David
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    Occasionally we miss some forum posts and this would appear to be one of those times. Off the back of this discussion, I've just posted some clarification about how to guarantee a timely response to an unanswered forum post in a more visible location. Hope this helps.
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    @Melissa Gurney no worries, we'll raise an incident now and update you as soon as possible
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    @Awalker looking into this...don't think you done something incorrectly, it seems to be an issue on our side... EDIT: the issue seems to be here somewhere (screenshot)... again, nothing wrong on your side but it seems the BP is having a hissy fit with the timeline updates... from the task completion and the second timeline update ("Implemented" one). May I ask, if possible, to do a test as follows: with current process raise a test CR and progress all the way to this... I think the issue should replicate at this stage; amend the process and temporarily remove the "Update Timeline - Implemented" node (eventually create a backup of current process to revert back to it); with amended process raise another test CR and progress it... I'm curious if the issue will occur again.
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    Automated Task node.
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    @Lyonel Just an update here to let you know the types - Static and Dynamic Radio sets have been added to the progressive capture custom form field type options, and this will be available in the next admin tool update (should be later today). Steve
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    @yelyah.nodrog you can remove the catalog items without breaking anything however you won't see the removed catalog items on requests anymore (they will only display the service). My advice would be to retire them though...
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    Hi Samuel, It looks like we have completed the work to provide a "Label" field in progressive capture. This should be available in one of the upcoming builds of Service Manager. Keep an eye open for the release notes and I will look to provides some additional documentation once it is available. Regards, James
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    Thanks @Daniel Dekel
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    At the moment the maximum Service Level Management Target you can set for 'Resolution' is 40 days,23 hours and 55 minutes. We are currently implementing further service desk on to our instance and they have some long running SLA's for cosmetic software issues which in affect have an SLA of a year. Based on on 261 working days a year and 9 hours a day, I need to set a target of 97 days and 21 hours but are not able to set the value higher than the for mentioned maximum. Can these maximum value be increased please. Cheers Martyn
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    OK, I could identify a problem. It was fine in Chrome but in the other browsers it was not wrapping correctly. The fix will be in about a week. Thank you, Daniel.
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    I've seen this in a couple of places - one is where the Get Request Details (Questions) is not immediately prior to the Node you're using them in, which is annoying! I'm sure there's a logic to what causes the BP to "forget" the variables but I haven't figured it out yet. The other is where certain nodes (I forget which ones) that you would expect to have the CTRL+Click function simply don't have it. The workaround for this is to use a node that does have it, build the text with inserted variables in that, then copy it into the "real" node.
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    Im interested in attend a HUG event - would be great to see what exciting stuff is to be introduced.
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    great. Thanks all for responding much appreciated. I have tried the setting the allow sql query to on and this has done the trick. thanks again.
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    I sometimes have to use the Change Customer option for request. The button does the job nicely but it doesn't record who the original requestor was, so I know who the new customer is (recorded in the timeline) and can see the new customer in the details of the ticket but not who originally logged it. If you need to change it back to the original requestor you have lost this info. Can we add this bit to the timeline - something along the lines of "The customer for this request was changed to Nasim Gani from Joe Smith" Regards Nasim
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    @lee mcdermott I am not an expert at all with this ( @TrevorKillick usually is the master in my personal experience) but I was reviewing the source code of the utility (https://github.com/hornbill/goHornbillCleaner/blob/master/hornbillCleaner.go) and here is the piece of code failing: If my understanding is correct, something went wrong when executing the SQL statement to count the number of records. This is done via the API method "sqlQuery" under data: https://eurapi.hornbill.com/northumberlandcc/xmlmc/data/?op=sqlQuery Which makes me wonder: did you change the rights of the admin account? Last time I had a similar message was because I removed a role from the admin account by mistake.
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    Hi @Akash Savani, I've added support for Windows Authentication to the Database Asset Import Utility. You can find details of this release on our Wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Database_Asset_Import And on the Hornbill Github: https://github.com/hornbill/goDBAssetImport I hope this helps. Kind regards, Steve
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    @lee mcdermott Expanding on what Daniel said above, you can also create custom board views on the activities main view making it easier for members of the groups to see what is assigned to them / their teams should they have missed the notifications. In this view below, i have the Group - IT Suppliers and Contract Admin, i then created a Board with a few dynamic lists, which shows me all activities which are pending, if action is due in the next 60 days, 2 weeks or those which are overdue (based on the Activity Due Dates) The great thing about these Activity boards, is that i can create as many lists as i need, and i can set the conditions against which Activities will automatically appear and be removed. In the example above the Contract notice due in 60 days list will be populated with those activities assigned to my group which also meet the following criteria: Category of Activity = Contract Review Status = Assigned Due Date is between 0 - 60 days from now If (sorry when) anyone in the group completes the activity is will move from an Assigned to a Complete status and will disappear from the list - if nobody did action it in 60 days it would automatically move across to the Overdue List as it would then meet it's defined criteria. Not forgetting the lis, and calendar views which are also available in the Activity options, hopefully this gives you some ideas for creating views for groups Activities alongside the notifications, and right hand side sliding panel for access to group activities. Steve
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    @Daniel Dekel Hi Daniel, Ah right yes that makes sense, thanks a lot.
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    We would like to have the ability to trigger the raising of new requests from incoming calls from external telephony systems. When a call is received by the service desk telephony system, the system should be able to raise a request for the operator who accepts that call on his or her soft phone or phone application. The callers number should be matched against the customer data in Hornbill to fill in the Customer-field. The external systems could be systems like Trio, Avaya, Asterisk and Skype. A generic CTI is much preferred, but our current requirement is Skype.
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    From the wiki page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/LDAP_User_Import one thing I should point out is that the value in custom field 1 should match the name of the team in Hornbill: OrgLookup The name of the Organization in Hornbill must match the value of the Attribute in LDAP. Action - (Both | Update | Create) - When to Associate Organisation On Create, On Update or Both Enabled - Turns on or off the Lookup of Orgnisations Attribute - The LDAP Attribute to use for the name of the Site ,Any value wrapped with [] will be treaded ad an LDAP field Type - The Organisation Type (0=general ,1=team ,2=department ,3=costcenter ,4=division ,5=company) Membership - The Organisation Membership the users will be added with (member,teamLeader,manager) TasksView - If set true, then the user can view tasks assigned to this group TasksAction - If set true, then the user can action tasks assigned to this group.
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    Thanks @Daniel Dekel for coming back so quickly on this topic We will keep playing with images and resolution to see what is the best way to do things. And If I find anything else (feedback from other users) I will let you know
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    Hi @Lyonel, You are right, there is plenty of room for improving in this view. We have some plans (of course as always) to improve the view. The idea of the fool screen sounds good. Maybe something like Word has the option to view in Printing Page mode and Web Mode. So it will use the full with. Regarding the print, I'm not 100% sure but it sounds like the image has low quality. Especially if you enlarge the image to fit the full with of the page. I'l pretty sure that the PDF will display it in a similar way. Regarding PDF, we have plans to provide a Download option and the most obvious format is PDF. So this will be useful not only for downloading but also for Printing. This will take a bit longer, but the first ones should not take long to be implemented. I'll keep you informed in this Post with updates. Thanks, Daniel
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    Hi All The ability to show your custom logo as part of the login screen has been added once its available on live i will post back with a response. We are still looking at adding the uploading of images for customising the portals so you do not have to host publicly https images, once i have further information on this i will provide a response. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    Hi @Gary@ADL, We've just pushed a new build with the changes to the email view as previously discussed. Hope is better now. Thank you, Daniel.
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    Hi @Rachel Crisp Just to add to @DanielRi comments, this is correct that you can only add the first 10 questions from any custom form used in Pro Cap. it is also possible if appropriate, to split your questions across more than one custom form in Pro Cap, and then add more than 10 questions (answers) to the description field of a request. You can achieve this by as i say moving the questions 10+ from the single custom form and add them to a second custom form in your progressive capture (if this is workable for gathering your request info). With this done, in your supporting business process firstly use the Get Request Info - Request Questions option, and specific the first custom form ID - then as you have add the variables for the 10 questions on the first custom form. After this use the same Get Request Info - Request Questions option, but specify the id of the second custom form. Again reference the question variables 1-10 into the description field, but ensure the Append Text is set to Yes - this will ensure the answers to the questions on the second custom form are appended to the existing answers already added to the description field from the first custom form. Giving you more than 10 answers, albeit from across multiple custom forms. I hope this gives you something to consider if you need to add more than 10 answers to the description field. Alternative approaches include mapping custom questions into their own fields in the details section of the request form, and this is covered here on the wiki in the progressive capture section https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer - Mapping Questions from Customised forms. Steve
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    @Rachel Crisp, your code looks fine according to the Wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_Variables but if I remember correctly from my Switch on, I think there is a hard limit to 10 answers... Which would match with what you are experiencing. Although would need to be confirmed by @Hornbill Support Team
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    @DougA So looking at this, you have the PC which is linked to the Raise New button or other request types in the user app for Analysts - and his asks for customer, request details, service - but this is not the case on the portals - the above mentioned PC is not used at all on the portal, it is just the PC linked to each Catalog item, so as you say, if you want to prompt the Customer for the Request Details you can include this form in the PC's linked to each catalog item. This should not effect the console experience for your analysts as you appear to be using the Switch Process node in your PC, so this will check to see if the form in PC has already been used and if so, it will not repeat it when switching to the PC linked to the catalog item. In my example below: My PC linked to the Raise New Option is this, which is similar to yours I then have a PC linked to a catalog item, which also includes the Request Details form: When my analyst logs a new request and chooses the catalog item and switches to the PC linked to that catalog item, the request details form is skipped and the analyst is taken to the next form, in my case the Scheduling one as shown below My customers on the Portal, when they select the Catalog item will be presented with the Request Details form: Hope that helps Steve
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    @Tina.Lapere We have added the option to the admin tool, so you can in one action, add all your users to this role - see option below. Steve
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    I would like to add the custom fields to this view. There’s no ‘cog’ settings icon.
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    Hi @Lyonel We will look to update the role to Service Desk Admin, rather than Admin which has the rights along with the owner of a Service, to change the owner of a Service. Once this is implemented and available i will update the post. Hopefully this will make it easier operationally to manage the owners of services. Steve
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    Can I add that I am getting a notification every time I add a request, comment or post updates on tickets. I have made those submissions - why on Earth would I need my mobile device to tell me that as well???