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    Here is what you can expect from the new Service Details node:
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    When you send the presentations out, feel free to miss off the video of me ...
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    Hello, I would just like to say everyone at Hormbill, thank you so much for organising the event. It was absolutely fantastic and to leave being "inspired", i will do something with the knowledge and insights you provided us. Very excited to see what we can do with the new features It was good to meet some fellow Hornbill users as well. Lets continue "Collaborating" on the forums to make Hornbill even better! Many thanks! Samuel
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    @Joyce, If you are using Google Chrome, you can download the Fireshot extension - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/take-webpage-screenshots/mcbpblocgmgfnpjjppndjkmgjaogfceg?hl=en (or any other extension that allows you to take a screenshot of a full website. This takes a screenshot of the entire webpage, and allows you to save it to a pdf. Hope this gives you another possible solution? Thanks, Samuel
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    Hi @nasimg, Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to follow up on the ability to update multiple Requests through the Requests List - I am pleased to inform you that we have now completed implementing this enhancement. It will be available in the next 2 weeks - Please look out for this on the Release Notes for the Hornbill Service Manager app. Thanks, Ehsan
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    Hi @James Ainsworth, We now have the option to change the refresh rate in Service Manager which i presume is on the back of this development action and was included in the latest release - this is very useful so thankyou for completing this item! Cheers, Tom
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    Excellent videos @Gerry ( and @Steven Boardman ), and the pricing strategy is much appreciated. This is the kind of innovation that attracted us to Hornbill in the first place. In honesty I need some time to wrap my head around the possibilities here but I am sure we will put some of this to great use. Keith
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    Well, OK then. But I'm only doing autographs for a fee ...
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    @Henrik Brattlie, Manag-E In regards to the operator knowledge capabilities, our next step here is to provide the operator and or the customer some data driven knowledge at the point they are raising requests, and in Hornbill this equates to having knowledge available to you in Progressive Capture. When either a customer or support person is raising a request, knowledge in the form of FAQs, Published Problems and Known Error's etc will be presented as they work through progressive capture, using information from progressive capture to narrow down the search results. For example if a Service is selected, then the available results will be narrowed to knowledge linked to that Service. We are due to start this particular feature shortly, i will update back here once this is in progress.. Steve
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    Hi Gerry, That’s fantastic!! Thanks so much for your help with this. As soon as we have something operational I'll be sure to provide feedback to you and the community. We fully appreciate your concerns and understand that this will be replaced in time with your forthcoming site integration tools. Keith
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    Hi Ryan Understand you are busy providing a service (and updating this forum) so appreciate the answer. I just needed to know whether we should invest time on our side using a P1 board (for a big screen) - until it auto refreshes I think not. Although thinking about it maybe a third party browser add-on (eg. Easy Auto Refresh for Chrome) could be a workaround..... Nasim
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    I was wondering if there's a way of tagging a Workaround or a FAQ to a ticket so that, if a document is used to help resolve a call, we can get the analyst to link that document to the ticket. Using this we could then monitor which FAQ's and Workarounds etc are useful (and correct!) and which ones just don't get used (be that because the information is incorrect or if the tags and search items are wrong and so the document is being shown as an option) thanks
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    Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1013) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New As an Asset Administrator I would like additional asset attributes added against the existing Asset Classes {CH00142844} Create Change Request Catalog items so that customers are able to raise requests through the portals and can be enabled through the app setting guest.servicemanager.portal.additionalRequestTypes.change As a business process owner i want to be able to update the value of the External Ref Field from my business process (CH00147423) As a business process designer I want to be able to get the details of a service (CH00147348) Include the External Reference field as searchable from the Global Search {CH00147056} Ability to set if a FAQ is visible to portal, analyst, or both https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Solutions_Action_Item {CH00145420} Automatic refresh of the Request List {CH00145364} As a Service Delivery Manager I need logic to handle two stage closures and reopen {CH00138152} Capture Impact Analysts against a request as part of your business process https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Assessments {CH00145654} Fix Draft Sub-statuses are incorrectly available for selection within the customer response and off-hold selectors {PM00147267} BPM : resolve action still shows the "Reopen" button when using human tasks {PM00147260} When applying an email to a request with sub-statuses active, if the request does not have a service it will error {PM00146979} A warning should be displayed at the end of a Progressive Capture flow if a user has entered more characters than permitted in a custom field {PM00146949} Schedule timeline update option is displayed as blank on print popup {PM00146884} Awaiting feedback button does not exclude expired requests on request list {PM00146715} Change Calendar can take a while to load if there are many scheduled Changes {PM00142976}
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    Nevermind, found what I needed. Just call apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests::smGetReqDetails first and you'll get an access token
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    Most definitely @samwoo. I will make sure that both you and Samaila are added. Regards, James
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    Hi Shamaila, We do have a planned change which will add a Document Manager Plug-in on a request. Once this has been completed it will allow you to link documents in Document Manager to your requests. I will keep this post updated and this change progresses. Kind regards, James
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    Hi @Stephen Hutchinson Thanks for you post, You can set "Options Group" for your question type which allow user to select only one answer per question, I have attached screenshot of question configuration. Hope this help !!! Regards, Riz
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    Fantastic support @Trevor Killick I really appreciate your help. Regards Keith
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    @Keith So i spent some time looking at the different password requirements for various tools as have made some changes so that you select a length then optionaly must contain one of the following (Number, Special Character, Upper Case Character). Does this look like it would cater for your requirements? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    @carlt Further to @James Ainsworth update, we have now rolled in the updated library we use for some comms related stuff. This will be on dev tomorrow, will make beta by Monday and should be into production in two days after that subject to testing and validation. Gerry
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    Hi @carlt We may have found the issue in a 3rd Party tool (Chilkat). We are currently testing a newer version of Chilkat which looks like it corrects the issue. Provided the new version does not impact anything else we will look to have this updated as soon as possible. Regards, James .
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    Following on from our session on Integration and Automation at Hornbill Insights 2017, Steve who provided live demonstrations of integration scenarios has graciously re-cut the demo's as videos, which I wanted to post here. He has also provided a short write up of these demos on our wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_iBridge If you like what we have done, don't forget to comment and tell us, and to share.... Integrating with Twitter Integrating with Slack Integrating with Trello Integrating with Servicenow Integrating with Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and Hornbill Integrating with Twilio SMS, Microsoft Azure
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    That's great news @alextumber @Chaz ! Thank you very much.
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    @Lyonel @samwoo Happy to be able to tell you that you'll be able to fetch the details of a Service in our next release
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    Hi @shamaila.yousaf Ok, well I can't promise anything but I'll certainly have a look and see if this could be done in any way. In terms of the videos, a good starting point is our Reporting Webinar (if you have not attended already). This is available to you to attend as part of our "Trained for Life" initiative. We are also in the process of recording some new, advanced content which may be more suitable for you, so I'll ensure to keep you updated! Kind Regards Bob
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    Hi @James Bartle This really depends on the widgets/measures you are using and how they have been configured. From the example you gave, it sounds like the quick and easy way would be to go into the filter section of that widget and add some criteria to ensure the user isn't included in the results - for example: AND h_resolvedby_user_id != 'bdickinson' The attribute you use would be dependent on the chart (e.g. if you had a "Logged By" chart, you widget you might change h_resolvedby_user_id to h_createdby - a full list of Request attributes and what they display can be found here) But you could make this truly dynamic and not have to specific an individual name. In terms of when customers/users leave, Hornbills advice is never to delete a user, but to put their account into an "Archived" status. So once this has been performed, you could put some criteria in your widget that performs a sub-select statement against the user records themselves, that does not return ANYONE who has an Archived status. Again, using your example - this could be achieved with the following: h_resolvedby_user_id is not null AND h_resolvedby_user_id NOT IN(select h_user_id from h_sys_accounts where h_account_status = 2) And how this may be configured in a widget: Does this help? Kind Regards Bob
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    Fantastic event - realty enjoyed it, if only to remind @Gerry of my wishlist lol Highlights - apart from the nice food, integrations, automations, orchestrations and the future helpdesk 2022!!!! Please send us the slides and videos (of everyone no hiding please) - I wanted to say hi to the regulars of the forum who attended but didn't get enough time. Nasim
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    No that's okay.
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    Hi Paul, As I understand it, If you set up your Skype ID in your profile, you should then be able to initiate Skype calls with other co-workers who have their Skype id set in their profile. However, there might be other browser settings, I am not 100% sure. I will try to get some further clarification for you. Gerry
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    Hi, I'd like to add my interest in the ability to log requests through the app. It would be extremely beneficial to a few of our teams who spend their day away from their office to be able to log things on the fly without having to remember to do so when they return to their desk. I've tried it through Safari and while it works just the same as on a PC it doesn't look good. There's overlapping text etc. Chris
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    Firstly, I've put this in the General forum as it's not a feature that's available - if it would sit better elsewhere please feel free to move it! We use Service Manager to accept Requests for "bookings" both of portable assets like projectors and of virtual/fixed assets like rooms. With the current system this is really a way of tracking the requests; the majority of the work is done with external tools, e.g. Outlook Calendars, spreadsheets etc. What we'd ultimately like to see (and I appreciate this would probably be a whole new module) is the ability to book an asset, or a combination of assets, from collection/delivery, through set-up to break-down and returning to storage without leaving Service Manager. I've added "a discussion" to the title as there would be many options to cover and not being involved in the finer points of the process I won't know a lot of them and I'm inviting anyone else who would find this service useful to add their thoughts. Fundamentally I'm starting with the concept that a booking for the Customer is for a set time, but each asset would have a set-up and breakdown time extending either side of that, and potentially a delivery & collection time for a mobile asset that needs moving from storage to location and back. Rooms would have properties like capacity, facilities available and availability so that you can filter before booking (e.g. Select capacity 50-100, requires projector/screen, for Sunday and only rooms of that size with power etc. that are available at weekends would be selectable.) Once a booking was made then the relevant asset(s) would be marked unavailable for the whole period to prevent them being requested - the issue we currently have is a customer telling a colleague "Oh, I finish at 5 so you can have the projector from then." The colleague then gets angry when their projector arrives 30 minutes later after being disconnected and transported to another building from the first event that overran ... I've got colleagues thinking about a wishlist, but I'd welcome comments from other SM users with their ideas, and from Hornbill about whether something like this would be feasible.
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    We want to use call request categories but I need the customer to select 2 levels, but I can't see anywhere to set this. At the moment they have to chose something, but they are not choosing/seeing the second level Nasim
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    Think there is likely to be a problem with the name of the file you are trying to upload, could you try renaming the file and trying to upload it again. The rules of what is a valid filename on our system our: Thanks Trevor
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    To be honest what I would like for our support desk as a feature is to actually be able to forward/reply to a previous email message added to the timeline... So, you add an email from a customer to the timeline, maybe have the option to send a reply to that email...later at some point... You can do this if you trace the email in the email interface, etc. ...but would be nice to do this from a request... Same if you send an email to a customer and you want to follow up on that email from a request... then you will have a nice email trail that a customer can review... The reason why I do the quotes is that I know many people get a lot of emails and be quite busy and is sooo easy to lose track on what was sent 3 days ago if you don't have a sort of "reminder" ... so when you receive something like "Did you get a chance to review our suggestion" (which could have been sent 3 days before) and you don't "quote" this suggestion, people will end up "I have no idea what Victor is talking about"
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    Does anyone have an update on the Skype for Business integration please? Thanks
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    @Ralf Peters is not the email routing rules that manage the visibility of the timeline update. Is an application setting:
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    @Trevor Killick Yes, I'm referring to the one found under Utilities in iBridge. Regards Keith
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    @Dan Munns with @Victor suggestion you could write the answers from the different custom fields on the request, and then use a get request info node to populate the variables into the task details box? In addition in the next Service Manager update, which should be towards the end of next week, there will be a new Business Process option Under Get Request Information called Progressive Capture Answers, this will supercede the Get Request Questions (which will still be available) but you will not need to specify the PC form id when you use this node, instead in the Variable Picker, you will be able to select the PC form (or in your case forms) and the questions you want to include in this example in the Task details (another advantage is the questions will be the actual question named, not Answer1, Answer2 etc which is how they are available in the current Get Request Questions option). New Variable Picker options in next Service Manager update: This will result in the answers for different questions on different progressive capture forms being able to be added to the task details I hope this will help Steve
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    Actually @Bob Dickinson I know what was throwing me off! The fact that the drop down never refreshes when you try to select a role! Turns out I already assigned all my analysts to the default role "Dashboard Viewer" So just typing the ID of the role and saving works. But I think the UI is bugged there
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    Hi @shamaila.yousaf I have move this post to the reporting forum. If its as simple as IT Services manage the IT Support Service, and Estates manage the Document Services service - then yes, you could use the service as a filter. So based on your examples you would add either: AND h_fk_servicename = 'IT Support' or AND h_fk_servicename = 'Document Services' This should reduce the count to only show the requests that are associated to each of those Services. Kind Regards Bob
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    @m.vandun One option is to write the outcome of the initial task 'is an installation required' task to a custom field on the request from (against the service), and then on entering the 'install' stage use a get request info node, followed by a decision node and evaluate the value in the custom field. If the value in the custom field is 'Yes' then branch and create the Human task for installation, if 'No' then branch and do not have a human task to do the installation? should save an unnecessary task? You can use the Update Request node and the variable picker following the initial task Steve
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    Hi guys, Following yesterday's Hornbill Insight 2017 event, I would like to follow up on a topic we discussed: Emails, attachments and automation. Just to give you an idea of the situation, here is the first few records of a query I ran on the system: SELECT h_request_id, count(h_pk_id) as total FROM h_itsm_requests_attachments group by h_request_id order by 2 desc Now if we look at the first request, you can clearly see we have a problem... And that particular incident is still open! Now I do appreciate this is an extreme example BUT the point remains as you will from the stats below: Now the problem comes from our corporate standard e-mail signature (over which we do not have any control!) as it includes a number of images: Every single email we send internally / externally will contain this signature (if the client used to send the email is outlook). I picked an average request raised from an e-mail to show you the impact: Every attachment to this request but 1 is an image from the signature. None of them of relevant to the request except a screenshot... But which one is the relevant one ??? Another example: Actual email (extract): As you can see from this example (one amongst many!), we have a lot of attachments with meaningless names and only 2 of them are relevant to the issue experienced by our customer. IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS for our setup: 1. We do not create automatically requests upon email reception. They are created manually by operators 2. Emails with a reference to an existing requests will automatically update the request Let's summarise the issues we are facing: 1. When creating a new request from an email, the "attachments" section of the progressive capture get's "by-passed", meaning the operator does not get prompted to remove some of them The problem is that operators raising calls will not follow instructions and got back to the attachments to remove the signature related images... And even if they did (which I repeat most of them don't! Even if we repeat 10000000000000 times), this is what they get: No exactly very explicit is it? You need to download each image on your machine, open the file and then decide what to do with the attachment... Mega time consuming hence why they don't bother. 2. The link between the email and Progressive Capture: when raising a request from an e-mail, you need to fill in the default "summary" and "description" fields for the request in the PC. Why can't it be imported from the email? That would save a LOT of time and prevent many mistakes! 3. Every time an email is applied to a request manually, we get a nice pop-up where we can choose the attachments to include: This is great BUT only available when applying to the request... And again which one of these attachments is relevant? (Note: I have a screenshot somewhere in the list!) 4. Every time an email is applied to a request automatically (using email automation), attachments this time are NOT included?? Note that no "attachments" section is displayed Actual email: This email also includes my "corporate standard email signature" so I would have expected a minimum of 5/6 images! 5. How can I delete 24 out of the 26 attachments of a request without wasting 30 minutes of my time? I can't right now... I understand this is a lot to take in but as discussed yesterday all these "small issues" to you are actually a big deal when trying to resolve calls on a daily basis. I might have some suggestions on how to improve this: Attachments preview: this would be a game changer !!! - Images preview should be very easy to implement (although you might want to build thumbnails to speed things up which I can understand requires a bit more time to develop) - PDF preview should not be very complicated either to implement - Other types of documents: I can understand this is a more tricky business (and I would personally understand if it was excluded from the scope of any development) Issue 1: - fix the "by-passing" of the attachments - alike the "apply to request", show the modal with the attachments to consider BEFORE going into the PC? - preview attachments (on "hover" or by default in the screen) would considerably help too! Issue 2: - find a way to link email.subject and email.body to request.subject and request.description in a progressive capture (by default) but still overrideable by analysts Issue 3: - Preview attachments would literally solve this issue! In this particular example, having it inline with the name of the attachment would be better than "hover" BUT User Experience (UX) should be considered Issue 4: - Is it a bug? Is it supposed to work like that? Or is it just me being stupid and having a wrong setting somewhere?/ Issue 5: - we need some sort of mass delete button that would display all attachments in a scrollable modal window with preview of the attachments, a "select / unselect all" button, checkboxes for all attachments (unchecked by default) and a "delete all" button (which confirmation just to be on the safe side!) Sorry for the length of this post but I cannot possibly imagine being the only customer having these issues with regards to attachments, emails and automation. We spent a lot of time yesterday discussing it with a few Hornbill developers and I know there are simple solutions available which would not require that much time to code, test and deploy. But they would make a massive difference to us on a daily basis.
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    @David Hall Excellent news. I keep an eye for that. Cheers Martyn
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    @James Ainsworth Is there been any further thought on providing settings to allow requests to be updated when they are on hold? It is is a daily occurrence for us that we want to be able to update a request whilst it is 'On Hold', either by sending an email, or raising a linked request etc. Cheers Martyn
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    Hi Samuel, The requirement for a Bulletin that is not directly associated with a service and some of the other points that you suggested in the original post are still in our backlog and not currently scheduled for development, however they will be continually reviewed. There were also a number of formatting issues that were mentioned. These were raised as defects and they are still in the development defect queue. I've fed back the latest issue that you mentioned about Explorer 11. Regards, James
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    Hi, When creating a new bulletin for a service, it is quite difficult to size properly the image so that the content looks good. Many (if not all) of my colleagues are complaining about this and therefore do not post bulletins. It is not a good excuse I would agree but at the same I cannot blame them. In my opinion (and as discussed with some developers yesterday at the Hornbill Insight 2017 event) a very simple solution to this problem would be: 1. Post an official recommendation on your Wiki or Blog about how to size perfectly an image for bulletins (that would also take into consideration coding of the carousel and how it behaves on resize!) 2. Add a small label on the screen when creating a new bulletin with the recommended size and URL to the recommendation: This should be super quick to do and help us (and many other customers I would think) make the most of bulletins. Also I am pretty sure this has been mentioned a few times on this forum...
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    Fantastic event .. good to meet the hornbill community, and great too see the new features too! I have to say that I loved your honesty and the way the event was presented. I did come away with a few actions, and will be doing a lot more to promote the use of the collaboration tools. Looking forward to the next event whenever that maybe!.
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    Hi @Gerry, @Paul Alexander Yes the Insight17 was a brilliant event - all I can say is those that didn't attend it missed out. Can you let us download the slides and videos? Skype is something we would like to try out - thanks for the info @Mohamed Nasim
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    @David Hall Thanks for the prompt action. I'll keep an eye out for the update. Cheers Martyn