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    I thought I would post a quick preview of an upcoming feature of our business process tool. We are expanding its capability to include a new "Web Call" node. This new node will enable you to make calls to other systems or cloud services applications via restful API's which significantly expands your options for automation of business processes that need to interact with other systems. My goal as the architect for our platform technology has always been to keep the BPM 100% code free so that process managers do not have to have a programming background in order to make effective use of our BPM, but thats always a play-off, and this is one example where the absence of code limits absolute flexibility because there are so many different shapes and sizes of API's out there, code is the only "glue" that will give you ultimate flexibility. To solve that problem we are also developing an "API bridge" service that can contain and run glue code required while still keeping the BPM clean and code free for simpler day to day use. Once this feature is rolled out (expected to be in the next 2-3 weeks max) we will be exploring options for achieving the same for on-premise IT infrastructure and operations type orchestration and automation which I hope to be announcing in the coming weeks. This initial implementation is only the first step on our journey for much greater expansion of our BPM integration capability broadening our scope of IT Service Management into IT Operations Management for which there has been a significant demand for. Gerry
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    All, Further update, this new feature has been implemented and is now working. As I mentioned above my biggest concern with this is how one maps input and output data to web calls, really the only flexible way to do that is with code and we specifically do not want our customers to have to "code" inside the BPM, because not only does that make it more complicated for less technical people but it makes it more difficult for us to guarantee customisations will keep on working. We are rolling this out as an experimental feature in order to solicit feedback and suggestions so keep in mind this behaviour may change or might even be replaced with something more rounded in the future. Here is the latest screenshot This will be available in the next platform build 2693 (or higher) which will be some time before the end of next week. If you want to use it you will need to enable the experimental flag in the advanced settings, just search for "WebCall" and you should find it. Gerry
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    Just a quick update on this. We are adding this node but in the design phase we are running into problems with how to deal with input and results to/from WebCalls and the only way to make this flexible enough is to provide some form of basic coding interface to glue stuff together. This is not ideal, i do not want to morph the BPM into any kind of programming environment so although I will continue to progress this and add it as an experimental feature, I would not recommend it for production use. I need to find a better way of adding this capability without the need for customers having to code in the BPM. This will almost certainly mean some form of integration bridge to host the "glue" code and present the BPM with something that is usable by non-techs. As an interim we can use the webcall node but as I say without us providing a way for you to write glue code its use will be very limited I think. Anyway, please watch this space, integration approaches are high on our agenda at the moment and I have no doubt that whatever solution(s) we do come up with should be pretty awesome. Gerry
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    @Gerry you made my day Sir!!! And probably month This is a great feature to add for people like me. And a game changer too. Quick question: does the URL has to be HTTPS? (like for images and links in some settings)
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    This is also constantly mentioned here. The main issues with the portal are: 1. Main image size - It takes up way too much of the screen 2. Icon size - Only three icons per row is very limiting 3. Icon Size 2 - Only allowing 6 icons before showing "more services" results in users not noticing the "more Services button and raising issues against the wrong service. 4. Icon Ordering - Only listing these alphabetically often means that the more common services are towards the bottom i.e. User Access, which in turn again results in users using the wrong service.
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    Just spotted the "Favourites" addition: looks GOOD! Sorts out all the small "issues" I had with the new interface (after using it for a few weeks). Good Job guys!
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    Hi @James Ainsworth, Loving the change so far. Just one tiny little change I would like to see. Would it be possible to add a fourth visibility option when you are updating a catalog item? At the moment you can set it to Portals .. Service Desk .. Both Can we have 'Emails' added to it so that items made for email templates don't show anywhere else? Some of our email alerts require actions but the issue will only ever be able to be logged via email so having the item on the service desk may cause confusion and lead to tickets being raised incorrectly Thanks Dan
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    Brilliant. On a scale of 1 -10 how sad is it that I have been really looking forward to this and am now excited to have a play with it today? Thanks again Dan
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    Hi @Martyn Houghton , Favourites is coming soon after being requested by many people :-) Thanks, Daniel.
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    Hi @Gerry, Thank you (and the team!) so much! This will really help us. As Lyonel said, this really is a game changer. Have a nice weekend, Alex
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    @Ralf Peters Just an update on this, there is a business process action for automatically emailing connections of a request. This is under the Request Connection Entity options not the Request Entity on the Automated Task BPM node. In the example below you can see you can choose the connection type etc. Hope that helps Steve
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    Hi @Lyonel, Depends on what you need. We are working right now on a new feature that will allow you to share a library in the Portal. The portal will display the list of documents and allow to open them. No Timeline not information will be displayed as in the Collaboration Core. You will also be able to search based on Tags. As mentioned before, this work is in progress and will be within more or less within 90 days. Hope this make things more clear. Thanks, Daniel.
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    Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Collaboration (590) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Email composer uses now a default font when defined in the System Settings (Admin Tool) - The key: mail.client.defaultFontFix Activities are being assigned always to the owner even if assigning to a different user or group
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    @Awalker in BP management interface there is an option to export the BP definition file and this should create TXT file. You can send it to us at hornbill.support@hornbill com, mark it for my attention and I'll have a look..
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    When our printing system sends an alert, the asset ID is in the subject line, along with a range of useful data (from a single item to a long list!) in the body. I can catch the email using the REGEX_SUBSTR() function and log a request from it, but is there any way to use this or a similar function to extract the information I need either as the email comes in or within the Business Process. For example, I want to extract the asset and link it, and for low/empty toner I need to establish which colour cartridge & how low it is and branch accordingly.
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    I think this may have been raised before but we desperately need to include some of the custom fields in the request list view display. In particular we need two of these (h_custom_a & h_custom_b). Could you please consider this (or a more flexible way of including additional data into the request list. Thanks Keith
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    Hi Pete, This is fixed and will be available in the next admin live release which you should expect early next week. Cheers
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    @Martyn Houghton, @Keith, @Lyonel, @Alex8000, @Tina.Lapere, All, This enhancement will be available in the next update of Service Manager. I would estimate this update of Service Manager to be available in the next two weeks. Thanks, Ehsan
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    Hi Gerry, Thanks for further investigating this. Infrastructure has checked the emails and all is now going through ok. Cheers for the help, Samuel
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    Not as nice as I would have liked, but it certainly does the job Thanks @Bob Dickinson for the idea!
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    @Melissa Gurney It might be worth just clarifying what you currently have setup. Are you using the default Hornbill Email (live.hornbill.com) which is setup on new instances initially. We have two different mailboxes, one hosting within our internal domain and one externally in the cloud, with both of them being able to send email to external address as the majority of our customer are external. They both used encrypted connection using the SMTP Smarthost option. Though with the internally hosted one we did need to allow connectivity from the Hornbill hosted IP addresses to our firewall/Email server. Cheers Martyn
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    Hi @dconagh Basically you have to manually create the Organisation structure in Service Manager and the names must match your AD structure. From the wiki: "OrgLookup The name of the Organization in Hornbill must match the value of the Attribute in LDAP. Action - (Both | Update | Create) - When to Associate Organisation On Create, On Update or Both Enabled - Turns on or off the Lookup of Orgnisations Attribute - The LDAP Attribute to use for the name of the Site ,Any value wrapped with [] will be treaded ad an LDAP field Type - The Organisation Type (0=general ,1=team ,2=department ,3=costcenter ,4=division ,5=company) Membership - The Organisation Membership the users will be added with (member,teamLeader,manager) TasksView - If set true, then the user can view tasks assigned to this group TasksAction - If set true, then the user can action tasks assigned to this group. " in our LDAP import .json file I have it set like this: "OrgLookup":{ "Action":"both", "Enabled":true, "Attribute":"[department]", "Type":2, "Membership":"member", "TasksView":false, "TasksAction":false Just make sure that the attribute selected (department in my case) is also in the LDAPAttributes field further up the .json file. Hope that helps Dan
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    Hello, I do apologise for the amount of question's i am going to ask... things that have popped up whilst working on the Self Service Portal. We have a huge number of Applications, managing which Service users are able to see is another job in itself... so I was wondering if I could request a new feature to have Sub Services or Sub Catalogs. At the moment we have each Application (based on their Resolver Groups) seperated and there is loads (alongside standard IT services) Laptop / Deskop Outlook / Email Access Request New Starter/Leaver/Mover Application 1 Applications 2 Applications 3 Application 4 etc... It would be a big benefit to have a main "Applications" Service, with individual Applications as a Sub Service with their own Catalogs Can we change the size of the icons or how the Services / Catalogs are viewed in the Self Service portal (maybe a list for example) - users have said that it's cluttered and too large Is it possible to remove the large image or have a smaller one as it takes up a lot of space at the top of the screen (on some of our user's laptops, it takes over half the screen) We need certain services to be in a certain order, but cannot reorder them... the only workaround we have is to use > Service Name < which isn't great but brings the most important services to the top (though not in the best order) We currently have no media server to upload images so they can be used in the FAQ's, could we have the feature where images can be pasted into it directly from clipboard ? Such as you currently have in Requests / Workspaces area? Or to be able to upload images then add them to a certain position in the FAQ (a bit like you have on the forums) Could we have a "minimum number of days" added to the Date Field on a custom form? If we put 5 days then it will automatically populate with 5 days from now, but will also inform the customer that the minimum number of days is 5 if they put in less. Thanks, Samuel
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    You will have to use Excel for this as you cannot perform calculations in a report... Other method is to use the Database direct option and use MySQL functions. I am sure you can find useful scripts on Google
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    I think to take working calendars into account you'd have to go down the route of automatic logging on receipt, starting the Timer and stopping it once a service is selected.
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    Ok so that we can add however it will not run in Full screen mode (i.e. when you press F11 your browser goes fullscreen). There is no way for us to force your browser into fullscreen mode. So as long as you are ok with that i will put in a change next week so the url can be:- https://....../analytics/slideshows/1/play and that will make it auto play. Cheers
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    Ditto, great addition, much better with the favourites! Thanks guys!
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    @samwoo Ok so it looks like we added a change for Sticky Table headers so like excel you can scroll the data and maintain visibility of the header row, we will take a look at correcting this as its broken in IE11, apologies for this. I will post back when a fix is available. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    I'm please to let you know that in Service Manager build 914 a feature is now available to show updates on historic requests that have been imported from Supportworks on the customer portals. A setting has been provided for each portal and can be set from Administration->Service Manager->Settings. The appropriate setting will need to be enabled to have these updates on historic requests visible guest.servicemanager.portal.request.showHistoricUpdates (Service Portal) guest.servicemanager.customer.request.showHistoricUpdates (Customer Portal) Regards, James
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    Hi @PSG, We are currently developing functionality to allow Portal (Service and Customer) users to cancel their own Service Requests in the event that the request is no longer required. Access to cancel Service Requests via the portal will be controlled by system settings and user permissions. As this is in development, please keep checking our update notes within the Admin console for when this functionality is available! Kind regards, Steve
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    Excellent - Hopefully getting my instructions on what to auto-log will coincide with the release and make me look good
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    Hi @Adam Haylock There are many ways that this could be done, and possibly best practice for one person might not work for the next. I've listed 3 options below of which you may have already considered. The first option would most likely be my personal choice as having the visibility of the request from start to finish has a lot of benefits. However, it may not fit with how some organisations are structured. Option 1: Provides the best visibility and ease of management by maintaining the process in a single request. Have a Service Category for HR Services Have a Service for Joiners, Movers, and Leavers Have the HR, IT, and Facilities teams all support this service Create Request Catalog Items for the different types of requests that can be made of which all three teams would be involved. (starters, movers, leavers, temps, extended leave, etc) Have the different managers subscribed as users that can make requests on this service using the Portal Assignments, activities, and progress can been seen by all involved and managed within a single service request. The manager who made the request would have good visibility of the progress of the entire request from the Portal Option 2: IT and Facility can participate without supporting the service and removes addition request management needed by IT and Facilities Have a Service Category for HR Services Have a Service for Joiners, Movers, and Leavers Only have HR support this service Have the different managers subscribed as users that can make requests on this service using the Portal IT and Facilities requirements are managed using activities. Option 3: IT and Facilities providing services to HR when a more detailed workflow is required to supply equipment Have a Service Category for HR Services Have a Service for Joiners, Movers, and Leavers Only have HR support this service Have the different managers subscribed as users that can make requests on this service using the Portal IT and Facilities would provide their own services for providing equipment The HR department would be subscribed to the IT and Facilities services The HR department could then make requests to IT and Facilities as linked requests to the original service request as part of their process. I hope this helps or inspires some ideas. Let us know how you get on. Regards, James
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    @Adam Haylock @DeadMeatGF is correct there is a maximum of 3 per branch node, but you can connect one branch node to another using a 'no match' condition, and then you have more outputs available to you on the second or multiple subsequent branch nodes. In your case you will need to chain together a few branch nodes to cater for 11 different outcomes. So you can achieve 11, and the logic will look for a match on the first branch node, and if there is not one, it will use the No Match to go the next Branch node, and so on and so until it finds a match Hope that helps Steve
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    At the moment it is not possible to rename a column name when using a 'List of Data' Widget in Advanced Analytics, so when the Widget displays the physical database column name, i.e. h_datelogged, h_pk_reference etc. It would be really useful to be able to use the 'as <name>' format then entering the columns to allow the column output to be renamed or for the Widget output to use the field label/translation text. Cheers Martyn
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    @Keith I am not 100% sure but I think it *might* be possible to do this from the admin tool in the language strings directly. As I say I am not 100% sure, someone from the SM appdev team should be able to confirm one way or the other so we will post back here. It is however probably worth pointing out that while we aim to have everything 100% language translatable, the odd thing might slip through every now and then though, we are human too and possible not perfect every day so if there is something we have missed I am sure we will sort it out very soon. Gerry
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    Hi Ralf, I am really sorry about that as that was the wrong link. In terms of time recording there was another customer who raised a similar query to yours on this link. It may not be 100% what you are looking for but I think it is something you can consider exploring.
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    Hi @samwoo, I like your suggestion about pinning the applications. We had a similar idea where you could define what app notifications will be visible, so you could hide the email if you don't use it. This could work, but we'll think a bit more about this. Thanks for your suggestions, Daniel.
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    Hello, Just something to add - I do not use the email functionality... is there a way I could hide or "unpin" (as one of my suggestions above relates to) the Email from the white bar back into the menu? Thanks, Samuel
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    Thanks @Daniel Dekel for the quick feedback Just getting to grips with the new navigation... I have to admit this is a major change! So following @Gerry advice by giving it more time.
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    Hi @James Ainsworth is there an update on this? Are you able to provide an indication of when this functionality is likely to be added to the mobile apps?
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    There is some work that has been lined up for development. It has not started yet but not too far away. Just to mention that there is a lot to consider with this so the likelihood is that this will be delivered in a number of different iterations. Regards, James
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    Hi @Gerry, Thanks for the update. * With the new update, i'm still unable to scroll down to see more than the latest 20 emails. * I would prefer another way to showing the unread emails. Now there is only a blue bar in front, which could easily be missed. Is it possible to have that complete section in another colour? Regards, Mark
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    Hi @Tel8oy This feature has now been introduced. If you open your widget, underneath the "Show Data Labels" option, there is a new drop down called "Automatic Scaling". By default this is set to Yes which shows the rounded down figures. But if you want to see the full figure stats against every column, simply set this to NO and it should display as required. I hope this helps! Kind Regards Bob
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    We're just looking at creating an IT process for dealing with major incidents Looking at this thread it looks as though we might have to use a Problem but maybe create a priority called 'Major Incident' so we can differentiate them It would be good if there was a Major Incident category that worked like a problem but was called major incident Using a problem will allow us to have something visible on the portal and publish a workaround We could also link any separate calls to it but there isn't a way to resolve/close them all with the problem like there was in SupportWorks
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    I have submitted a change proposal to provide options for resizing the icons.
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    Thanks for your feedback. The size of this area was done in a way to accommodate the bulletins as Samuel mentions. We were also trying to look for themes that were common to consumers. For example support.apple.com or support.microsoft.com. Possibly a reduction in size of both the main image and even the size of the service icons may provide just that bit more information on a single screen without scrolling.