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  1. Hello I was trying to set up a time plan, that would send a notification. However, whilst doing the configuration, I can never get the option to Apply Event Settings to become available to select. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. FAQs

    We use the data within the h_itsm_faqs table to get the number of views and the feedback count. I don't think you can see who is viewing, but Hornbill may be able to correct me on that one thanks
  3. Risk Owner / Asssignee and PM's

    Hi Alex I agree there could may be scenarios where more than one PM could be working on the project, but there should really always one accountable person that is overall responsible for delivery of the project, but isn't necessarily the project sponsor either. There is a Project Manager listed at the top of the project, which is kind of what we're after from a reporting perspective. When we review the list of all projects, knowing who the key responsible person is would be ideal. Any ideas on the Risk Owner / Assignee question? thanks Darren
  4. Risk Owner / Asssignee and PM's

    Would it be possible to have a Risk Owner and /or a Risk Assignee Field on the Risk Section? Also, I noticed that the following field is empty on the Projects table - h_project_projects->Project Manager Id Should this be populated with person that's listed as the Project Manager in the list of project stakeholders? I can also add more than on PM to a project. Should that be limited to only one Project Manager on the project? Thanks Darren
  5. Assigning Tasks

    Great. Thanks, @alextumber
  6. Assigning Tasks

    Thanks, Alex. A common scenario for us is to have defined the tasks that need to be done (our backlog in effect), but we will only assign to a person to complete when we begin each sprint cycle. I think that's from me for today thanks for the swift replies Darren
  7. Assigning Tasks

    Hi If I create a task and leave the 'Assigned to' field empty, when I save the task it automatically adds the owner of the task as the assignee and marks the status as assigned. Would it be possible for it to be created without an assignee and have the status of 'unassigned'? thanks Darren
  8. Viewing all Projects

    That's ok. I just realised that it was down to being a member of a project gave me visibility. Good to know. I think we can work round it for now Templates with stakeholders as default would be a good addition to the templating tool Thanks Darren
  9. Viewing all Projects

    Is there a way of viewing all projects, and not just those created by myself? I can report on them, but cannot see projects raised by others within the App. Thanks Darren
  10. Estimated Time / Effort

  11. Estimated Time / Effort

    Hi Would it be possible to add Estimated Effort / Time to the task, in addition to the start and due dates? If we could add estimated time / effort in hours or days against the task, we could then compare that to the actual recorded time against the task. It would also help identify the amount of effort / time required for a milstone to be reached or total effort for the delivery of the project Thanks Darren
  12. Total Costs

    Thanks. I can work around it using PowerBI reporting in the meantime, but it would always be ideal to have it in the project app.
  13. Total Costs

    Right ok, thanks for that. Just another thought would help on the Costs tab would be have a Total Estimated Costs as well as the Total Actual Costs. Ideally Total Estimated Costs would be at the line level too, so that it's easy to see the value different (which can see on the chart, but not on the table. If this also included a column showing the variance, then we'd be on to a winner
  14. Project Manager Feedback

    Great! You may already have an answer to some of my queries already then
  15. Total Costs

    Would it be possible to have a Total Cost added to the Cost Tab which adds up all of the individual rows? Or adds it add a field on the Overview tab? If it could populate the Budget field on the details form, that would be be pretty perfect too Thanks Darren