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  1. Invalid session errors

    @Pamela all fine , issues have not come back, also updated to the latest version last night !
  2. Invalid session errors

    @Pamela just in case you are still investigating ; haven't seen the issue today . Thanks Ralf
  3. Invalid session errors

    Hi, we seem to get a few of "Unable to query results --Invalid session" when the request list tries to reload , we also getting random error when loggin tickets " cannot find user " , then when you cancel and log the ticket again it will go through fine , we also had a few flow control errors and when restarting the process the came good again too . @Pamela these are the issues on of our guys emailed in on Friday . Thanks Ralf
  4. Service Manager Update Error

    @Pamela yes update went fine this time , multipe request selection is working now as well . Thanks Ralf
  5. Service Manager Update Error

    @James Ainsworth just noticed that the Update option is now available again ?
  6. Service Manager Update Error

    @James Ainsworth thank you very much for the detailed responses , i tried to reload the application cache and got this red error box "Failed to send request to cache service" Thanks Ralf
  7. Service Manager Update Error

    @Pamela So if i uninstall service manager through the admin site will we lose our setup / history ? Thanks Ralf
  8. Service Manager Update Error

    @pamela i was referring to David Halls comment that the update looks like it was successful and your comment to re-install the product as the update may not have been successful , hence the confusion .
  9. Service Manager Update Error

    Thanks for the replies . is there or isn't there a problem with our instance, your answers are not quite clear on that ? uninstalling the APP ??, wouldn't we lose our setup ?? just checked some of the new functionality , multi request selection doesn't seem to be available , app.experimental.multipleRequestsAction is set to ON . when i select one request in the service manager request view i get a new "Action" button that doesn't do anything, select more then one and it disappears again ? No new info( Video pop-up) from Harry Hornbill either on new features ?? Thanks Ralf
  10. Service Manager Update Error

    Hi Guys, tried to update our version of service manager this morning which was showing as build 1048 available . got an error " could not access cache ..." during update process , i think i must have hit the update button when you were releasing version 1049 this morning . when i now go to the "app store", the update option is no longer available and it shows running build 1049 , update history only shows build 1033 7th August as last update . is there a way of checking that the update was applied successfully ? Thanks Ralf
  11. @Chaz thanks for the reply , that's the workaround we are using at the moment , not ideal though as the accounts user has to raise the ticked then email the attachment ..... Thanks Ralf
  12. @Gerry our accounts team is set up as a Full User, the problem we are having is that they raise a ticket, add an attachment to it , the notification email to the customer does not include the attachement and the customer portal does not show the attachement either. Thanks Ralf
  13. @Gerry Thanks for the reply , i think Collaboration is still a step too far for us . I thought there maybe a solution within our current licensing model ?? Thanks Ralf
  14. Hi , I am looking for some ideas . We have a new requirement, rather than the customer raises the ticket , we want to raise a request against the customer to get them to action/respond to a query , mainly accounts issue. So we raise a ticket against the customer , enter all the details , attach a document ... Our current BPM then sends an email to customer using template XYZ that a ticket has been logged. My question is , how can include the document that I have attached during the progressive capture to the ticket using email template xyz , i can't find any variable referring to it ? Thanks Ralf