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  1. @Victor I’m sorry i must have had a moment of poor judgment :-),I blame low caffeine levels , when trying it again today the attachments are there . please ignore .
  2. Hi @Victor, is there another application setting that says to include attachements when forwarding emails , this doesn't seem to work for us at the moment ? ThanksRalf
  3. @Victor thanks for the reply on another note do you know why logging of automated email updates are logged with visibility of Team only ? Couldn't see anything in the email rule that would give me that option ?? Thanks Ralf
  4. Hi @Victor do you have a Date for the implementation of separating attachment when logged via system responder ? I also find that when you look for it on the timeline ( the email) ,scrolling all the way to the bottom , the "View Email" option under "More Actions" is never visible unless you scroll down further once the "more actions" list opens .. Thanks Ralf
  5. thanks @Daniel Dekel
  6. Hi, I must admit I haven’t checked my list of contacts for a while ,but I noticed today that I am missing a few I added when I set up the system. Basically I added some distribution groups emails as contacts so I could use them in System emails ….. They are now missing when I go the contacts screen or email lookup I tried to add them again but they didn’t show either. So I created a dummy Contact Organisation and added the emails again assigned to that organisation , now they are showing . When I look at the h_sys_contact table, all my old original contacts are still in there. My question is that something that has changed recently, if yes - the organisation field on the new contact form is NOT flagged as mandatory ? Thanks Ralf
  7. @Rachel Crisp when you created your view , did you include all services ? i found that when i don't specify all services as a condition i only get my "Home" Team /services in the list
  8. @Victor FYI : i have added all basic users to the required role ,so should work now even accross updates . Thanks Ralf
  9. @Victor thanks for the reply , was that restriction implemented on the 9th May ? All tickets prior to that did not fail ( for at least 6 month) , the BPM is the same and had not changed, 98 % of tickets were raised by basic users ?? Ralf
  10. @Victor yes emails were send , it only affected the Data Selection team Service. 98% of all their tickets are raised through the portal by basic users directly, so there should be heaps of examples :). last one working SR00024800 09/05 15:56 first one failing SR00024816 10/05 10:53
  11. Hi @Victor just put a couple of test tickets through via the portal , they seem to work now , not flagging the error anymore SR00024872 SR00024873 Thanks Ralf
  12. Hi @Victor thanks for checking that so quickly . SR00024863 was raised by me from an email , interesting so it only effects tickets raised by basic users, which were all working fine prior to the 10th ?? Basic user raised ticket via portal SR00024703 as a working example. i'll get them to try again and let you know Ralf
  13. Hi, we seem to be geting this error the last few days after the 10th may . i have checked the contact it is send to , it exists , the email is send examples are : SR00024863 SR00024852 SR00024837 SR00024835 SR00024834 this is the only BPM that emails a contact .... Thanks Ralf
  14. Hi @Victor thanks for the help , fully understand what you are saying !
  15. Hi @Victor thanks for looking into this, so what i can see is that it writes to the h_sys_user_profile_viz table , couldn't i just ceate records for each userid, duplicating the field settings ? The table was empty before i change my setting . Thanks Ralf