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  1. New line in custom fields

    @carlt @nasimg no, is not possible I'm afraid with current functionality. We'll ask internally if such functionality can be implemented in a future update.
  2. New Update: Hornbill ESP (2804)

    Although the thread suggests the build has been deployed, the deployment was actually postponed for today (20/09). FYI for anyone interested.
  3. Error - Cannot Read Property 'row' of undefined

    @Prathmesh Patel These requests have now been fixed. Apologies for the inconveniences caused.
  4. Date Format in Auto-Emails

    @SJEaton looking at my previous posts in this thread I mentioned the integration node is (currently) designed to work only for Custom G field... ...if you are trying to convert a date stored in other custom field (i.e. Custom A), then the integration node won't work... it will have to be amended to cater for other custom fields...
  5. Date Format in Auto-Emails

    @SJEaton I have sent you a PM... don't think you can share a custom field across services (thinking on the table structure) ... but I might be wrong...
  6. Auto close and resolve timer

    @Gary@ADL can you describe the actions performed so I can understand the context of the BP... (I think the logic of the process might be slightly flawed but don't quote me on this )...
  7. Access Hornbill Service Manager Error

    @dconagh your metadata file is not public so Hornbill instance can't access it hence the empty XML message. You need to manually process this file. Open the URL in a browser, it should display the XML file content. Copy this and use the other option to process metadata in Hornbill (XML file)...
  8. Auto close and resolve timer

    @Gary@ADL haven't looked in detail but I did spot the custom expression is using an incorrect value for status... you have typed in "resolved" but this is not the value stored in the database... the correct value for each status is as follows: Request Status: Open - Static Value: status.open Request Status: On-Hold - Static Value: status.onhold Request Status: Resolved - Static Value: status.resolved Request Status: Closed - Static Value: status.closed Request Status: Cancelled - Static Value: status.cancelled Another alternative would be to keep current static value (e.g. resolved) but use "contains" for evaluation rather than an exact match: "=="
  9. Board to appear on 'Display Columns'

    @shamaila.yousaf your suggestions will be certainly considered by our product managers and developers. I was curious if there is any specific reason why requests are manually added to the board, is this simply because a BP is not yet in place or the BP does not have the functionality to achieve what you need?
  10. Date Triggered Auto-Emails

    @SJEaton yes, this was my thought... So if the new employee start date is, let's say 01/10/2017, the analyst will put the request on hold until 01/10/2017. The BP at this point should be in a suspend state, wait for the request to come off hold. On 01/10 the request comes automatically off hold, at which point the BP will resume and continue with the next node which should be the email node...
  11. Date Triggered Auto-Emails

    @SJEaton when this was discussed internally, one of the suggestions was to have the request put on hold manually, by an analyst, until the Start Date. During this time the BP would be in a suspended state, waiting for the request to come off hold. When it does, the BP can send the email... would this work for you until we can find a better solution for this?
  12. E Mail Notification

    @colind have a look here: It could be that your current BP version, the one with "hornbill" address, has not been published, the active version is still the one with "john" address...
  13. Email detail on priority

    Even more happy days!
  14. Email detail on priority

    @colind did you click on the ∑ sign to open the variable picker menu? When you click on it, this menu should open, where you can select the variable for the desired node/flowcode (e.g. Get Request Details)
  15. Error on Change calls

    @derekgreen it seems your colleague does not have access to boards...this is where the BP failed, when it tried to move the change request to a board... the user progressing the change at this stage needs to have "My Boards" role... EDIT: Further investigation reveals the above statement is not true and the issue was caused by a product defect.