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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth Yes, appears to be better now thanks. Greg
  2. OK @Lyonel, thanks for the response.
  3. @Bob Dickinson OK thanks Bob. Do you know if there is a field that we can pull through to the reporting that has the date and time of the incoming email instead?
  4. Hi, Is there another way of sorting the order that the FAQ's are displayed? I know at the moment this can be done by likes, but I would prefer if we had control ourselves if possible. Also, would there be any possibility of categories being added here. So for example, as you can see above, I could group those ones in to 'Accesspoint' and then other FAQ's in to other categories as this would be useful and would help our internal staff find answers quicker. Thanks Greg
  5. Hi, On our self service portal for internal staff, we have some FAQ's once they click on the text that says 'Customercare'. However, I would like to make use of the blank space next to that icon (I have indicated with the red cross). Is there a way I could add text there explaining where to locate the FAQ's before they log a request? I had a look in Services within the actual service where we add FAQ's but not sure if the above is possible. Thanks Greg
  6. @Victor @Bob Dickinson Hi both, do you know if anything is due to change with the timers?
  7. Hi @Victor, Are you able to find out from your dev team if there is an estimated date for when this will be available as this was how timers were set up in Supportworks and in my opinion is the only true accurate way of calculating a response/fix time? If we receive an email on 14th March at 1pm and log it the next day (15th) at 1pm. We have taken 24 hours to respond (or in our case where our timers only run 9-5, 8 working hours) and therefore for us to claim that we have a 100% response time in instances like this is not correct. The same goes for us with the fix/resolve times where the % of those tickets is also a lot higher due to the calculation being done from when we log the ticket rather than when the email came in. It would be better for us if the ticket could record the times based on when the email has come to us so if this feature could be included by your dev team then that would be a big advantage for us. Thanks Greg
  8. @Victor Thanks for responding. As you highlighted quite a few complications, we have decided to leave this for the time being. Thanks for getting back to me though.
  9. Our internal staff log support requests by either logging a self service request, or alternatively by emailing our support email address. Inevitably many find the easier option is to email us, however, we want to encourage people to log most, if not all requests, via the self service portal. Is there a way we could have an automated response sent back to anyone internally that emailed us based on certain criteria. For example, 2 things I can think of straight away would be: The email would have to have come from an email address ending with We would have to make sure the automated reply was not in response to an existing ticket. Emails sent regarding a logged existing ticket would contain the following text in the title/subject 'RE: ORC International customercare: Support update for request : ' Is this possible to do, or are there any other suggestions for us to effectively encourage our internal staff to use the self service portal? Thanks Greg
  10. @Gerry @Daniel Dekel Hi both, Would it be possible to make emails that have been read, not appear in bold? I know the blue vertical line indicates when an email is unread, but I think it would be better if only unread emails were showing in bold. This was how the former view looked in Hornbill, and is also the same in Outlook. Greg
  11. Hi @plubinda, Thanks that is useful. You can close this one if you like and I can discuss anything further in there if I need to. Greg
  12. Hi, Some of our internal staff use the self service portal in order to log a request with us, rather than sending us an email for us (the analysts) to log a ticket. When they log these, the ticket is created and goes in to our request list. However, we are currently failing to get to these requests as quickly as we should and I was hoping to find out if there is a way that an email notification or something similar could be sent to our analysts when one of these requests is logged. This would help us improve on our response and fix times for self service tickets. Is this possible? Apologies if this has been explained elsewhere and I have missed it. Greg
  13. @Daniel Dekel Thanks Daniel, that is all useful to know.
  14. Hi Gerry, Some comments/feedback I have: It still appears to be showing emails from 6 months ago at the top of our inbox. There are 2 unread emails, and then the third email listed says '6 months ago'. Not sure why that is? In the old version. when we click on the email, it opens up in a new view. It doesn't seem possible now. Is that something that can be kept? Would like to have the option to fully open the email, by double clicking for example. On outlook, we can play around with the size of the email preview on the left hand side. Basically the screen on the new Hornbill is split roughly 50/50 between preview on the left, email on the right. Can an option be included to do the same as outlook where you drag the left part to be smaller so that the email content expands on the right hand side? Would have less need for the second option if that was the case. Thanks Greg
  15. Thanks Steve, that will be useful for us.