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  1. I have been sorting though are basic user to enable/disable assignment in Service Desk. This works great, however I have an issue if the Members go on to multiple pages. e.g 1st line I select the required users on Page 1 and enable assignment. Page 2 and 3 do not have any members who need to have assignment however I am unable to select No to all the users as I get a message "You are not allowed to exclude all members from assignment"
  2. @Dan MunnsI think you probably know more SQL than me I wish I knew more.. Im sure Victor will give us the answer.
  3. I may be wrong but the syntax looks slightly wrong. I thought you needed brackets around each criteria (h_requesttype = 'Service Request') OR (h_requesttype = 'Incident') AND ...
  4. Would love to have this feature to update the users details whilst taking a call.
  5. Do you guys have a published road map. I am being asked to set our internal plan based on your road map.
  6. Very interested for any update on this.
  7. I have been asked to produce a graph to show the backlog of tickets going back 6 months. I guess I need to look for calls not closed at the end of each day Any ideas of where I can start
  8. Not 100% sure but could you use a parallel process so that it doesn't matter which one is completed first as long as they are both done.
  9. We need to have our company signature attached to all outgoing emails. Is there an option for this? I can see how to do this to email templates but wasn't sure about the emails you send from requests.
  10. Would be very interested in the additional fields.
  11. @samwoo There is already a 'respond by' and 'resolve by' column is this not what you are looking for?
  12. @chriscorcoranI have used the following on various widgets DATE(NOW() - INTERVAL 14 DAY)
  13. @VictorOf course. I missed that bit. thanks all resolved.
  14. I created a new organisation this morning and gave relevant users access. I was able to assign calls to this team. I have come back to my PC and it no longer appears in the list. I have restarted browser in case of a caching issue. I have checked the organisation and everything is still set. eg Name, Allow Task Assignment (ON) and relevant Assigned User are set. I am unable to log a new ticket and assign to the new team I am also unable to assign an existing ticket to the new team in both cases the team does not appear in the list.
  15. @Daniel DekelMy mistake I didn't see that box