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  1. @samwoo Great Thank you that works.
  2. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas.
  3. Duplicate Assets

    @James Ainsworth I think I have found the answer If I upload to Computer System - there is a Validation button However under Computer Peripherals there is not.
  4. I have built a new BPM and want to drive a decision from a progressive capture answer (From a simple list) I have added an automated task "TYPE - Get Request information" & "TASK - Progressive Capture Answers" I then set up a decision node and the Branch is as follows The simple list is Unfortunately this does not work. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Duplicate Assets

    Hi @James Ainsworth I was using the upload CSV through "Upload new Assets", I was concerned as before I imported 500 assets I would try 1 to see which fields I needed to populate. When I uploaded it for a second time I was expecting to see a message like "Asset already in DB" instead it uploaded a second time.
  6. Duplicate Assets

    I have been looking at our Asset DB and noticed that there are duplicates. 1. How does the Asset management side validate assets? 2. Which is the unique field?
  7. Mantatory comment for team reassignment

    We would be interested in this feature
  8. Read Permissions to a team

    @James Ainsworth So I have created a new team and added them as a supporting team. I have gone into "Hornbill Service Manager >Configuration >Service Desk" and set the team members to be able to have calls assigned to them. However I want everyone to be able to see the list of requests in the requests screen, for the other teams I have had to manually add each member to the organisation with "allow task View" to Yes. As we now have about 100 users I want to be able to add all users in one go. If this doesn't make sense let me know and I will screen grab it.
  9. I need to create a new team but need everyone to be able to see it. I will then add The team members through "Hornbill Service Manager >Configuration >Service Desk" Whats the easiest way to achieve this.
  10. This would be very helpful based on site +1
  11. This would be very helpful and stop a lot of additional attachments being uploaded.
  12. Translation of Asset labels

    @James Ainsworth Great thanks
  13. Fancy a HUG?

    @GerryHave you guys sent the replies out yet as I have not received anything.
  14. Measure - no Date Ranging

    I think the reason is the fact it cant look back at historic data therefore in 12 days time it will be correct, however if you re sample it will show them all the same. The following may be of interest.
  15. Backlog

    @Bob Dickinson Thank you I will give it a try