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  1. Available Display Column - Main View

    Can we please look into arranging the asset in the main view, asset field would be extremely useful. Thanks for your continued support as always.
  2. I am looking for a monthly comparison for each source type, under a particular service name & in form of a percentage for this calendar year. Our service name = 'ITSupport' Not even sure where to commence with this. Thanks for your assistance.
  3. Schedule Occurring Activities

    I know you can create activities, however; is there a plan to schedule occurring activities? I would like to view my team's activities to allow me to check on the progress also. Hoping you can assist. Thanks as always. Shamaila
  4. Global Search

    Thanks James. I'll get my manager to check in due course and will let you know. Regards Shamaila
  5. Global Search

    Thanks Martyn. Blue Clickable - I have clicked on one of their team's calls which appear in the search results and it allows me to access? Strange though as I can't see their team's incoming requests? Thanks
  6. Global Search

    Our Facilities Team are now using Service Manager. What we are finding is that when we are doing a global search that as we are unable to deselect their services that their Facilities related calls appears in the Search results. Is there the option to select/deselect the service or set our Global search under our services only? Does something need disabling behind the scenes? We have confidential information sent to us such as staff leavers so don't really need them to see these via the search option. Thanks
  7. Mentions

    Is there a way to find out what mentions I have done? I would like to keep a track in order to follow-up on responses. Hope this makes sense.
  8. I would be interested to know if there is a possibility of running a report on the number of activities completed by my team. Thanks
  9. Show on-hold time when hovering over tickets

    Hi Both, I too find it useful to know when the calls are on hold until. As a workaround I have arranged to the have the 'on-hold until' column selected in the Requests View under the display columns - not sure if this helps you for now? Regards
  10. Board to appear on 'Display Columns'

    Thanks both. Ok, so it doesn't help that I have not made myself clear in my original post - sorry to have wasted your time:( So Gerry is correct in saying that calls can be logged to multiple boards - I was actually referring to was adding the call to multiple lists within the same board. Which is not possible.At present I have multiple lists within a board, guessing a simple workaround from my point would be to have separate boards so I can add to multiple boards as & if required. Regards Shamaila
  11. Assets - Global View 'Display Columns'

    Thanks, it would be great to be able to log an incident / service request from the asset details that would be great. We can also click on the 'Linked Requests' to pick up calls logged against that asset to define any possible duplicate calls logged also. I'll follow up on this in due course as required. Regards Sxx
  12. Attachments received via Email

    No problem @James Ainsworth - having both the options would be great! I agree with my esteemed colleague @DeadMeatGF (Steve) that we need to get together as a team and discuss and agree how we make use of the DM feature. Another interesting point that Steve mentioned was how to establish of the attachment is a log / picture or an actual attachment well the Service Desk Team use the 'Additional Information' section within the email (docked toolbar) to identify whether the attachment is a log or a file etc so maybe we can have the option to Select or Deselect so the attachments saved to the DM are those required and not the logos. The DM has the useful feature to renew the document at a particular time but I have to admit I have saved other things such as our processes as well as other documents which are for my use only. I appreciate we have access to other cloud storage places but I would prefer that we make use of this feature to keep everything within Service Manager - again it's a discussion to have our end. On another note, just thinking on top of my head here could we not implement an archive system of some sort to declutter DM. I am sure there are many others like me who like to keep their cloud systems decluttered and not use it as a 'dumping ground'. The documents that I would like to save would only be for a short time and each time we save it would be against a particular collection and a review date can bed sent to ensure we retire/delete accordingly. Am I also correct in thinking that any documents set as 'retired' also contribute to the capacity? - if you catch my drift? Thanks all for your contributions and all your input.
  13. Assets - Global View 'Display Columns'

    Hi Team When we run a global search under the assets it would be nice to have another option for search to allow us to do a refined search - like the one on the main requests view screen. I.e. if I wanted to do a search under a room number for a particular asset type then it would not allow me to do so. Would it be possible to add a 'Display Columns' option as this would resolve the issue. It would also be great to have a feature from the 'Details of an Asset' to allow a new Request/Incident to be logged against the asset - hope this makes sense. Thanks for your continued support as always.
  14. Global Search

    @Ehsan@James Ainsworth Hi All, I now have the Asset Field available in the Global Search - excellent!
  15. Board to appear on 'Display Columns'

    Thanks again @Gerry. I have double checked (as sometimes I can lose the plot) but this is not the case. I have a customer on the staff leaver board and am unable to move across to another board.