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  1. @James Ainsworth - thanks. I don't have access to the change the access so will have someone check this out. I was informed previously that I had access to the 'Asset Manager User' but will have someone reconfirm. Will keep you posted, thanks for getting back to me. Regards
  2. Thanks @James Ainsworth. I am aware that there are those filters n place, I require them in time order too. This will allow the Service Desk Team to pick up those sent earlier. We can't see the time at a glance:). If an additional filter can be added at some point that would be great. Regards
  3. Does anyone have an update on the Skype for Business integration please? Thanks
  4. Can we look into arranging the emails to be organised in date & time order please? Thanks
  5. Does anyone have a further response on this please? I appreciate you are busy. Regards
  6. Thanks again @Bob Dickinson and apologies for the long delay in getting back to you. Cutting a long story short, I have been informed that this will be a 'no go' from our end as the departments are picked up from another system and they are not aligned as they should be. So work in progress. I have this to refer back to should the need be required. Regards
  7. Hi @Bob Dickinson thanks for your response. I don't believe we have the SLA functionality, @DeadMeatGF can you please kindly reconfirm? When I was doing the report manually it was whilst we were using Supportworks. We have only just started using our new third party supplier and so have no means of measuring their performance or getting details on fault calls logged against the suppliers asset - hence the urgency. I have had to arrange a third level category to be created so I can look into creating a widget or a report but not had chance to look into. @DeadMeatGF should also give you more information on how we have assigned assets to a supplier - seems they are assigned to a supplier code. I spoke to one of your colleagues in the 2015/2016 HUG and it was confirmed that Supportworks had the SLA functionality and that this would be available in Service Manager hence my raising. I hope to hear forward on this. For now, we are having to manually add the fault call to a board, May be thinking to create a separate board to move them from the faults board to the completed - just in case. Thanks
  8. I did see something posted recently on the forum and it was mentioned that the following feature will be implemented soon. I am unable to locate the post so apologies! When I update a call via an email, it appears with a list of pictures, attachments, screen shots - this was resolve the issue of bombarding the service request with unnecessary and multiple attachments - It's a great feature by the way:). This allows us to see how many of there above there are, but how does one find out if the attachment is just a logo or a genuine attachment as it does give you opportunity to add or omit from the service request. I think I must be missing something?
  9. Nice one!
  10. Thanks @NadeemMazhar. I've had to get someone to show me how to do this via the is rather confusing to tell you the truth...:( I did see the webinar however; I'm a little slow on the uptake...I'm sure practise will make perfect:). Regards
  11. I have the ability to export from the 'Request' view however; I am unable to export from the IT Asset Inventor. I have been assured that my rights are setup correctly. Am i to assume that this is not an option? Thanks as always.
  12. Thanks all!
  13. I have uploaded a number of our documents in Document Manager and shared to my team. I have tried dragging and dropping the file from document manager into a service request and it doesn't allow me to do so, silly question but is this the correct way to do this? Regards
  14. I would like to know the best way to meausure a suppliers SLA (fresponse & fix). There are 2 things i need - not sure if I can get this from the same report. 1. Measure the supplier's performance - supplier will send us an email when they confirm receipt of our call - this would measure the response. - supplier will send us an email when they have completed the call - this would obviously measure their fix. I'm hoping for calls to be updated once the emails are received by the supplier rather than emails sent to our mailbox and we manually having to update (work in progress) 2. The report would also need to include all calls logged under the supplier's assets belonging to to the supplier allowing us to see number of fault, description f fault as well as total downtime against each asset: All the assets have been tied to the supplier - the report would need to include: asset number (MFD) reported fault updates received from the supplier call closure notes the resolution category (we have a third level category to identify if the fix was an internal repair or a third party supplier repair). In the old version of supportworks I was having to import the details into Excel, and manually having to go through each call to get the details above and incorporated the use of pivot tables. Your assistance and expert advice on how best to arrange would be greatly appreciated. Regards