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  1. @Michael Sharp Are you using the standard Request Details form in Progressive Capture, or a custom form? The summary takes the subject and the description takes the body and pre-populates it already.
  2. When a Request is raised from an email, we provide a link back to the original email so that you get full context including attachments and who it was sent by/to etc. The full content is also added as the default description. There was an issue where this was truncated unnecessarily, but that will be sorted in our next update.
  3. If you do set your availability in Hornbill as @Paul Morrow has highlighted, we actually display this information when trying to assign a request:
  4. It was indeed discussed before Something that will be looked at, but it's one of those things that needs to work it's way down the food chain before Service Manager, or other apps, can take advantage of it.
  5. @Paul Alexander technically possible, but depending on how much data you have it could take a long time for the query to run... this would identify BPMs that have failed SELECT * from h_bpm_instance WHERE h_state NOT LIKE '%"failureMessage":""%'
  6. It will probably be another couple of weeks, but the change has been made and will definitely be in our next update.
  7. @m.vandun there was a restriction in place but I cannot see why it would apply here, so this will be removed in a future update of Service Manager (> 1012)
  8. @gregmarcroftorc we actually do this when applying an email to a Request, but it looks like we don't do the same when logging a Request from an email. I'll get this raised with development.
  9. We now have the ability to add these notices into the Admin tool so something we can do more going forward which may help as then only those that actually interact with that tool will get notifications about it.
  10. The improvements I provided above will be in our release, we just noticed some things during our testing cycle that could work better so there will be a few minor tweaks to follow in future releases.
  11. This looks the issue that occurs when using the translate feature in the admin tool. Unfortunately it will take the placeholders we add in, such as %1, and put a space in between them. If you take a look in the admin tool and remove the spaces, notifications should work correctly again. I will raise this internally and see if there is anything we can do.
  12. @Lyonel @samwoo Happy to be able to tell you that you'll be able to fetch the details of a Service in our next release
  13. @Dan Munns it's still in development, but already has the ability to schedule a report to be run every X hours/days/weeks/months as required. It will also attempt to deliver the reports in your preferred format(s) by email, as long as the report is available within a reasonable amount of time.
  14. @nasimg I think previewing email was discussed at the Insights event and it is something that we're looking at improving.
  15. @chrisnutt just a thought, if you were to delete and recreate users that would probably solve your problem (if that's a suitable solution). Otherwise it's not something that is taken care of by the clean up utility currently, but something we'll be looking to change.