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  1. Can't see Catalogue items in one service

    @Paul Alexander what has happened is that you've been able to create a Catalog without a Progressive Capture against it, which shouldn't be allowed. In our next update, it won't be possible to make that mistake and the list of catalogs will load without error.
  2. Strange Error

    @DeadMeatGF if you update the app, the issue with Progressive Capture will be sorted. We've not been able to replicate the error you've been experiencing, if there are any replication steps let us know and we can look into it some more.
  3. Strange Error

    @DeadMeatGF we have a fix for the issue around Sites in Progressive Capture. Should have that out to you later today.
  4. @Ralf Peters there's a few things that might help/explain the situation you have. When an attachment is added, it has a default visibility of 'Team' so it's only available internally (highlighted red). You can change this to make it visible to the customer in the portal (highlighted green). Rather than relying on the BPM, you could send the email directly from the Request which would let you choose the correct attachment or upload the attachment at this point rather than through ProCap (highlighted blue). You can also specify a snippet to act as a template for the content you need to include. Depending on your process, this might not be ideal but I thought it was worth pointing out.
  5. Notification on comments to tickets

    I've made some changes to make this more consistent now, it won't make the it into the update we're just getting ready, but will be in the one after that
  6. @nasimg I believe you're already in contact with us over this, so the answer would be yes
  7. @nasimg you can get a count of how many tasks are actually outstanding using the following query SELECT COUNT(*) AS taskcount FROM h_sys_tasks AS t LEFT JOIN h_itsm_requests AS r ON t.h_obj_ref_urn = CONCAT("urn:sys:entity:com.hornbill.servicemanager:Requests:", r.h_pk_reference) WHERE r.h_status IN ('status.resolved', 'status.closed') And then a list of the outstanding tasks using the following (also returns the request reference and status for reference) SELECT t.h_task_id, r.h_pk_reference, r.h_status FROM h_sys_tasks AS t LEFT JOIN h_itsm_requests AS r ON t.h_obj_ref_urn = CONCAT("urn:sys:entity:com.hornbill.servicemanager:Requests:", r.h_pk_reference) WHERE r.h_status IN ('status.resolved', 'status.closed') As Ehsan has already mentioned there is no way to bulk complete activities but if you get in touch with Support there are plans to have a solution which should give you what it is that you need.
  8. BPM Failure

    We're working on a fix for this and hope to have something shortly. A workaround for it as described in this thread:
  9. BPM failing on a lot of tickets

    @Paul Alexander we're aware of the issue and actively working on a fix for this. Hope to have something available soon.
  10. The key here is that all Cancelled requests are marked as archived, adding the following parameter when calling smGetRequests will get you the Requests you're after. <archiveEquals>1</archiveEquals> If you need to use this API again in the future, we actually use it to power Views in the Request list, so you can always build a view with the right criteria and then see what we're sending to the server to populate the list. Hope that helps
  11. Reporting time spent

    Reports only cater for one app at a time, but you can use widgets under the Advanced Analytics tab to create lists of data which might help you in this situation.
  12. Reporting time spent

    @m.vandun you can definitely create a report per Request through Timesheet Manager, every URN will start with "urn:sys:entity:com.hornbill.servicemanager:Requests:" so you can have a like condition that looks like this "urn:sys:entity:com.hornbill.servicemanager:Requests:%" You will get each individual row for every entry in Timesheet Manager, but it will get you the data you're after. You can also use the various date and time columns in order to get just the values for a specific month if that's what you're after. Hope that helps.
  13. Problems with Hornbill

    @samwoo are you able to find any Requests through the global search?
  14. Notifications not working

    Great that that fixed the issue, but yes not a fun exercise for anyone! It is being looked into, so hopefully we'll have a fix soon.
  15. @Michael Sharp we only support the Request Details form as that's the one that comes as part of Service Manager. If that was included in your Progressive Capture then you'd get the body of the email while logging the Request.