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  1. Hi Daniel, Just wondering if there was any update on this? We had someone who left who did not share most of their documents with anyone, this resulted in me having to set myself as the owner of their documents via the tables which I don't like to do :'(. Another Request Can I request for an ability to define a "default" role that will be applied to every single document, for ones that already exist and for new ones? For example a "Documentation Super User" role, which means if anyone has this role, they can go in and make amendments to documents by being able to do the following Updating the meta - can be defined as a setting Updating the documents - can be defined as a setting Ability to share documents with other users - can be defined as a setting Ability to share documents to libraries - can be defined as a setting CAN NOT change the owner of the document - can NOT be defined as a setting This will resolve most of the issues we are currently having where a lot of our documentation are not shared with anyone despite numerous attempts to get users to do this... Many thanks, Samuel
  2. @nasimg do you mean preventing the user to be able to select certain categories ie. LAS, but able to select the categories below it such as Care Plan or Review? If so i think that is a good idea. +1 but i don't think it's possible at the moment - someone from Hornbill can correct me. But... You can limit the list of Categories against a Service for each request type: For example if you select LAS, when they log or resolve a ticket they will only be able to see everything underneath it, but they wouldn't see categories on the same level as LAS such as LCS, iCasework or above. You would set it against a Service under each type, see Request Category Level and Resolution Category Level at the bottom of my screenshot. Is this the answer you are looking for? Thanks, Samuel
  3. That's a good idea actually +1 or having it highlight red in the request list, with the ability to set a view based on the colour of the row in the request list
  4. Hello, Just wondering if this idea to quote from the timeline has made it higher or closer to the 90 day window? At the moment when responding to a customer who sent an email / updated the timeline of a ticket, I do what @Victor does, which is put their comment in quotes then following my response after, would be nice to be able to do this in a more automated way. Thanks, Samuel
  5. Hello, This is following on from my posts on this thread: I thought it best to separate my requests from the one above as it is not fully related, and plus I can set up a poll on here. As I mentioned in the thread above: Could we have it so that connections can see the tickets they are connected to, via the Portal? (This was mentioned in Steven's post) Can we add connections via the Portal (again this was mentioned in Steven's post) In addition to number 2 above, can we have it so we can use the "Add Connections" node via the Progressive Capture (when it comes) multiple times in the Progressive Capture for different Connection Types? As an example of where this is require on our instance - we have a word document Change Request form that I want to be able to convert into a Progressive Capture. On here we have questions for "Testers Name(s)" and "Implementer Name(s)". Having the ability to add these people via the connection for both types will reduce the need to add them into the Custom Fields. Thanks, Samuel
  6. Hi @SJEaton, On the left of that field there is a Mathematics symbol (Σ) - click on this, and choose the relevant node and drill down to your question answers you want to pick from. Hope this helps? Thanks, Samuel
  7. Pllleeeassee add me as an interested party to this change! Cheers!
  8. Hi @Daniel Dekel, Many thans for looking into the fix. "You will also have soon an option to dismiss all the notifications you see for that particular team." Does this mean the user will be able to choose which to see and which not to see? Or as an overall setting? Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hello We have a team set up with a longish name and it's caused the button to be pushed down next to the "Someday" actvities button. May I propose scrolling text or a fixed width so the text will overflow (without a scrollbar) bearing in mind that the number of activies can be huge. Thanks, Samuel
  10. Thanks @James Ainsworth really appreciate that.
  11. Me too! Thanks
  12. Fantastic! I envisioned being able to include the status of the service within the email that goes out to customers who log calls against it. Many thanks, Samuel
  13. Brilliant @Gerry thanks for uploading those. I was just wondering if you could remind us what the pricing would be with regards to using iBridge? Many thanks, Samuel
  14. Hello, I would like to request the "Apply Email to Request" from within the Email section to also try and match any External References for all calls? Some external suppliers cannot hold our internal reference number (Hornbill) in their response emails so we have to rely on their own request reference numbers. But the auto finding of tickets where the external reference matches a something in the body or subject of the email doesn't work. In this case I had to go hunting for the request in order to find the request reference to apply the email to. Can this be extended to the Email Routing rules as well? Thanks, Samuel
  15. Hello, Bringing up an old topic. Has anyone looked at the requests on here? Also I have a problem with the Bulletins again... In Google Chrome, my bulletins looks like this: The same bulletin in Internet Explorer 11 looks like this: Can someone look into this? We all use Internet Explorer 11 and we have major works happening this weekend for Monday and was not expecting the Bulletins to look like this :(. At least the main issue is highlighted, and includes a URL for the user to click on. Thanks, Samuel