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  1. Hello, Just reviving this topic as I am trying to create a form which contains more than 30 questions that I need to be able to send to other users automatically. Since the Custom Fields are limited to 25 this will not work (unless the limit can be expanded to a much larger number). I was wondering if any further discussions has been made with regards to emailling the list of questions and answers? At the moment the idea of emailling parts of the timeline doesn't apply in this case, and I havent thought about it since i originally raised this request. I hope however it is possible that we can eventually email the list of questions automatically via BPM. Thanks, Samuel
  2. Hi @Chaz, Thanks for the response. I already use the views, but i am unable to sort multiple columns at once, such as what can be done in Excel: I know Hornbill isn't excel, but thought it might be possible to implement a similar functionality. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hello, Could we have a feature where we can set custom sorting in the Request List. For example I would like to sort the Owner field a-z, as well as sorting the Last Updated from earliest to latest. Could we also be able set custom sort ordering as well? For example i want to sort by Owner Samuel, Bob, Jill, Mary, * a-z or sort by Team 3, Team 5, Team 1, * z-a I would also like have the ability to choose the custom sorting much like choosing the custom views. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hi Gerry, I think we had a scenario where someone couldn't update a document despite having permission in the libraries, i think this is the reason why I was asked to raise this call. I will check back with the people who asked to find out more information (and to relay your response). I think the other issue is when someone leaves... the owner probably wont have time to go through all the documents they uploaded to change it to another owner... at the moment I have changed the owners via SQL Direct but i dont really like to do this... updating tables via SQL is till a scary thing, even if you know what you are doing. Thanks, Samuel
  5. Hello, It is now becoming harder and harder to manage the documentation we have in Hornbill with New Starters coming in. Can I request either one of the these to be a feature in Hornbill A Team can be an owner of a document, so anyone in the Team can make changes where required. This would avoid the need to have to change an owner of a document when someone leaves... The option to have a single owner should still remain however for security purposes, but most of our documents are used by everyone in the team and are often updated. Sharing a document with a Team. This option would make it easier for everyone in a team to manage documents. Again the option to share with individuals should still remain for security purposes, but most of our documents are used by everyone in the team and are often updated. Thanks, Samuel
  6. Hello, Has anyone had any thoughts regarding this query? Thanks, Samuel
  7. Hi, We would also benefit from additional questions popping up on the same form depending on the questions answered (using the dropdowns / tick boxes). It makes sense to keep the relevant questions and answers together... and not have to create seperate forms for each additional question. Thanks, Samuel
  8. Hi @Gerry, Brilliant thank you. At least it will be in discussion and thought about, so I can relay to relevant colleagues that this is a possibility if approved in your discussions. Will look out for a response. Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hi @Gerry, Just found out a bit more information about how the Protective Marking works on our end. There is an add-in which is installed locally on each machine for use within Outlook. When sending a new email, all it does is append the chosen marking to the end of the subject line. When you are replying or forwarding an email from within Outlook, if it has a marking of [OFFICIAL] for example and you try to downgrade it to [UNCLASSIFIED], the plugin in Outlook will simply warn you asking if you are sure you want to downgrade the marking. Everything is done on a client. With regards to having this functionality on Hornbill, is that we can simply append our required marking to the end of the email sent from within Hornbill. This is enough as the client would do what it needs to do when it arrives into the client inbox. We would need to be able to set up the marking in a simple list that is editable as markings could change. The ordering of the list dicates the ordering of the markings depending on sensitivity (as you can see from the screenshot i sent above). ______________________________________________________________________ - My Request - Could you implement a feature (that is toggleable for each of your customers) that allows us to append text to the end of the email subject. When writing an email from the Email area or from within a request, there should be a drop down field or a popup that a user would use to select the classification (from a Simple List). If made mandatory, when pressing send, if nothing is chosen then will let the user know that need to choose something to proceed. ______________________________________________________________________ Thanks, Samuel
  10. Hello, I was wondering if someone can assist in my query? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hi @Gerry/ @DeadMeatGF, I do apologise I actually meant the end of the email subject field. When the emails are sent from within a call on Hornbill they use a predefined template we set up in the settings area. We cannot edit the subject line each time we send an email from within a ticket, and a single request could hold sensitive data or not each time an email is sent. The idea i had would be a dropdown in the Email functionality within a ticket (maybe next to the "Send" button), which if you choose a marking defined from a Simple List will automatically append that marking to the email subject field when the email is sent. This gives the user control to choose what marking is required based on their email at the point just before sending it. Snippets wont work as one cannot amend the subject field on the fly with it. I'm not sure if it's directly an Outlook feature or it's a plugin that someone created but this is what we get when sending an email from within Outlook: When pressing ok, whichever one we select will automatically get appended to the end of the email subject field in the format I mentioned above. (this should be configurable in a simple list) Thanks, Samuel
  12. Hi, We have a company policy that requires us to use Document / Email Marking for all documents and emails. We've been told that that the emails we are sending from within Hornbill does not include any form of Document Marking, and will need to going forward. We currently use the following: ~[UNCLASSIFIED]~ ~[OFFICIAL]~ ~[OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE]~ This is appended to the end of the email after we press send in Outlook (or when we press Save in Office). We choose the type of marking depending on the sensitivity of the document. e.g (these examples are not neccesarily Hornbill related). System Admin Training ~[UNCLASSIFIED]~ This is simply an email containing the Agenda of the training course. Rent Account - wrong rent amount ~[OFFICIAL]~ This email contains a Rent Account Reference, Name, Address and the amount of money that should be assosciated with it Complete List of Tenant Details ~[OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE]~ This email contains every single detail of every tenant in the area including name, address, family members, disability, bank account details, contact details etc Requests from me to Hornbill Could we have a feature where could choose (from an editable simple list) what Document Marking to be appended to the end of the emails when emailling from within a request or from the email inbox area. Could we also have an option that allows us to make this mandatory or not (for the benefit of other companies who use Hornbill, who might not need to use this feature). The information sent from within Hornbill can be extremely sensitive, especially when dealing with data from an Application, so the Document Marking will help users to identify the sensitivity of the email when it arrives into their inbox. Thanks, Samuel
  13. Hi Gerry, Thanks for further investigating this. Infrastructure has checked the emails and all is now going through ok. Cheers for the help, Samuel
  14. Hi Victor, (I work with Ginny) I've had infrastructure look at the issues and this is the error they found on the spoofed emails from Hornbill: PermError SPF Permanent Error: Too many DNS lookup (thisis a link to a post on stackoverflow explaining it) Infrastructure have asked "Is there an alternative, possibly an IP address we can add into our SPF record instead of the include?" Otherwise might you or someone from Hornbill know how we can resolve this? Thanks Samuel
  15. Hello, I am sure this has been answered somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find any post on the forums. Is there a way we can have the LDAP Import to import Profile Images into Hornbill from AD? This will help us out a lot if we can do it in bulk via the import script. Thanks, Samuel