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  1. Cheers @Steven Boardman Is there a story regarding the following (re my idea for Connections to be able to view tickets in the Portal): If so could that be linked to the story related to this topic? (as you say in the other post, it could be a natural evolution of this one) Many thanks, Samuel
  2. Hi Steve, can you add me too? Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm not sure if this has been touched on before, but the emails coming via the Email Routing are showing up as "System Auto-Responder" as the customer. Is this by design? Is it possible to have it so the customer who actually sent the email is shown on the timeline, rather than "System Autoresponder"? I was wondering if there could be a check box in the Routing Rules that allow us to choose whether or not any email's picked up via this rule should show as the customer who sent the email in the timeline (if the sender email address matches anyone not archived in Hornbill). There could be other options in there, such as the VIsibiltity of emails coming in via this rule (and possibly other options) Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hi @DeadMeatGF, Yes i've seen that too, that was what prompted me to raise this request (after testing it with multiple nodes) as it almost seemed that the basic functionality is there (in terms of refrencing forms to be shown in the variable picker). I did have a go at adding the "get request questions" node multiple times, when doing the update request node, the variable picker only picks up the very last "get request questions" node :(. Many thanks, Samuel Wood
  5. Hello, This may have been covered before... We are now wanting to start using the new "Log Request" via the BPM and I am finding it difficult to pick answers from different forms from the PC. The variable that outputs when you click on the Variable Picker looks like the following: &[global["flowcode"]["answer1"]] Is there any way we can have it set so it could point at a particular node in the BPM (which gets form information)... or form from the PC? ie. Referring to a node name: &["Customer Details"["flowcode"]["answer1"]] Referring to a form name: &["frm_Customer_Details"["flowcode"]["answer1"]] This way I could get multiple answers from multiple forms: New Starter Request for &["frm_Customer_Details"["flowcode"]["answer1"]] starting on &["frm_Customer_Details"["flowcode"]["answer2"]] who requires the same access as &["frm_Network_Access"["flowcode"]["answer5"]] Then in the description field of the "Log Call" task I can extract even more information from the other forms. Currently i have no way of doing this. I wanted to avoid having too many Get Request Information nodes in order append the text in the description... and it would be nice to hold some of the information in the summary as my example above provides. Thanks, Sauel
  6. Hi @lee mcdermott, We have implemented the "New" status on some BPM's as a trial to see how it works. It's useful as when a user logs a call through the portal to certain Services the following happens. The first node of the BPM creates the ticket with a status of "New". Followed by a node to check which company the Customer Contact works for (not organization) Followed by a decision node that splits depending on the company Followed by setting the priority depending on their company Then an email is sent to the customer confirming their call has been logged It then comes to a "Suspend - Wait for Analyst" node. The status of the call is then set to "Open" once an Analyst picks up the call. That's all i've found it useful for, and it helps to determine which calls do not have any analysts assigned at a glance. Is this the sort of information you are looking for? Thanks, Samuel
  7. @Ehsan - With regards to your idea, while it would definitely work, I am worried about how much control we will have with emailling the timeline updates and the frequency of the emailling. We might not want to fire an email to the customer each time the timeline has been updated so it might just be the case of figuring out how best to proceed with this if this is the direction we want to go in... maybe for example if an analyst updates a call, there could be a tick box (which we could set by default or not in the settings somewhere) to also email the update to the customer, with a link back to their call in the Portal. But then also thinking about @DeadMeatGF's response, is we would like the customer to receive updates on calls from non-analysts... An idea to be played with Thanks, Samuel
  8. Brilliant, the wiki is going to be a masterpiece (it's good now already). Thanks for thinking about my idea. Maybe one could specify what type of connections can view assigned calls in the Portal, for example it would make sense to link a New Starter as a connection to the Portal and for the New Starter to view the call, but it doesn't make sense for connections related to Infrastructure Project work to view calls in the Portal. Really looking forward to adding connections as part of the Progressive Capture. Many thanks, Samuel
  9. Hello, Could we have a functionality that would allow us to quote from the timeline into a new email created from within a request? Could the quote box be formatted in such a way? Thanks, Samuel Edit: Could we have it so that we can select multiple posts in the time line to quote from (with the details of who created the post, and at what time etc)?
  10. @Steven Boardman This is Wiki material! You have a lot of detailed posts in this forum in response to somone on here which is absolutely fantastic and they have all been so detailed, I think they should be on the Wiki somewhere... maybe a question / answers section or to include the examples you provide against the relevant sections in the wiki? This way we can refer to your response on there (maybe with a link back to the post in question). For example, If i do a search for "Connections" - there is no results specifically related to "Connections", but there are results where some details of connections would reside in. Great post Steven, I hope @Sonali has found the information as useful as I did. I don't think we've ever used Connections as part of the Incident or Service Request... would these users be able to see these requests in the Portal if they were a connection? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hi @James Ainsworth, Fantastic news thank you for keeping me updated. I am most certainly looking forward to trying out this new feature. Thanks, Samuel
  12. Hello, This is a continuation (sort of) from @DeadMeatGF's post here: I wanted to keep the issues I found seperate. ------------------------------------------ Hi @Steven Boardman, Thanks for clarifying (on the other post) it all makes sense now. I have done what was suggest by yourself and @DeadMeatGF with regards to copying the variable from another node. I have tried this and it works, well i think it does... it also does something else when using the Get Informaton -> Get Request Questions. For example, I may have on a PC: the first custom form has 5 questions. In the BPM all the answers I have put into the description using the Get Informaton -> Get Request Questions to update the request using the Update Request Details node. 7 The second customer form has 7 questions, again I used the same method to update the description, this time I check Append Text. The third custom form only has 5 question. I proceed with the same method to append these question answers to the description... but there is a problem. On Custom Form 2, ALL the questions where answered in the PC. On form 3, questions 2 and 5 were not answered on the PC, But when updating the request details description with the question answers, it's populated answers 2 and 5 of form 3, with answers from form 2 See below, i copied this straight of the description area of a test call As you can see, if a question isn't populated in one form, but it is populated in the same question number in the previous form, it will use that answer. I tried using " - " as the default text in ALL questions where text input is used... it doesn't work (was hoping it would hide the "Undefined" message too, which looks out of place). Can someone have a look to see how this can be resolved? For info here is a screenshot of a part of the BPM process that makes this description: (all the Get ____ Details nodes are getting answers from seperated forms on the PC). Thanks, Samuel
  13. Thanks @DeadMeatGF, this may a slight defect of some sort? Someone from Hornbill might know?
  14. Hi @Steven Boardman, I have a BPM set up similar to your description (get request questions) -> (update request details). When I go to edit the Description (multi-line) of the (update request details) node, pressing CTRL + click doesn't bring up the variable list for me to populate from the (get request question) node. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Thanks, Samuel
  15. Hi Lucy, I have raised the same (or similar) request here: Hopefully this idea can be made possible. Thanks, Samuel