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  1. Hello, I was wondering if someone can assist in my query? Thanks, Samuel
  2. Hi @Gerry/ @DeadMeatGF, I do apologise I actually meant the end of the email subject field. When the emails are sent from within a call on Hornbill they use a predefined template we set up in the settings area. We cannot edit the subject line each time we send an email from within a ticket, and a single request could hold sensitive data or not each time an email is sent. The idea i had would be a dropdown in the Email functionality within a ticket (maybe next to the "Send" button), which if you choose a marking defined from a Simple List will automatically append that marking to the email subject field when the email is sent. This gives the user control to choose what marking is required based on their email at the point just before sending it. Snippets wont work as one cannot amend the subject field on the fly with it. I'm not sure if it's directly an Outlook feature or it's a plugin that someone created but this is what we get when sending an email from within Outlook: When pressing ok, whichever one we select will automatically get appended to the end of the email subject field in the format I mentioned above. (this should be configurable in a simple list) Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hi, We have a company policy that requires us to use Document / Email Marking for all documents and emails. We've been told that that the emails we are sending from within Hornbill does not include any form of Document Marking, and will need to going forward. We currently use the following: ~[UNCLASSIFIED]~ ~[OFFICIAL]~ ~[OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE]~ This is appended to the end of the email after we press send in Outlook (or when we press Save in Office). We choose the type of marking depending on the sensitivity of the document. e.g (these examples are not neccesarily Hornbill related). System Admin Training ~[UNCLASSIFIED]~ This is simply an email containing the Agenda of the training course. Rent Account - wrong rent amount ~[OFFICIAL]~ This email contains a Rent Account Reference, Name, Address and the amount of money that should be assosciated with it Complete List of Tenant Details ~[OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE]~ This email contains every single detail of every tenant in the area including name, address, family members, disability, bank account details, contact details etc Requests from me to Hornbill Could we have a feature where could choose (from an editable simple list) what Document Marking to be appended to the end of the emails when emailling from within a request or from the email inbox area. Could we also have an option that allows us to make this mandatory or not (for the benefit of other companies who use Hornbill, who might not need to use this feature). The information sent from within Hornbill can be extremely sensitive, especially when dealing with data from an Application, so the Document Marking will help users to identify the sensitivity of the email when it arrives into their inbox. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hi Gerry, Thanks for further investigating this. Infrastructure has checked the emails and all is now going through ok. Cheers for the help, Samuel
  5. Hi Victor, (I work with Ginny) I've had infrastructure look at the issues and this is the error they found on the spoofed emails from Hornbill: PermError SPF Permanent Error: Too many DNS lookup (thisis a link to a post on stackoverflow explaining it) Infrastructure have asked "Is there an alternative, possibly an IP address we can add into our SPF record instead of the include?" Otherwise might you or someone from Hornbill know how we can resolve this? Thanks Samuel
  6. Hello, I am sure this has been answered somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find any post on the forums. Is there a way we can have the LDAP Import to import Profile Images into Hornbill from AD? This will help us out a lot if we can do it in bulk via the import script. Thanks, Samuel
  7. Just wondering if any thoughts to my query above has been discussed? I thought of this being a bit like the categories on the system where you can define up to 3 levels - the top level = Service the second level = Catalog (as normal) or if defined, a Sub Service the third level (if second level = Sub Service) = Catalog Thanks, Samuel
  8. Hello, I just went into Database Direct on Microsoft Edge, I can now view the entire output (the amount of rows I selected). When I first created this post, it wasn't working in Edge the way you see it on my screenshot (see extended scrollbar), and now it is. Something changed? Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hi Doug, Apologies i've just noticed the second screenshot on your first post. When you select a Catalog in the list of Services, using the Decision Node it will switch to Progressive Capture assign to the chosen catalog. When it arrives to the chosen catalogue, it's bringing up the list of Services again. If you take that out, and ensure that all the forms in the ProCap as set so they do not skip it should work. Fingers crossed! Thanks, Samuel
  10. Hello, I have a couple of queries from my colleagues regarding documentation. 1. Is it possible to add a user to be a member of ALL documents where the owner is another user. Is this possible to do in SQL Direct? I I understand that this isn't possible in the front end... I would like to request this as a feature. 2. We need to find any Documents with the tag "WiSER" and in addition add the tag "Business World On". There are far too many documents to do this one by one. We are upgrading the Application to a new version, which has a totally different name. Can we add additional tags to documents which contain the tag specified in the criteria? Could this also be done via SQL Direct? As it's not possible to do in the front end, can I also request this as a feature? We have a lot of documentation, it would take up a lot of time just to go through these one by one just to give access to new users to view / edit. Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hi, Sorry for bringing up an old thread. We've had a couple of leavers in the last month who had loads of documents assigned to them as owners, very few of them had other members assigned to them. I had to use SQL Direct to update all these documents give another person owner rights to these documents. To have this feature where a Document Admin can manage all documents regardless of whether or not they are owners would have helped a lot in this case... I wanted to avoid having to use SQL Direct to update the tables. Is this on the development roadmap? Thanks, Samuel
  12. Hi Doug, With the decision node have you got it set as shown below? It will go down this route if there is a catalog ID present from your selection. Thanks, Samuel
  13. Hi @NeilWJ, Thanks for responding. I certainly do not have a resolution such as the one in your screenshot, mine is 1366 x 768. IE11 doesn't have compatability view enabled for Hornbill. The more I think about it, the more I'm wondering whether or not I actually used a monitor the last time I ran the SQL Database Direct (1920 x 1080). I understand that the screen fits to 100% the width and height of the visible screen, and with the SQL input element a fixed width, this would explain why I don't see the results of the SQL below. At the moment I am using Edge and this is what I see. If i were to zoom out in edge from 100% to 75% it is jut about useable. For now this could be my temporary workaround... until I next have a monitor available to use. Sorry to have assumed there was something wrong with this area. I am curious though to how many people are still using these resolutions with Hornbill. Thanks, Samuel
  14. Hi Trevor, Last week or a couple of weeks ago, i was running SQL in Database Direct and was able to scroll down and see the output without having to click the button to hide the SQL bit. It showed regardless of whether I select 25 rows or 2000 rows and was quite useful. I know because I was showing one my colleagues how to save the SQL code I sent her into her Database Direct List and we were able to see the output by scrolling down on both of our machines in IE11. Today I couldnt see it the same way I did then. Thanks, Samuel
  15. Hi Trevor, Thanks for responding. That has helped, cheers! Is there any reason why it doesn't work now like it did before? Thanks, Samuel