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  1. Hi @Stephen Hutchinson Thanks for you post, You can set "Options Group" for your question type which allow user to select only one answer per question, I have attached screenshot of question configuration. Hope this help !!! Regards, Riz
  2. Hi, @HHH Thank you for your post! Customer can view their organisation requests if you enable this setting in organisation page as attached screenshot, you can grant individual contact user, once this option is enabled for customer then they able to see new dropdown in customer portal request list. Screenshot of "My Organisation's Requests" filter from Customer portal Hope this help! Best Regards, Riz
  3. Hi @Tina.Lapere We already ticket logged for this BPM focus issue, which will be available in our next service manager release, I will keep you updated here in this post when that issue will be resolve and available to upgrade on your instance. Thanks, Riz
  4. Hi @Tina.Lapere That's easy fix in your bpm process, just set "Action Focus" to "Manual" and select "Assign" action for "wait for Priority" node, as attached screenshot. Thanks! Riz
  5. Hi @Tina.Lapere I able to replicate this issue based on your bpm process, you will needs to modify your bpm process to solve this refresh issue as below 1. set "System Timeline Update" to "Yes" if you wan to display automatic timeline update 2. set "System Timeline Update" to "No" and "Manual Timeline Update" to any custom message to update the timeline Above mentioned change should refresh the request automatically, I will raise ticket for development team to refresh without setting the timeline update. Hope this help. Regards, Riz
  6. Hi @Tina.Lapere Sorry I need actual bpm process which you can download from admin, please see attached screenshot, when you click on download button you will get one txt file which you can attache to the post. Hope this help! Thanks! Riz
  7. HI @Tina.Lapere I unable to replicate this issue on my development instance, had created similar BPM from your screenshot and all tabs get updated (unlocked) after escalation action performed, would be possible to send me your bpm process so I can have a look? Regards, Riz
  8. Hi @Tina.Lapere Thank you for your post! I will try to replicate on my development instance and get back to you. Thanks, Riz
  9. Hi, @Paul Alexander Thank you for your post! Does this screenshot taken from customer portal or service portal? I will try to replicate on my dev instance. Thanks, Riz
  10. Hi Darren, @Darren Rose As @DeadMeatGF suggested you could use chrome plugins to open any link in IE, here is the plugins list if you would like to install, Open in IE plugins seems better as you can right click on any link to open in IE, hope this help. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-in-ie/iajffemldkkhodaedkcpnbpfabiglmdi https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ie-tab/hehijbfgiekmjfkfjpbkbammjbdenadd Thanks! Riz
  11. Hi Nasim, @nasimg Since our last release we have updated the search dropdown selection to requests for service manager as mentioned by David Hall, but dropdown will change in context of app you are currently using. Thanks! Riz
  12. Hi Sam, @samwoo Currently we do not have Giphy feature on our forum, love to use if we have it Riz
  13. Hi Sam @samwoo We have included the duplicate filed validation for custom form and fix will be available in our next admin build. Thanks! Riz
  14. Hi Sam, @samwoo We are looking to prevent duplicate field id to use per customer form, I will get back to you when we will come up with solution/fix Thanks! Riz
  15. Hi Sam, @samwoo It seems working on my instance with first attempt, I had no issue with populating fields without validation, glad to hear that issue resolved for you Thanks, Riz