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  1. Moving Document to new Library

    @Martyn Houghton yeah thats correct, libraries are for publishing documents so should only contain documents that are active
  2. Moving Document to new Library

    Hi, Yes, you can publish documents in to one or more library, before publishing the document make sure the document status is set to active, as you can't publish documents to libraries that are in draft status. This can be done in the change status tab. Once this is done you should have the option to publish the document to the library from the Publish tab which becomes available, select the library and click on publish. Hope this helps Trevor
  3. Update Revision number on uploaded docs

    Hi, The revision number is automatically incremented every time you upload a new version of a document as long as you enabled versioning when you created the document and all the revisions are available in the revisions section on the document details page. There is no way to manually change this number it would be automatically updated when you uploaded the new version. Hope this helps Thanks Trevor Harris
  4. Document Permission and administration

    Hi, We are currently working on a feature which we allow Documents ownership to be reassigned by adminstrators to tackle this issue so that when a user leaves the company it will be possible to change the ownership of there documents in the Admin tool. This feature should be available soon and will update here when its released Thanks Trevor
  5. Issue editing documents

    Think there is likely to be a problem with the name of the file you are trying to upload, could you try renaming the file and trying to upload it again. The rules of what is a valid filename on our system our: Thanks Trevor
  6. My Documents portal spelling mistake - "Librarys"

    Hi @chrisnutt, Thanks for bring this to our attention, I have fixed the spelling mistake for the default translation, which will be available in the next DocumentManager Release. In the meantime you can amend this translation yourself in the admin tool by going to Document Manager > Translations and updating the translation for the key guest.app.com.hornbill.docmanager.documents.tabTitleLibs Hope that helps Thanks Trevor
  7. Added Uploaded Documents to Collection

    Hi Martyn, Just to let you know there should be a new version of Document Manager available now with a fix for the problem of not being able to edit/delete collections with long names Thanks Trevor
  8. Added Uploaded Documents to Collection

    Unfortunately, doesn't seem possible to access the Collection edit form when the text runs over, but I hope to be able to release a fix in the next couple of days Very sorry Trevor
  9. Added Uploaded Documents to Collection

    The icon by the collection name indicates that it is a self-organising collection so you won't be able to manually add documents to this collection. I have raised a defect for the problem that you cannot edit the collection and hopefully will be able to release a fix very soon, and will let you know when its released. Sorry for the inconvenience Trevor
  10. Added Uploaded Documents to Collection

    Hi Martyn, When you created a collection to use like this make sure its created as Manual Collection, Documents can't be directly added into self-organising collections as documents appear in them based on the tags that occur in the document. Possible your collection is self-organising? Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  11. Custom Button to Search Documents

    Hi Darren, Unfortunately we don't have the ability in document manager to perform full text searches against documents currently, the only form of searching available in document manager is via tags associated to documents. As I think you would need full text searching to achieve a custom button which can search with details from the request I don't think it will be possible to achieve this. Apologies Trevor
  12. Change owner on workspace

    Hi Sonali, I think I've identified one possible cause of this issue, in the case when you try to change ownership of the workspace that contains members who have been deleted it seems the change of ownership fails and no error is reported, can you check your workspace membership to see if it contains any users you've deleted from the system. Thanks Trevor
  13. How to publish documents via service portal

    Hi, You can share libraries with Groups and Roles, and anyone who is in the group or role will be able to see any documents that have been published to that library, for example if you shared the library with the Collaboration Role or Collaboration users would be able to see the library and view any documents within. You can share the library from the library properties page as shown in the attached screenshot and can publish documents to libraries by first making them active and then selecting the publish tab on the document properties page. Hope this helps Thanks Trevor Harris
  14. Set / View priority against activities

    Hi, Sorry I missed your replies on this, the priorities that are available on the activities are a set list and unfortuantely it is not possible to edit them at the moment. Regarding filtering by the priority, it is possible to create a board view and on the board define lists which you can set filters on, in this way you can create lists for different priorities. Hope this help, and very sorry again for late reply. Trevor
  15. Can I share an Activities Board?

    Hi @DougA, Currently its not possible to share these boards with other users as they are only available to the user that created them, but we are working on enhancements in to the boards which would include the ability to share them with users and groups, can't give a timescale for this at the moment but will keep you up to date with developments. Thanks Trevor Harris