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  1. Request Searching

    Hi @James Ainsworth Just to give you an example I am experiencing right now. I want to find a problem that was raised on Monday this week and has since been closed. I know it was raised, but I have no idea by who or what keywords will be best to locate it. I still haven't found it. I now have to come and figure out the syntax for the advanced search which is taking time in a pressured situation. Or I could create a view, but again not exactly swift. I've tried using filters with views, and it resets back to the default 'All My Services' or 'My Requests' view which doesn't help. Whereas, I would like to be able to search for all requests raised on Monday within the UI and filter to problems. This would turn up one or two results where I could easily locate the one I want. Thanks Chris
  2. Hi All, In our change process, once a change is approved the schedule needs to be added to get it on the change calendar etc. At the moment, I am doing this by locking all actions except schedule and then creating a human task to say that it is scheduled. We've been live for about 2 and a half weeks and I have already lost count of the times people have come to me asking why the process hasn't moved on after they have scheduled it. Please can a Suspend -> Wait for Schedule option be added? Thanks Chris
  3. Request Searching

    Hi @James Ainsworth Yes, I have very much so and I do like that feature. It would be useful to do some sorting on search results instead of having to re-create any search results in a view so any way that those search results can be grouped/sorted would be helpful. Chris
  4. Request Searching

    Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for your replies. I am aware of the options to narrow the search fields, but the frustrations include that I'm afraid. I didn't know about the advanced search options and they may be useful but unfortunately, for the most part, do not address my major frustrations. Namely: Unable to search by the log or resolve date (without using your advanced search syntax). I can do an advanced search now I know that feature exists (will that be added to the wiki?) but would love a UI for it. Unable to sort/group the results. This is especially frustrating Unable to change the view of the results (remove unnecessary details) One of my favourite things in Supportworks combined these last two. I stripped away the preview and many of the columns and then sort by what was left. It allowed me to spot many trends and patterns immediately. I can't do this in the search. I can kind of do it in the Request List but it would be useful in search too I understand that Service Manager and Supportworks are two different things and Service Manager is doing things differently but these seem like a very useful parts of Supportworks that have been removed. Thanks Chris
  5. Hornbill Service Manager Not Working

    Yes, we are having the same. I was also getting the same error accessing the forum too: Error 520: Ray ID: 3aeb149dac8035a8 • 2017-10-16 12:39:22 UTC and Ray ID: 3aeb150a68aa69ef • 2017-10-16 12:39:40 UTC Web server is returning an unknown error. It says Cloudflare is working but the host live.hornbill.com is not. Service Manager came back briefly but went again shortly afterward. The forum is working if you can read this! Chris
  6. Admin user lost license

    Brilliant. Thank you very much. I appreciate the speedy turn-around. Chris
  7. Admin user lost license

    Hi Trevor, Yes, I can confirm that the user we are talking about is the one known as 'admin' or 'System Administrator' Thank you very much! Chris
  8. Admin user lost license

    Hi All, Something a bit silly has happened! The admin user in our instance, which was a full user (Type = User) got set to Basic to try and free up some licenses in our system. That didn't work but now the admin user cannot be set back to a full user because of the license issue. This is having the effect of breaking our LDAP user import. Can someone from Hornbill set it back to the full user type? Thanks in advance (and very sorry!) Chris
  9. Request Searching

    Thanks Martyn, I've got that setting enabled. I think the ones appearing in my search are because of my admin status but the ones appearing for my colleagues when searching for a request to link seems to be something different. I've got a screenshot to illustrate now. In the attached, the second, third, fifth and sixth onwards incidents are all under the "Estate Service". The person logged in is not in a team supporting the "Estate service" and so should really not be seeing these. I just had somebody else in a different team, but also not in a team supporting the "Estate Service" search for one of these in the linked requests action and it came up for them to link. In the global search, it came up but he couldn't click on it. I'd like to not see it at all. Chris
  10. Supporting teams

    Thanks Victor. Just to clarify, when it is possible to disable assignment for all members of a team, that team won't be visible in the assignment list on a request? Thanks Chris
  11. Supporting teams

    Hi Victor, It won't let me disable all the users in a team. It says: "You are not allowed to exclude all members from assignment" Chris
  12. Supporting teams

    Hi Victor, Thanks for the quick reply. That's on individuals though. Is it possible to do the same for teams? I just realised I didn't attach the screenshot in my original post. Have now added. Basically, the members of the teams I mentioned above need to be able to see requests to review them for things like changes etc. but I want to eliminate the possibility of a request being assigned to that team in error. If all members of a team have "enable assignment" disabled. will that remove them from the list in the action item? Chris
  13. Supporting teams

    Hi, I have a question regarding supporting teams. I suspect this isn't possible in the system currently but I would like to suggest it. If it is possible in a way that I haven't figured out I'd be very keen to know about it! We have several IT services and each of them have their own supporting teams. However, IT Management is a team that, in our organisation, should never have any requests assigned to it. Therefore, I hadn't added them as a supporting team on any service. As a result, IT Management members who weren't in any other team could not see much. I would like to add the IT Management team (or its members individually somehow) to be able to view the services as if they were a supporting team BUT have it so they do NOT show up in the list of teams requests for that service can be assigned to. Does that make sense? Essentially I'd like to be able to turn off "assign requests" to supporting teams. In the attachment, I'd like IT MAnagement and IT Business Support to not appear in the assign action on a request. Thanks Chris
  14. Request Searching

    Hi, Are there any plans to improve the search facility in Service Manager? We migrated from Supportworks to Service Manager this past weekend and I am already getting frustrated with the global search facility at the top to find requests. The search in Supportworks was far from perfect but it gave me far more options to narrow down my search/filter and it also allowed me to do some sorting on the results. This ability to sort the results doesn't seem to be available in Service Manager. By default, it seems to be sort by type and then by reference but I might want to just do by reference or by customer or owner etc. I also can't see anything like log or resolve date to limit results or a summary or description field to target my search a bit more. As such a search for a keyword like 'portal' returns 14000+ results I would quite like to configure the results view to limit/expand the info shown too. I am also seeing results for Services that I don't support which inflates the results. Is that because I am an admin? It has been mentioned to me that when linking requests the search facility there included results from services not supported by the analyst doing the search, and they did not have any admin rights. Is there a setting I can change for this? Thanks Chris
  15. Reports - Can you schedule?

    Hi, Can I register my interest in a report scheduler feature too? We have several scheduled currently in Supportworks and when we go live with Hornbill these will still be required so will become a manual task. Thanks Chris