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  1. @Martyn Houghton Where would I find this, I'm I being stupid? As soon as I click the option it brings the save as option with and open option lie I would expect. Thank you for the reply
  2. Can you please advise how I can set hornbill to open documents directly. Currently I am having to save every document locally before I can open these.
  3. @ArmandoDM I have now completed the update and can confirm this is now all working.
  4. Will do over the weekend. I am back in office Wednesday.
  5. @ArmandoDM thank you for the reply. we are currently running build: 914. I have cleared the cache on my browser (Google Chrome) but no difference, can try updating later out of hours. Just to advise this is happening at both sites on the system.
  6. Good Morning, We have an issue at the moment where attachment are not appearing to customers in the portal on their calls(see Attachment Error). The log shows that an attachment has been added however the Header for attachments is missing. If you add an attachment however as the customer all become available again (See Attachment Error 2). Please see the below call as an example, this has been working fine until reported yesterday (May not have been working longer), no changes have been to permission. Any advice appreciated
  7. Is it possible to add an ‘Updated By’ column so it’s easy to tell when the user or someone other than myself added something to a call?
  8. Please feel free to delete we think we have found the issue, Sorry.
  9. It appears that our Service Manager system seem to think that it is 21-02-2020 16:10. Everything has changed to this date. all calls raised are defaulting to this date and all system defaults show this. Please can you advise what has happen?
  10. Steve, Cheers, that has given the information I was after but not quite how I was looking for it to be displayed but that should be fine. Can you advise how I could possibly set a Widget to show calls just raised today? This is what I have but I want to limit to just each day dynamically so it reset each morning. The widget does not seem to do what I want as it only updates over night, so it's always a day behind.
  11. I would like to try and create a measure that reports the calls raised on a specific day of the week. For example any call raised on a Monday. I can create the measure for a date but don't see the filter option if possible for the day of the week.
  12. Sorry to jump on an old post but it would appear we are having this very same issue, we used the clean down tool V1_0_3. All our current calls are now displaying past question and we had about 350 calls before we cleared down. Can you please help.