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  1. Thank you both for your replies, I think I will try the approach that @Gerry has suggested, do you know if this will show who completed the task? We are using the complete on someone else behalf the issue is the request to do this keeps coming to the same few people and trying to reduce single point dependencies.
  2. Good Morning, This is point we have raised before and I was wondering if there was any potential development on the feature. This is the ability for the system to be able to automatically reassign tasks associated to a call to the new assign user. Currently all users are having to manually reassign each task, if they then forget, we are having to chase them up or log in as the admin account to reassign. Can you provide any updates. Thank you Colin
  3. I have had a user identify a couple of calls that do not appear to be coming off hold when requested. The image attached should have had the call come off hold on: 05/05/17 - 17:24, you can see however on the 09/05/17 the call appear to still be held with the option to resume.
  4. The asset management system is something that we are now gathering information together to look at importing our current inventory. It would be usseful if I could change the default drop downs, for instance 'Operational State' I would like to amend the current values to established terms within the business from our current inventory. I have looked in the admin console but can see where I can do this is possible? Is it also possible to have a default automatic option to also show who created the asset record and the last amendment. I can see it does show the date of creation and amendment but the user would be nice also.
  5. @Victor We are having the same issue since completing the update this morning
  6. @Victor Thank you very much for the feedback on this.
  7. One of our users have attempted to use the feedback function and received the attached error. Im not sure why the feedback event already exists?
  8. @Martyn Houghton Where would I find this, I'm I being stupid? As soon as I click the option it brings the save as option with and open option lie I would expect. Thank you for the reply
  9. Can you please advise how I can set hornbill to open documents directly. Currently I am having to save every document locally before I can open these.
  10. @ArmandoDM I have now completed the update and can confirm this is now all working.
  11. Will do over the weekend. I am back in office Wednesday.
  12. @ArmandoDM thank you for the reply. we are currently running build: 914. I have cleared the cache on my browser (Google Chrome) but no difference, can try updating later out of hours. Just to advise this is happening at both sites on the system.
  13. Good Morning, We have an issue at the moment where attachment are not appearing to customers in the portal on their calls(see Attachment Error). The log shows that an attachment has been added however the Header for attachments is missing. If you add an attachment however as the customer all become available again (See Attachment Error 2). Please see the below call as an example, this has been working fine until reported yesterday (May not have been working longer), no changes have been to permission. Any advice appreciated
  14. Is it possible to add an ‘Updated By’ column so it’s easy to tell when the user or someone other than myself added something to a call?
  15. Please feel free to delete we think we have found the issue, Sorry.