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  1. Integrating with Xerox

    Happy to help. As mentioned you may want to set up an out of office / auto reply rule which sits in front of the update rule so that out of office replies aren't added to the calls automatically.
  2. Integrating with Xerox

    Yes so the regex check is broken down as: In the subject line ignore any number of any characters in front of a group set out like this, upper or lower case characters a-z (2 of) followed by any number 0-9 (8 of), there can also be any number of any characters behind. So no matter where in the subject line it is, as long as the format is correct it will find the reference number and if the reference number is attached to an open call (or closed if you have set it up that way) it will add the update. Obviously if you have custom reference numbers you will need to change the regex check accordingly (so if you use INC00000001 rather than IN00000001 just change the {2} to {3} for example)
  3. Integrating with Xerox

    @yelyah.nodrog in our instance we have our update call email rule set as per the attached. This will obviously only work if Xerox reply to the original email sent by yourselves or if they include your reference number in the subject line. It doesn't matter where the reference number is in the subject line as long as it is there. Service Manager will then attach the email to the call with the matching reference number. This will work for ALL email replies that contain the reference so you may want to setup an out of office rule to run before the update rule to filter out automatic reply emails (as per the second attachment) Hope that helps Dan
  4. Service Manager Change Log

    Yeah we are in a place where we don't apply the patches until they have been approved by Service Desk team leader and with no release notes that kind of difficult. Ill keep checking back. Thanks Dan
  5. Service Manager Change Log

    Hi all, Can someone add the change log to the announcement sub forum under service manager? The last two updates are blank and the build number in the admin app is 3 builds out of date. Thanks Dan
  6. Email Routing Rules - Ordering

    Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for the update. I did notice it the other day. Makes life so much easier. Sometimes its the little things Dan
  7. BPM Failure

    Ok I have re raised the effected changes (lucky for me only 3) Now however I am getting a weird issue with logging a request via the raise new drop down where it doesn't show the service list. I have added the 'select service' node in the PC (which even though was missing still showed the service list when selecting a change this way) but now it shows all services. The same node under Incidents shows a lot less services (both attached) Any idea why the sudden change (I must have raised 30 plus changes and been able to select the service and have not changed the PC until today after if stopped working) and why they both show different lists? The settings app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newChange and app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.change are set and have not been changed either. Thanks
  8. BPM Failure

    @Ehsan Manually setting the sub status is fine, however will the BPM fail completely or will it fail, we set the sub status correctly and restart and it will carry on? Just wondering if I need to recreate the 8 or so changes in the list at the moment.
  9. BPM Failure

    @Victor and @Ehsan Ok so I have change all sub status changes to include the main status as well. The question I have now is will the calls raised with the setting being incorrect still fail as they were logged on a failed BPM or will they carry on and use the new one from where ever they in the process? Thanks Dan
  10. BPM Failure

    @Victor I have set the sub statuses up against the change process (they show up in the list should you do them manually). I couldn't set them in the global list against change as they didn't show up at all. Both app.email.allowRequestSubStatusUpdates and app.email.routing.rules.allowRequestSubStatusUpdates settings are set to on. All sub statuses are set to published. Any help would be appreceiated as I am on annual leave for the next week and we have a CAB on Tuesday...
  11. BPM Failure

    Hi @Ehsan After installation of the new update the change process described above still fails with the attached errors
  12. BPM Failure

    Hi all, i have added an Info only change to our change process and it always fails when setting the sub-status but I cant see why. Upon looking into the log I also noticed some other worrying errors (attached) Any ideas?
  13. Hi all, Is there any chance of making the email routing rules page drag and drop or allow us to edit the rule numbers manually (maybe an insert before rule number X). As it stands the page refreshes every time you change the order of rules with the arrows which makes moving a newly created rule from the bottom to the top a slow and painful process. I have just created a rule to deal with OOO replies which needs to be above our Auto Update ticket rule which is rule 1. We only have 30 rules but it was hard going and with more teams taking up Service Manager the routing rules are only going to get bigger and the rule order more important. Thanks Dan
  14. Hiding Labels from Questions Tab

    Hi @James Ainsworth Perfect thank you. Thanks for the rapid resolution to this. Makes my PC forms and questions section so much neater. Dan
  15. Hiding Labels from Questions Tab

    Just a thought on how to toggle visibility on the questions section. Could we not have the option to show in the questions section set when you are creating the label (in the attached image) so that they are individual rather than all hidden or none. I can see where people may want to use some as section breaks (which may be of use to the analysts) and use others as we do as descriptions (which they may want to hide)