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  1. Hi all, One of our Dev teams would like a new ticket to be generated off the back of our new starter process. In short, if a user selects one of the applications they manage they would like a new ticket to be created with the users info and requirements as they have a different SLA and processes to the Service Desk. I have the BPM create a new ticket and assign it to the correct team but all the ticket info I tried to copy over is 'undefined'. I am assuming that this is due to the way I have done it as I added the relevant info to the Custom Field A - F in the parent ticket and believe that the new ticket is looking at its own custom fields which are obviously blank. The Dev teams do not support our Staff changes service and so cant see the linked ticket (and I am keen to keep this) so does anyone know how I can achieve this? Thanks Dan
  2. @Steven Boardman good stuff. There are a couple of things I am looking forward to implementing into our instance from this update. Cant come soon enough
  3. @Darren Rose looking at the Coming Soon tab on the Hornbill customer portal this is already in the pipeline under CH00143272 Sadly there is no timescale mentioned though. Hopefully a Hornbill dev can provide a more useful update?
  4. Hi all, I have been given an issue by a member of one of our Dev teams to solve which is turning out to be a bit more complex than I first thought. When we have a new starter request, if a user selects one or more 'Dev Team' applications logons to be created, they want a task to be generated and assigned to the team which gives them all the relevant info to enable them to create an account. At the moment the Service Desk pass the ticket to them and then they pass it back once the accounts have been created. I added a decision node into the BPM which, if the user has selected one or more of the 4 types, would create a task and assign it to Dev. So far so good. I then tried adding request question info from the 4 PC forms to the notes of the task but it will only see the last 'Get Request Questions' node. To try and explain it better (or make it worse) I have attached a diagram. In the attached, assume applications A,C,E are all Dev Apps. Ideally I want the task to be generated as per the attached diagram. I have also attached the view of the PC I am working with. If anyone can help achieve this or show me a better / easier way it would be greatly appreciated Thanks Dan
  5. Hi @Victor Yes, the scenario you describe is exactly the issue was need to overcome. Tasks are assigned to teams and member of other teams need to close them.
  6. Hi @Victor That setting is set to Yes for all team members. It is only set to No for the Departments which is not used for the Service Manager teams.
  7. Thanks @lee mcdermott I will have a play around and see what I can do. Do all members of teams with that role receive notifications as that could be a bit of a pain? Thanks also @David Hall. I would suggest that the wording of the Wiki page linked above is changed to reflect that it will only work if assigned to a user as at the moment he page is a little misleading.
  8. Hi @Steven Boardman and @David Hall The setting mentioned above is set correctly and members of the IT Service Desk Team can close tasks assigned to other team members. The issue is that our IT Dev Teams are unable to close tasks assigned to IT Service Desk on a service that they both support. They all have the roles 'Advanced Request Task Completer' along with 'Incident Management Full Access'' and 'Service Request Full Access' so I don't know why they can't close the tasks. The tasks are assigned to the IT Service Desk team rather than a role or user but I didnt think that would make a difference. Thanks Dan
  9. @lee mcdermott sorry I couldn't help more. We don't currently use the customer portal but having had issues with BPMs working in the application but not in the portal for no reason I can see until someone points it out to me I feel your pain. Hope you get it sorted out.
  10. @lee mcdermott Ok so it is failing during the Update Request Priority node in your BPM. It may be that you have it set to update the priority based on something the portal users are unable to set / use / do. Without seeing the BPM I cant really help much more than that. The error logs in your instance should provide better info.
  11. @lee mcdermott Do you have a screen shot of the services screen where the catalog services are configured. You should have something set under Workflow. You may also need to check your settings and add default BPMs under app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.incident and app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.service this will at least set a default BPM should one not be selected for any reason. As far as what to do now, you can multi select all calls raised under the same catalog item and block assign them to the relevant team. Hope that helps a little at least.
  12. Hi all, I have had an issue reported to me where analysts are unable to close tasks assigned to other teams, even though both teams support the service. I thought that adding the role 'Advanced Request Task Completer' along with 'Incident Management Full Access'' and 'Service Request Full Access' would allow anyone with those roles to close any task assigned to any team as long as both teams supported the service. I vaguely remember there being a thread about it but my brain has decided to have the day off and I cant find it. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Dan
  13. @Victor Will do
  14. +1 to this