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  1. I confirm! The best way to do this is to create a specific BPM and set it to the catalog item you need it for.
  2. Hi, Just a silly question but it is possible in the near future to have the ability to paste images (screenshots) in emails when using the tab from a request? I do appreciate you can attach files, but it simply does not have the same effect on both users and analysts... And consequently our analysts are not following best practices and contact users directly with their personal outlook accounts! Any feedback would be appreciated as I need to answer to my boss on this one.
  3. Not possible... You can use the Service description field (with Wiki Markup) to give more information but that would involve users to click on the "+ More" button to see it. Other than that there is no way to use the white space as you wish.
  4. If you need to group your FAQs, maybe you should consider splitting your Service? I mean, I understand what you are saying but as FAQs are directly linked to a service, you could split your service into smaller ones? For the FAQ ordering, I personally use the number of views to sort them at the beginning and then leave the users to decide of the order. Indeed, the more people read a FAQ, the more relevant it is to them and therefore should be at the top of the list.
  5. release

    Thanks @Steven Boardman for this feedback. Sounds great and I am looking forward to it
  6. AH!!!! Well spotted @DeadMeatGF I tried changing the setting "Automatic scalling" but I still get the same render.
  7. release

    To Hornbill staff, I was browsing through some of your online content and came across something I would be very much interested in for my organisation: CH00145677As a Release Manager I would like to have a Release Request form Could you tell us a bit more about this? I am about to kick off a development for a Release and Deployment platform, but this change could be a game changer... So any info at this stage would be incredibly valuable (and potentially save me a lot of time and effort). Thanks in advance!
  8. @NeilWJ it works like a charm! Awesome small change that makes a big difference on a daily basis THANK YOU!!
  9. Hi, I have a very strange rendering on my widget charts when I use the "stack" option but not the % one: As you can see the proportions are all messed up. If I use the % option, it looks much better (but this is not what I want!) Anyone else has the same issue?
  10. No worries @yelyah.nodrog, I learnt that lesson the hard way as I had to reconfigure 116 services manually!
  11. @Martyn Houghton yep looks like it indeed. Looking at your network trace (it's great you thought of it as it helps go faster when troubleshooting - Note to all other users reading this post!) I can see why it would fail. It is trying to call the API (POST methods) via a relative URL but because you did not define the reverse proxy, the request gets lost. Therefore, I think you will need to set it up. The "funny" thing is that not all calls are based on relative paths, but thinking about it I was always doing similar analysis on the service desk application not the customer portal. I am really interested in this case study Let me know how it goes as I might be tempted to give it a try too (if I get authorized by my boss of course)
  12. @Martyn Houghton I am not an expert and did not try this reverse proxy option but with all the network issues we had at the beginning of using Hornbill, I am fairly sure you do not need to sort out the backend API too... As long as you can still access the standard Hornbill API site with the reverse proxy setup only on the main customer URL you should be OK. That being said, I would also be interested in having a formal answer from Hornbill on that one!
  13. If you know SQL @Martyn Houghton you can do that quicker using this statement: SELECT h_id, h_service_id, h_catalog_title, h_order FROM h_itsm_service_catalog you can rework the h_order column and then do a quick SQL update. I did it when we went live as I was unhappy with the sorting but could not be bothered to manually rearrange the 460+ catalog items we have!
  14. @yelyah.nodrog the form customization should be done at service level if you want it to be available on any requests (within that service).
  15. @Martyn Houghton you can change the order of catalog items by "drag n drop" Is that not working for you? It is on our instance.