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  1. Request List Refresh Rate

    Sorry to jump into this discussion, but I have some users complaining that the refresh rate setting applies to request screen, and reloads the entire screen, causing them to loose the text they were typing for an update or an email. Is that normal?
  2. Catalog Item Display Order - in Portal and Services

    @Terje Mognes, It is the same thing between Incidents and Service Requests: both have a h_order column. As for Change, they simply do not appear on customer portals... But they still have the h_order column too. So you can also arrange CIs as you wish. Hope this helps
  3. Internet Explorer Issues

    @Gerry, @Victor, @Daniel Dekel, Have some news on this topic. Turns out our change of Proxy solution was indeed related to the issue, but not in the way we would think... So after calling Microsoft for some help, turns out IE (unlike other browsers, surprise?!) uses a system setting to check certificates (CRLs) where as Chrome, for instance, has its own "engine" to perform the check. Our new proxy solution had missing CRLs in the settings so was blocking some addresses. But even after sorting this out, we still had the issue. Thanks to a Microsoft engineer, we discovered that the old proxy setting was still saved in a well hidden registry key that IE was using to check CRLs (depsite having the new proxy setup properly in IE! ) To find out if the settings on the machine are correct, just run the following command: "netsh winhttp show proxy" (with admin rights). So to resolve the problem, a simple command "netsh winhttp reset proxy" did the trick by resetting the proxy on the computers with the correct new values. And it just started working again FYI: I later discovered that we actually had the same problem with many other sites: BBC, LinkedIn, payroll systems, etc... But as I mentioned previously, despite working in IT Support, my colleagues are terrible at providing me with good info (worse than end users themselves ) I love IE! Can't wait for the day we move to a better browser! Although I am sure this day will never come for us Hope this post is clear enough and might help users in the future should they come across something similar!
  4. New feedback status "Rejected" ??

    Thanks @Steven Boardman! It does make sense, and I am glad I have nothing to change in our metrics
  5. New feedback status "Rejected" ??

    Actually, not new... But still, what does it mean?
  6. Hi, Did I miss something or is there a new status for feedback? I now have "rejected" which I never saw before... What does it mean? Thanks!
  7. Feedback on closing request

    Thanks @Victor, @riz, Updated our instance and it looks all good again now
  8. Feedback on closing request

    Great! Thanks @Ehsan! I thought it was a bit strange...
  9. Hi, Has something changed with the feedback feature when a customer closes a request? Before, the feedback form would automatically be prompted, now the user has to click on the button? Thanks for the clarification!
  10. Nevermind, found what I needed. Just call apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests::smGetReqDetails first and you'll get an access token
  11. Good morning, I am doing some research for my boss. He asked to investigate if we could get the activity stream of a request via API (to integrate with some of our internal systems) so I had a look at the API documentation and as expected, you have a method for that: https://api.hornbill.com/docs/activity/?op=activityStreamQuery Only problem I seem to have is getting "access"... When I call this method with my API key, the only output I get is this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><methodCallResult status="ok"><params><visibility>public</visibility></params></methodCallResult> From what I understand, I am missing the input parameter "AccessToken" But I have no idea how to get that... Anybody has an idea on how to call this method and get some data back?
  12. @Bob Dickinson Sorry for the confusion (I must be tired). I followed your post but at first I could not get the role to properly appear in the drop down list... Turns out I was just not patient. In fact, the assignment role I created does appear in the drop down box but it takes A LOT OF TIME to appear, which is why I thought there was a bug in the screen. It was just lag. Just to be clear: you cannot use "Dashboard Viewer" system role to setup access to a dashboard. I hope I am more clear now. Anyway, thanks for the clarification around the role type! That was the key I was looking for
  13. Actually @Bob Dickinson I know what was throwing me off! The fact that the drop down never refreshes when you try to select a role! Turns out I already assigned all my analysts to the default role "Dashboard Viewer" So just typing the ID of the role and saving works. But I think the UI is bugged there
  14. Thanks @Bob Dickinson I'll give it a try and post my feedback here
  15. @Victor same as @Dan Munns + I also have issues with tasks assigned to an individual user