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  1. @Adam Haylock, @James Ainsworth, we also noticed that recently. Just to add to the discussion, we noticed something even more "strange": when researching the requests (using the main search field at the top of the screen), you get a list of requests matching your criteria. Depending on where you click, the behavior is different: - Request ID => Opens a new tab / window - Summary => Opens in the current tab / window
  2. Actually found the right information on Github! I was being silly but basically all we need to know is here: Here is the format to use for the API Scheduler; Quite different to what I was following, which explains my troubleshooting issues. It also explains the leading "0" @Dan Munns as it corresponds to seconds. I hope this post will be useful to other adventurous Hornbill users
  3. @Dan Munns thanks again for your input It worked like a charm last night. That being said, if someone from Hornbill is reading this post, I think they might want to clarify which cron schedule format should be used on the description page of the API scheduler on git hub...
  4. Thanks @Victor & @Daniel Dekel for the feedback. Any ETA on a fix? Just so that I can communicate internally and stop the incoming of messages?
  5. Thanks @Dan Munns for your reply. So if I wanted something to run every day at midnight I should enter something like "0 0 0 * * 1-5" then? Will give it a try tonight and see tomorrow then.
  6. Correction: I can edit the task but just need to be patient... To be honest we are experiencing SSO issues on our infrastructure (as well as network lags). Could it be related?
  7. Also, when I raise one myself and assign it to any team, it gets assigned to me. BUT on top of that I cannot edit it anymore, despite being a super admin??!
  8. Hi all, Since this morning, I receive reports from analysts saying that when they raise a new activity and assign it to a team and hit "save", the task gets created but assigned to them. Anybody else having a similar issue? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I have a bit of a random question... I noticed we can run a report using the API (which is great! ). The output is a run ID. Reusing this run ID, is there a way to download directly into CSV the report programmatically? For example:<instance>/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/reporting/<Report ID>/reports/<Report ID>_<Run ID>.csv? That would be super useful in terms of integration...
  10. Still struggling a bit on this topic with the scheduling... When I use the cron schedule "* * * * * *" it works perfectly. But when I try "0 0 1-31 * * *" it does not. Same with "0,15,30,45 1-23 * * * *" I am using this as a guidance : Can somebody help me? What am I doing wrong?
  11. Figured it out! Many mistakes... I inverted Service and API (not a good start) and my report was in dev status. Also, I forgot to remove the report parameters (as I did not configure them in the config file). All working fine now And as for my question about a screen in the admin section, forget it as I simply did not quite understand how the tool was working
  12. Hi guys, Just tried the API scheduler today and I am facing some issues so I was trying to troubleshoot... Here is my config file: conf.json Is there a screen in the admin section where we can see all the custom scheduled API calls? Thanks, Lyonel
  13. Hi, Sorry if the question has already been asked, just could not really find anything in the forum. Would it be possible to "group" analytics objects via a category (filter by drop down list)? At the moment, I have 170 measures setup (95% used, rest is under dev), 119 widgets, 30 reports, etc. The tool is great for that except when it comes to organizing content... I use a naming convention BUT it is still not quite good enough. What would make things a lot easier is to have a field "Category" on which we can filter, as we have for BPMs or PCs. Thanks for your feedback!
  14. Not as nice as I would have liked, but it certainly does the job Thanks @Bob Dickinson for the idea!
  15. @Bob Dickinson that is not a bad idea! I will give it a try and let you know. But surely I am not the only one with this issue, am I?