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  1. LDAP upload with proxy

    Hi @Everton1878, I don't know how your network is setup, but if it is anything like ours specifying the HTTP proxy will not help. Indeed, in our case, we had to white list the Hornbill URLs / IPs from our proxy to ensure the LDAP import would work. This includes both the eurapi.hornbill.com as well as hornbill github (!). Might want to have a word with your network specialist or provider. Hope this helps. Lyonel
  2. Dashboard reports against teams

    Hi @JBasey, You have multiple options: 1. Create a measure and work on the conditions to filter on you specific teams, then add "Request Type" in the additional fields. Then create a widget based on that measure "grouped by" request type 2. Create a widget of type "List of Counters" and create 2 entries (Service Request / Incidents) and then work on the where clause to filter on the teams Hope this helps.
  3. + 1 for versioning comments ! Any chance the same "versioning" feature can be applied to Progressive Captures too? And across all applications?
  4. That's something I picked up a long time ago with @Bob Dickinson... It is the same with feedback forms too. In both cases, we only store the text, not the value. This particular coding is a real issue when you start considering translations too as the values stored in the database will be the translated text of the answer ! As for reporting (on feedback for instance), it makes it almost impossible to do any form of calculation within Hornbill which is a great shame
  5. thanks @Gerry and @Martyn Houghton !
  6. Admin user lost license

    Good idea @TrevorKillick !
  7. embedded images when raising a call

    +1 for the bump and the feature !
  8. Customer Feedback Reporting

    @SJEaton here is a few examples of what we use here. All 4 examples below serve a different purpose, but they are all focused on customer feedback. Management Dashboard / KPIs: Live screen of "this month performance" "End of month report" dashboard "End of month meeting" dashboard It is a mixture of widgets based on measures, others are retrieving data directly from the database. I hope this helps you a little bit... Lyonel
  9. Hi guys, I am trying very hard to get all my colleagues to use a lot more the collaboration features that come with Hornbill. But it seems to be an impossible task Would you have some tips or practices that worked for you and your organisation ? At this stage, any help and guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks, Lyonel
  10. Create a Poll in a Workspace

    Same here. Actually I posted the same request a long time ago now:
  11. Email content - Rich text?

    Bump @Bob Dickinson as discussed recently, this topic has become a key pain point for most of us here...