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  1. Thanks @James Ainsworth for the answer
  2. Hi, This might sound like a stupid idea or maybe I simply missed something but is it possible to submit a poll as part of a question / post on a workspace or personal buzz? That would be a great way for me (as an admin) to collect information and feedback from my colleagues about Hornbill as well as any other topics? It would also encourage people to use Workspaces a bit more... Let me know what you think
  3. @Gerry really looking forward to it!
  4. Any thoughts on this ? I get more and more people asking for this...
  5. @David Calder stupid question but which browser are you using? I have noticed a big difference between Chrome / Firefox and IE when it comes to UI auto refresh... And as you can imagine IE is not the best browser
  6. check your settings: mail.client.defaultFont It is maybe the reason of the change in font?
  7. @lee mcdermott I am not an expert at all with this ( @TrevorKillick usually is the master in my personal experience) but I was reviewing the source code of the utility ( and here is the piece of code failing: If my understanding is correct, something went wrong when executing the SQL statement to count the number of records. This is done via the API method "sqlQuery" under data: Which makes me wonder: did you change the rights of the admin account? Last time I had a similar message was because I removed a role from the admin account by mistake.
  8. Slightly off topic (maybe) but could this not be managed by the setting app.request.storedFilters?
  9. Please not that I have already created a thread with regards to accessing the dashboards and reports directly from the Service Manager App:
  10. @Bob320, @DougA, I might be wrong but I think you can run dashboards and slideshows with the role "Dashboard viewer". I our current setup, we are using an AD system account with the following roles: Dashboard Viewer Report User Then, I made sure this particular account has rights on every dashboards to be displayed on our TV monitors. And it works like a charm Basically, you do not need a full admin account to run dashboards. Anybody with a Service Manager license and the role "Dashboard Viewer" can view dashboards and slideshows (unless I am wrong and a simple Collaboration license + "Dashboard viewer" role is enough). As for the direct link to slideshows, you can use the autoplay feature: Note the "/play/" at the end? This will automatically start the presentation of the slideshow All you have to do is setup the PC displayed on the TV monitor to your slideshow in "autoplay" as the default web browser page and off you go!
  11. @Steven Boardman that was very quick ! Looking forward to this new build. Thank you !!!
  12. translation

    @James Ainsworth yes I know it works like you described it, but this is exactly the problem we face due to people not configuring their language properly... And here you guessed right: the field is not populated nor maintained in the AD. So basically, your recommendation is for me to manually update the profiles of each user. Question: if I update a profile from English to German, the posts language from english to german (for that user) and then go back to a request logged by that user with some german text, will I then get the "translate" button? Or is the language saved outside the database accessible tables?
  13. translation

    Hi @James Ainsworth the screenshot was from Google and only used for the "Language" field. I am very well aware of the translation mechanism for the UI etc.. Sorry if this image was confusing
  14. translation

    I forgot: I would love to know how you guys manage this situation if like me you have users from all over the world!