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  1. @Steven Boardman This is how I set it up now and instructed every agent to work. The problem is that not everyone is responding to the response email properly and on a timely manner. But this is more of an internal challenge. @DeadMeatGF Will try this as well. Hopefully the portal will be used more.
  2. @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman Thanks for this, this helps a lot. Tested and it works perfectly. The only issue I have is that not all of our customers are using the portal as I wish and are mainly using email to reply. Is it possible to check before the response expires if an update has been sent via email, if so reset the timer. Mark
  3. @Victor Thanks, will adjust the flow in this way.
  4. @Victor Thanks for the reply. This is only to avoid that someone needs to close the request after the check. This avoids an unnecessary action (closing the request) and improves workflow.
  5. Hi, We have a BPM where all the work is done by the request owner, these changes are then checked by a colleague. After the activity is finished the request is closed by BPM. When checking the report the request is then resolved by the colleague that had checked the request. This should not happen as the only thing that was done is check if settings are set correctly. This gives a wrong output in closed requests. Any thoughts how to resolve this? These requests should be closed on the name of the request owner. I've tried adding get SRO before closing task but this does not change the closing agent to the owner. Here's a screen of the BPM. Regards, Mark
  6. @Chaz Thank you for the update. When will this update be applied?
  7. Hi @Ehsan We're not getting this anymore. Mark
  8. @Victor Here is another example I just got when creating a new request.
  9. @Victor Changed this in the progressive capture and the attachments are now shown. Do I need to change this for all starting captures?
  10. @Victor It is SR00003867. This is the email. These are the detail in the request.
  11. +1, been waiting for this addition for a long time
  12. Hi, We are currently in a dispute with one of our customers because we did not solve one of the mentioned problems they send us. It seems that a part of the email from our customer was not entered into the request. The ending of the sentence was also kind of unfortunate that it did not show that there was supped to be more text. Is there a limitation to the amount of text that can be entered in the description screen. If so, is there a way to notify that a part of the text has not been copied? So we can check the mail for the complete text. Regards, Mark
  13. Hi, Is it possible to make the checklist in a human task mandatory? Regards, Mark
  14. @Victor I've tried with 2 test requests: IN00006101, IN00006100 Mark
  15. @Victor Any updates on this issue? Mark