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  1. Error loading admin

    Hi @James Ainsworth I'm able to login again. Thanks for the help! Regards, Mark
  2. Error loading admin

    Hi, After I uninstalled the Live Chat I am unable to open the admin. I get the following error. Regards, Mark
  3. Mean Time between Major Incidents

    @chrisnutt Unfortunately it is not possible to measure the mean . You can only measure an average. Hope this is something that will change overtime. You could of course create a manual report and calculate the mean via Excel.
  4. Email in sent items

    @Martyn Houghton, Thanks for the help. Adjusted the setting and will monitor if this solved from flooding the sent mailbox. Would have thought so as well, these are correctly set in the profile settings. All other notifications are being sent correctly (eq. mail update ticket).
  5. Email in sent items

    Hi, Since a few weeks apparently every request that is set on an agent also a mail is sent that a member is added. This are unable to be sent out so our sent items mailbox is being flushed. Any ideas how to resolve this? Where is the mailaddress set for these messages? Regards, Mark
  6. Small Email window

    Hi, It seems like the Email window in a request has been changed. This screen is much smaller than we are used to. Is there a way to enlarge this window? Regards, Mark
  7. Reporting time spent

    @Chaz I'm able to create a report from the Timesheet Manager, but i'm unable to link these data to the request details like summary, date logged, date solved who solved the request etc. How can I create 1 report with both data from Timesheet Manager and Service Manager?
  8. Automatic closure applying once call is reopened

    We have this same issue. Here are some examples: IN00005870 SR00006087 IN00005993
  9. Reporting time spent

    Hi, Every month we create a report of all requests solved in the previous month. For now we were using Time Spent on tasks to evaluate the time spent and bill customers for billable hours. We are now making the transition to be using Timesheet Manager for this. Categories are created and the data is being filled. But I am unable to find a good way to have this data from Timesheet Manager in the request report I created. When looking at the database the table h_timesheet_values is shown. In the reports section of Service Manager I'm unable to select this table to input data. Also I cannot find a good key to link a request with the time spent. The only key I can find is the h_related_urn which displays data as follows: urn:sys:entity:com.hornbill.servicemanager:Requests:IN00000963 Is there a way to create a report per request with the time from Timesheet Manager? Regards, Mark
  10. Custom Expression AND / OR

    @Victor Had a fiddle with this as well and for me it is ok to select answers and based upon these questions a priority is set. However it would be useful when these questions could be asked in the progressive capture. So when a request is created the correct priority is set.
  11. Custom Expression AND / OR

    @Victor yay, that sounds a lot like a priority matrix. Did not know this was available.
  12. Notifications not working

    @Chaz I was able to find a few crucial translations and was able to correct these but as of today the problem is back. Could you please check and resolve this issue. I'm not looking forward to need to correct this problem every once in a while. Mark