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  1. @Victor is there a way of setting this to be the default setting so that the full email trail is available? So that the analyst doesn't have to click on the quotation marks each time. It is causing issues where if it hasn't been selected right at the start they are unable to see messages when clicking on the quotation marks later on. Thanks, Mel
  2. hi @trevorharris Thank you for looking into this for us. I will ask the team to check but I have not heard anything from them as of yet. Thanks, Mel
  3. Apologies if this has already been raised. Since this morning, all of our mobile application users have reported seeing a blank screen when they go to request list. When trying to refresh the request list, they are presented with a cannot connect to server error. We haven't made any changes and I can confirm it worked fine last night. I have installed the latest update in Service Manager and that has not resolved the problem. The mobile application is up to date. Thanks, M
  4. @Victor I did think that was the case - Thank you for the speedy clarification.
  5. Hello, I have been asked by my colleagues the following question: Can the option to apply a call closure category be set up on some services and not others? - with the question of closure category not appearing at all on those others?? Please let me know if you require any clarification on this, Regards, Melissa
  6. That's great thanks James, Melissa
  7. @Chaz thank you for the update
  8. I have raised a call as requested
  9. @Victor the only calls that have remained in the open state are calls that have breached. They are all from different services/catalog items/users etc. The only consistency is that they have all breached. Do you have an idea of what else it may be?
  10. @Hornbill Support Team are you able to advise on the latter comment? Regarding calls not closing after breach of SLA? Regards, M
  11. Oh yes thank you @Dan Munns
  12. Hello, When a call is closed, it appears that the task of automatically closing a call after 7 days still takes place. I.E If a call is resolved on the Wednesday, but is reopened on the Friday it still closes on the following Wednesday as if it had never been reopened. Is there a way of preventing this from happening and to restart that task once the call has been resolved for that second time for example? It also appears as though calls are not automatically closed if they have breached SLA. Is that correct? All of our calls that have breached response SLA, for example, and have been resolved are still in that resolved state 2 weeks on. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Melissa
  13. Hello, I am posting on here as advised by the support team. We require emails to be sent from Service Manager to a number of external addresses (addresses outside of our domain). Could I ask how this is best achieved? Have people set it up so that Service Manager is added to a relay, allowing all emails to be sent on to anyone from our mail server? I would be interested to hear how others achieve this. Many thanks, Melissa
  14. Hi James, Thank you for your reply. A few of our users have multiple extensions, so they will exceed the 20 character limit. Other ways of recording extension numbers would solve the problem for us. As for the users that have not been imported, I have been changing their numbers as and when they are identified by the service desk as missing. It has been difficult though, as there isn't anywhere to put that extra number. Thanks, Melissa
  15. Good afternoon, Is there a way of increasing the number of characters permitted in the telephone number field when importing accounts from AD? It appears some of our users haven't been imported as there has been more than the maximum characters in the telephone field. Some of our customers have more than one extension, which is causing the problem. Thanks, Melissa