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  1. Request - User Feedback

    Hi @Steven Boardman Thats fantastic news! Glad we could come up with a pragmatic and speedy approach. Regards Keith
  2. Request - User Feedback

    Hi @James Ainsworth I suspected that might be the case. I also fear that its not something most users will not need (especially if not working globally). Creating specific services won't work as we'd have to duplicate the entire service catalog for these users. Similarly an option on the Service to hide feedback wouldn't work because we need that site granularity. What would work is a global setting to hide user feedback from being shown to the analyst in the any request. This way we could still report on the feedback whilst not allowing analysts to see it in the request. Hope that clarifies. Regards Keith
  3. Request - User Feedback

    We would like to use the customer feedback rating option available. However the German works council will not allow this in Germany. They are not so much against German users entering a rating but are against analysts being able to see the individuals rating within requests themselves. As the rating functionality is at a catalog item level there is no way to control this by site/country etc. We'd like a way to exclude users of specific sites from having to provide feedback or alternatively exclude analysts from seeing the ratings for these users within a request.
  4. Unable to apply email to Request

    Hi @David Hall Thanks for your help. However the problem still persists. Could you have another look please. Regards Keith
  5. I suspect I know the answer here BUT... Is it possible to parse text from an incoming email for use in the creation of a request? We would like to set the customer based on information contained in the email summary. Process would be as follows: 1. Email received with something like "Leaving user 114356" in the subject. Where the number is their company employee number. 2. Find user in Hornbill by number provided. (this is stored in a custom field) 3. From this user record lookup their manager. 4. Set manager as the owner of the request being created. Any guidance much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I have a problem trying to assign incoming email to a request. I click the Apply to Request button and nothing happens.
  7. View error - Sub Status Characters

    Thanks @David Hall I'll let you know if we have any further issues with it.
  8. We have created a chart using sub status and receive an error when drilling into the chart where the sub status has a value of Not Set. See screenshot below.
  9. View error - Sub Status Characters

    @David Hall Thanks for investigating. The language I am logged in on is actually the same as that which the sub status' are maintained in (English - British). However my profile has a blank entry for language, so not sure if that could be causing the issue. Either way I look forward to the fix being worked on. Keith
  10. View error - Sub Status Characters

    @Martyn Houghton Yep, and was trying to test out the ability to have sub status in views.
  11. View error - Sub Status Characters

    Thanks for the quick response @David Hall
  12. When trying to create a view using sub status the sub status description is corrupt. See below.
  13. Service portal config

    @James Ainsworth Great news! This is something we get constant complaints about.
  14. All, I am posting this in the hope that it will be useful to some of you. However I must state up front that the process and documentation covered in this post is the work of a colleague of mine and I am not qualified to answer any technical questions you might have. You will need to take this information at face value, we are unable to offer any support or assistance in you replicating this in your systems. Sorry! Now...We had a real need for more dynamic reporting across large data sets that we really couldn't achieve directly in Hornbill. Reading on the wiki about Power BI integration we began to look at how we could extract data from Hornbill for use in Power BI. Our global infrastructure lead was tasked with investigating and I'm pleased to say was successful in finding a solution that suits us. He has documented as best he can what he has done to achieve this which you will find attached. Hornbill Data Extraction Method.docx Below you will find some examples of the Power BI reporting we are achieving with this. As we are storing the data externally in a SQL database we are able to go beyond the 25K record limit imposed within Hornbill.