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  1. @Pamela Thanks! A resolution to this would be a big help.
  2. As we are using Hornbill on a global scale across many depts etc we are finding that the number of measures, widgets and dashboards is unmanageable and prevents the retrieval of data needed to answer the questions that arise on a daily basis. What is really needed is... a. The ability to drill into report information to a lower level. i.e. A widget showing regional data should be able to be drilled into to show site information or service volums within that region etc. b. The ability to dynamically filter from within a dashboard or widget. Are any such features available today or planned for development? Thanks Keith
  3. I think this may have been raised before but we desperately need to include some of the custom fields in the request list view display. In particular we need two of these (h_custom_a & h_custom_b). Could you please consider this (or a more flexible way of including additional data into the request list. Thanks Keith
  4. @Chaz , I appreciate the changes you made recently. They are a great improvement.
  5. When a user creates a request with an attachment or adds an attachment via the portal the attachment is visible in an "attachments" section within the request. However if a user responds via email which includes an attachment this attachment is not included in the same "Attachments" section. Would it be possible for you to ensure that all attachments appear in the attachments section rather than having to go and view the mail directly to see it. Thanks Keith
  6. Thanks @Ehsan this is great news! This is one of the biggest complaints I get from my users.
  7. Thanks @Victor would appreciate if the dev team could come up with something.
  8. Hi Victor, As part of our process flow we create approval tasks for anyone of 6 people to complete, so 6 tasks get created with the timeline being updated in each case to advise the task was added. I just want to suppress this notification in the timeline. Because there are 6 it makes the timeline very noisy. Hope that helps. Keith
  9. @Steven Boardman Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it. Keith
  10. Hi Bob, Many thanks for your thorough explanation. I think it best for us to use the resolved date in combination with the status being either resolved or closed. Thanks for your help. Regards Keith
  11. @Steven Boardman Great!! Thanks for the info. Keith
  12. Hi Gerry, I'm referring to the Slideshow functionality in Hornbill reporting. I've created a slideshow which contains a number of Dashboards. I'd like to be able to give our management a url link to the slideshow (which I can already do) but I wondered if there was a way to make it play immediately. So that all they have to do is click on a bookmark in their browser and have the slideshow play. Keith
  13. Is there a way to auto play a link provided to a Slideshow? I'd like to provide our senior management with a link to the slideshow which they can run as required without having to hit "play" or similar.
  14. @Bob Dickinson could I ask a related question? What is the best way to identify resolved requests over time. I understand that there are timestamps for Date Resolved & Date Closed. If I report on Date Resolved isn't there a possibility that a portion of these were reopened? If I were to use the Date Closed instead, it could be that a portion of requests remained resolved but were not closed. What is the best practice here?
  15. @Bob Dickinson Thanks for confirming. Yes! Thats what I'm doing, its just a pain when you already have everything setup to have to start from scratch. Using "save as" seems to retain the unwanted date ranging entry.