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  1. Thanks Victor. Good to hear.
  2. ^ Not sure but I can tell you we are also "Cricitally" affected. We are unable to create requests or modify any requests in any way.
  3. Hi David, No that's not it. I have already heavily modified "AnalystEmailUpdateNotification" so for us it looks very different to the text you indicate. Ours looks similar to this "Dear {{.H_ownername}}, {{.H_requesttype}} {{.H_pk_reference}} which is assigned to you has been updated via email. Customer: {{.H_fk_user_name}} Summary: {{.H_summary}} Description: {{.H_description}} Priority: {{.H_fk_priorityname}}" Regards Keith
  4. This is something I would like to see introduced also, especially in relation to the dashboard view.
  5. There is at least one instance where an email is being sent by Hornbill Service Manager that is not configurable via a template. The information provided in this specific case is very limited and causes the analyst sometimes unnecessary work to go and look at the request to see what has been updated. The case in question is where an email is received by the owner of the request stating that it has been updated by email. The content of the mail says some very simple like "Request ********** which is assigned to you has been updated by email." Ideally I would like a template for all emails which are sent by the system. If this is not possible it should at least contain some more useful information such as: Customer name: Summary: Description: Priority: Could you please consider having this information added to the mail. Regards Keith
  6. @James Ainsworth Thanks! - Yes I appreciate it needs to be right when delivered. Thanks for the further info on the custom statuses.
  7. @Victor Undestood! Backside firmly covered
  8. @Gerry Sounds good! I've already pencilled the day in to my calendar and will do my very best to ensure I attend. With reference to your newer Q&A topic... It seems I'm unable to respond. However, in essence I am happy to trial a Youtube Live session and see how it goes ( in our continuous improvement processes we call this trystorming). The only real concern for me is the limitation on new features that you may be willing to discuss in public. Keith
  9. @Victor Great!! Sounds perfect. This will be another of the major moans from analysts taken care of
  10. @Victor It's good to hear that something is being done to address this problem. I think I understand your proposal but let me explain my current issue and you can tell me if this will be resolved by the proposed solution. Process: When we mark a request as resolved we automatically create an "Await Closure" activity with an expiry of 7 days. If the request is not closed by the customer during this period the activity will expire and close the request on expiry. Problem: If a customer reopens a request we have to ensure we reopen the "await Closure" activity otherwise the request will autoclose, causing the customer and the analyst frustration. Unfortunately this happens all too often due to the additional step of having to reopen the activity once the customer has reopened the call. Do you think your development would negate the need for the "Await closure" activity and avoid the possibility of inadvertent request closure? Thanks Keith
  11. I'd be interested to meet up (subject to date/place of course). Sounds like a great opportunity to get some incite into to future features and meet with other to share experiences/tips. I'd also welcome the use of remote webex type sessions which could be run say monthly with Hornbill demoing imminent features and taking on a Q&A. Of particular interest to me would be reporting. Now we have been using the system for some time we are monitoring and extracting data and honestly finding it a challenge.
  12. @James Ainsworth @Victor Thats a blow! I have a meeting next week regarding compliance due to an inability to search the timeline. This would have been great timing. Separate topic, but I understood that custom status's would also be in this update and they don;t seem to be there either. These were the two key features we are eager to get hold of.
  13. @James Ainsworth Sounds good! I look forward to trying this in the next release.
  14. @Steven Boardman That's great news! Really looking forward to this feature.
  15. @Steven Boardman Any news on the sub status functionality mentioned. We discussed this last august and understood it was on the 90 day roadmap. This is something we are desperately waiting for. Thanks Keith