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  1. Hi @David Hall Thanks for keeping me updated on developments. Look forward to this being rolled out. Keith
  2. @Steven Boardman and @James Ainsworth Thanks you both for a full and detailed explanation. That helps a lot and should solve one or two issues we've encountered with the way we are auto closing requests. Time to go play and see how I can put this to good use. Thanks again Regards Keith
  3. Hi Gerry, That’s fantastic!! Thanks so much for your help with this. As soon as we have something operational I'll be sure to provide feedback to you and the community. We fully appreciate your concerns and understand that this will be replaced in time with your forthcoming site integration tools. Keith
  4. Could someone provide more information on the new logic for two stage request closures with reopening. Couldn't find anything as yet in the wiki. Keith
  5. @James Ainsworth Thanks for the explanation. Good to hear it is at least being considered. FYI - We have this view displayed all the time on a large screen in the office but have to manually refresh periodically. Automating this would be a vast improvement. Thanks Keith
  6. @NadeemMazhar Just meaning that we are currently using Service Requests for developments (Changes) in SAP , Salesforce etc. If we were to move to using change requests instead we would have an overlap of some developments recorded as Service Requests and some as Change Requests. do you see any problems with this other than the obvious re-education and reporting? Regards Keith
  7. Hi @NadeemMazhar Thats good to hear. Wish that had been available when we went live. Can you foresee any issues in switching from using Service Requests to Change Requests mid stream as it were? Regards Keith
  8. Hi, Quick question regarding the new refresh rate on the request list. Does this also apply to the "My Dashboards" view? Thanks Keith
  9. I take your point too @DeadMeatGF . The Youtube link suggested by you @Gerry sounds like an easy and unintrusive way of implementing this. Keith
  10. Fantastic support @Trevor Killick I really appreciate your help. Regards Keith
  11. @Trevor Killick Yes that looks like exactly what we need Is this something that can be pushed out relatively quickly? We are in the process of trying to automate password resets for SAP and whilst we could generate the pssword on the SAP side I think this would give us greater flexibility and some advantages in terms of communication. Thanks for looking a this. Keith
  12. @Trevor Killick Yes, I'm referring to the one found under Utilities in iBridge. Regards Keith
  13. I'd like to use the password generator but our password requirements include the need for at least 1 capital letter and 1 special character (as well as being 8 characters long). Is there a way to achieve this? Keith
  14. A Scheduler app will be a very welcome addition to Hornbill. I'll watch for this development with interest. Keith
  15. @Gerry Good to hear this is possible at least. Two recent examples are "Lock and unlock actions" and "Authorizers on the fly" Keith