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  1. Good afternoon, Do we have an option where we can make customised questions from the progressive capture editable, like in the details section?
  2. HI @Victor This has been sent
  3. @Victor Absolutely, however how do i go about doing this? Do you require the definition file?
  4. Good Morning, Can you let me know if we have a way to alter a BPM that requires approval part way through to stop the requester approving said request if that makes sense? For Example; Jim raises a Change request, and it gets to the point of needing to be approved, now at present he is given 50% in approval in the BPM, but ideally i would like for him not to have the option to approve his own request, but still be an approver for a request that is not raised by himself. Please let me know if that does not make sense.
  5. Hi @Steven Boardman Appreciate you said you would post an update once this moved into the list of stories, but just wanted to chase as this is something my business are really keen to see.
  6. hi @James Ainsworth, Do you have any further updates on this request?
  7. @Victor as always, thank you for a prompt reply. I will update on point 2 to my business if we can get point one into the dev stream that would be great.
  8. Good afternoon, Apologies if the below are answered on another post but am unable to locate them. I have the below 2 questions from my business which i am struggling to answser; 1) If someone is tagged in a comment be it on a request or a post, they get a notification on the portal, however do we have a way to also ensure they are emailed to state they have been mentioned in a comment to ensure it is picked up promptly? 2) As per the below image, we have certain requests highlighted yellow, but i cannot figure out why as they are all in the closed state and nothing obvious stands out. All help appreciated.
  9. Good morning, In regards to notification, do we have an option whereby if someone is tagged in a request or post they will also receive an email notification?
  10. @Victor, Thank you very much I have updated these and all works well.
  11. Hi @Bob Dickinson Forgive my simple mind, but i am following your above process, but i cannot seem to get it to work, as it states i have nodes set up incorrectly and cannot work out the issue.
  12. Excellent, thank you both !!
  13. Good Afternoon, Where in the service manager portal do i go to create/view dashboards? Apologies if this is a simple tasks but unable to locate.
  14. Good morning, I have release a new area on the service portal to specific teams in my business for requests, one thing that has been noted is when raising a request you have a box on the right with "Form Prompt", and what looks like an edit button that does not do anything, can anyone confirm if that text can be edited and what the purpose of the yellow image is for?
  15. Good morning, I have been searching for an answer in regards to notifications for assigned activities, but have been unable to locate one hence the post. My question is, if any activity is assigned to multiple people but is completed by say 1 or two people can this clear down all notifications for that activity type? As an example, my current change process is that each change has to be approved to 100% before it can continue the process, this can be done by select people dependant on what level of % they can approve, so if two people with 50% approve this the change request continues, yet the notification for other who have the ability to approve still remains even though the task is completed. any and all hep appreciated.