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  1. Hi @Victor, Did you manage to take a look at the above?
  2. @Victor CH00000122
  3. Hi @Victor, A change request was raised by David Finn, he has has 60% approval assigned to him via the authorisation node, when the CR got to the point of approval, he still had an activity assigned to him for approval and he was able to progress the CR.
  4. @Victor I ahve tried this today and unfortunately it is not working as desired, the customer still has the option to approve the change request, can you please advise?
  5. @Victor As always, many thanks.
  6. Hi @Victor Thank you for the update, I have now closed the request and will hope it does not happen on the next CR.
  7. @Victor I took this from the ESPServerService Log files.
  8. Hello, Can anyone help to identify what exactly i need to do to resolve the below error i have recieved? nodeName: API Call: Resume BPM Process; nodeId: dc2d664d-7df6-475c-a6ca-ef7e1ccd82b5; "EspMethodCall:invoke: Operation[bpm:processResume] The specified bpmProcess cannot be resumed: The process (BPM20170302000001) is currently busy with: taskResume"
  9. Hi @Victor, That is excellent, i have now uploaded this and will being to test and review the process, also really like the decision grouping. Thank you very much for your help and support.
  10. Good afternoon, Do we have an option where we can make customised questions from the progressive capture editable, like in the details section?
  11. HI @Victor This has been sent
  12. @Victor Absolutely, however how do i go about doing this? Do you require the definition file?
  13. Good Morning, Can you let me know if we have a way to alter a BPM that requires approval part way through to stop the requester approving said request if that makes sense? For Example; Jim raises a Change request, and it gets to the point of needing to be approved, now at present he is given 50% in approval in the BPM, but ideally i would like for him not to have the option to approve his own request, but still be an approver for a request that is not raised by himself. Please let me know if that does not make sense.
  14. Hi @Steven Boardman Appreciate you said you would post an update once this moved into the list of stories, but just wanted to chase as this is something my business are really keen to see.
  15. hi @James Ainsworth, Do you have any further updates on this request?