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  1. Good afternoon, It has been highlighted that when uploading assets in the computer system class you have the option to 'Validate' whilst you upload and identify of for example you have already uploaded an asset, Can you confirm why this validate option is not present for all Class types. We are currently reviewing our assets and have seen lots of duplicate entries on other classes so are trying to find these manually and delete(Any and all advice appreciate), but it would a major benefit if we could have the validation option on all the classes for future uploads.
  2. @Victor Thank you for all your help on this, greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi @Victor, Oddly i am unable to replicate the issue now, I have gone back to the original process and it seems to be working 100%.
  4. HI @Victor, This is odd, I have re-raised a CR using the original process, but pointed it to my test team instead of the Change management team and it worked absolutely fine. I have since removed that node ad added a stage checkpoint and re-raised a CR and again it worked fine.
  5. @Victor I will get onto this this afternoon, and feedback. Many thanks
  6. HI @James Ainsworth, Any update on this at all??
  7. @Victor Thank you for the help in updating the BP, the requested change now works as intended, however: - The process now fails once a change is updated to Implemented, Can you please help me identify why this is as i am unable to confirm this nor can i find further description of the error in the log files as the filter does not seem to work. Error Attached.
  8. @Victor i will run some tests now to see if this process has returned from the dark side
  9. @Victor, the force runs strong through your scenarios, these are correct.
  10. @Ehsan, yes this was on, i have now switched this off, as assume that will resolve my issue?
  11. Hello, I have a process for developers to follow when requesting elevated access, as part of this process it requires authorisation to which i have used the authorisation node, however today when a request was raised it was approved by an analyst (Graham) that was not in the authorises list within the process, can you confirm how this was possible and what i need to do to rectify this asap. Screenshot attached of users who can authorise this
  12. @Victor excellent really appreciate your help on this, would be good to get this nailed Hope all is well.
  13. HI @Victor, Apologies, its looks as though it has worked, but it is working the wrong way round. As part of my Process the first step once a change request has been raised is someone assigned to the change team needs to assign it to an analyst, the process then stops the assigned analyst from approving the change, whereas what i am trying to do is to stop the customer who raised the request from having that ability, as currently they still can. if that makes sense?