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  1. So if i would like to have a flow that logs to a specified team for a specific category in the BPM,is their a way to do that so that flow only affects that type of call and not others? As far as i am aware the BPM is something that affects everything? as it is set in the settings?
  2. Morning all, Its Friday! Could someone please advise me if i can set up a progressive capture in the portal to auto log one type of log through one category to a specific team and priority? If so what form etc would i need to use to do this? Thanks Hayley.
  3. Dont worry! i finally figured it out! thankyou so much!!!!!!!!!
  4. Also i cannot figure out how to find these h_responsetime and h_fixtime I know they are in the I have been referring to it all day, But when i try to run a report their is not a option for these? I have looked in a entity and in sql but canot find them :/
  5. But its a P1? they haven't been set up to allow 32 hours for the call? I have a feeling i'm being really dumb here....
  6. Afternoont, I have run a report for our P1's to find out the Resolve times for them. The report is as follows: The IN shows as: So it has been logged - responded to and Resolved and closed - Response time is reporting correctly however when i run a report for these figures it is showing a Resolution time of 115200 which is about 1920 Minutes, which equates to 32 hours? Now from what I can see from when it was logged to when it was resolved from the call itself it only took 5 hours 49-50ish minutes? so why on earth is it reporting as 32 hours? Please also note that @ 9.04am it was raised from a p3 to a p1 is it getting confused because of this? please help!
  7. Afternoon, I have added a new approver "Simon Poole" for change requests via CAB to the Change Progressive capture. as you can see below: However we have created a new CAB change and he has not been included in the created activities - he is not showing up as it being assigned to him: Do I need to change something else in the background to pick him up? Thanks Hayley.
  8. Thanks for the info Dan, I already have this information I need something a bit more in depth
  9. I would like to report on resolve times and resolution times for Our SLA's (P1,P2,P3,P4) I think I have managed to get the measures running correctly, however I would like to run some reports for these so I can see which ones have gone over targets. For example for P1's resolution time I have created a monthly average measure which I believe is correct... But when I make a measure for the response times it doesn't report correctly? does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Finally I'm trying to recreate the resolution and response time in reports for each SLA, but cannot get it to filter or report correctly? I am not sure how to build it, I tried using the measure I created as a base for the report that really didn't work so I have tried building the report manually which is prob totally wrong, like so: Many thanks - any help would be appreciated at his moment in time!
  10. Anyone got any ideas on this one? @Victor or @Bob Dickinson
  11. Thankyou very much for your help with this!
  12. Morning all, Im running a report to find out our resolve times for calls and a average... Firstly the only resolve figure i can find is in seconds? I dont really get what the Resolve time means as it reads in just numbers. or what the Resolution Timer ID is either? Also is their a way to work out a average on a report? Thanks Hayley
  13. Stupid question guys, I run a widget monthly to show exactly how many Service requests have been logged in the month. I have attempted to create a report to do this aswell. However it only gets as far as 1000 records then stops? i have to rerun it for the remaining days to get the rest of the records? Is this just me or is it a design issue? Thanks Hayley.
  14. Afternoon all, I wonder if you can help, I am trying to run a Report that shows calls logged by team - but I cannot find a filter for Logged by team? Am I being blind, or does one not exist?, is there a work around? Thanks Hayley.
  15. Sorry bob, Yes it did thank you very much, clearly it was just me being a numpty