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  1. Seems to have worked! I think the sub query % is asking where its looking for yes or no in my instance?
  2. Hey victor I'm just re running this now to see if it helps When I said sub Query I meant Percentage Sub Query:
  3. Morning Bob/Victor, I have done this, it wouldn't save blank so had to recreate the Measure. It is now reporting but it is not giving me what I think is a true figure. This could be because it is running for all Teams and we only want it to run for service desk. In which case how would I make it so it only ran for our Service desk team? I'm assuming in Query where Clause it would read like: h_requesttype IN ('Incident', 'service request') AND h_custom_b ='Yes' OR h_custom_b ='no' AND h_fk_team_name='Service Desk' Then would sub Query be: h_custom_b ='Yes'? Thanks Hayley
  4. That was really helpful @Victor Thankyou!
  5. Morning all, Quick question, when we log a call we ask the user for the building they work in, their phone number and room number. If that same user calls back another day about a different issue we have to ask it all over again as it is not auto populated. Is there a way for the information to be saved against the user permanently without having to go into their profile and manually put it in? Many thanks Hayley
  6. I also need to know the top 3 teams that incidents and service requests were assigned too
  7. Afternoon all, Just a quick one I wanted to create a measure or widget that reports the top 3 catalog items logged against for service requests and for incidents. I cannot seam to figure out how to get this to report? Any ideas, Many Thanks
  8. Thanks Bob, Hopefully that will work although the inside SLA agreement one has given us results for the month. One last question in regards to Measures. I have a First time fix report measure that I have set as h_custom_b which just isn't picking up any figures? Its on this thread.... Thanks Hayley.
  9. Yup. Course! Even changed it to Weekly to see if it was the fact hat it didn't have a full month of figures and that still hasn't helped.
  10. Hey bob, Nope it hasn't made a difference? - I have a issue outstanding for First time fix issues aswell on reports. :/ Thanks Hayley.
  11. Good morning, I am trying to Create some Measures for our dashboard to report percentage of calls closed inside and outside SLA agreements. I have got a weekly one for inside and a monthly one for inside Service Requests and incidents working, However I cannot get the monthly outside one to work? The outside Weekly one picks up information however he outside monthly one is not picking up anything. Logically speaking if the weekly one is working all I need to do is change the Frequency to monthly and adjusting the sample history? But this doesn't seem to be working?
  12. Good morning Victor, I have applied this information to the Data source section and changed the pro cap to read h_custom_b in the field id but it is still not picking anything up? Please see screen shots.. Hayley
  13. I have changed the fields to h_custom_b however I don't know what table and key column to select in the measure? there isn't a custom one that I can see?
  14. I have changed the fields to h_custom_b however I don't know what table and key column to select in the measure? there isn't a custom one that I can see?
  15. Another question, When someone does delete all - How comes they are not going into the deleted box? They are skipping this and going straight to the Hornbill abyss of doom