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  1. Afternoon, Quick question, when i went to the SITS 17 we were advised that you were working on a scheduler for reporting and also simpler reporting to be available on the collaboration side can i please have a update on the scales of this? Many thanks Hayley
  2. Integrating with Xerox

    Thankyou so much, this makes perfect sense and has worked!
  3. Integrating with Xerox

    So I'm going to give this a go am I putting this exact expression in? (in the pictures) - sorry I know its a silly question but I'm not sure with this one
  4. custom views in request list

    Good afternoon, I have a question and I think its more of an enhancement request. When our users create custom views in request lists they want to be able to see every call they have create or at the owner of or customer of. However because you cannot select and/or you can only select the option of raising a custom list as: is the Owner is the Customer is Created by This means they cannot see all of them under one filter I have managed to get around this in the past by turning on app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising Then creating a custom view as is a member e.g. However. If a user is a customer but hasn't raised the call themselves. for example, they have submitted a change request however we do not allow everyone to put these on hornbill only a couple of people control them going onto the system. the user has been added as a customer as they have made the change request BUT because they have not raised it in hornbill they have not been applied to the account as a member either. this means when the check their calls in the customer filters - this request is not showing up, is it possible to put in a And/or decider aswell as the is/is not? I hope this makes sense Hayley.
  5. Integrating with Xerox

    Ok, So we would need to set up a service/catalog item called "Xerox printers" for example, How would I create a BPM that can identify that it is a Xerox call? just by going through the normal process until it picks up the catalog item? - Then creating a node that emails the Xerox team.... However coming back in I really don't know how to create a "hook" - Obvs we would use the SR or IN number as the recognisable "Hook" but how do I then get that email to assign to the call? Thanks Hayley.
  6. At the recent gathering at the One Tree Hotel in Holborn, we were advised that you were very close to releasing a scheduler for reporting, however I still haven't heard anything in regards to this - I was informed at the time it was literally ready to come out? Also I remember it being mentioned that you were creating a simpler reporting side in Hornbill collaboration for users can I also please have a update on this? Thanks Hayley.
  7. Mantatory comment for team reassignment

    We don't really want the Agent mandatory field but would deffo be interested in making the comment mandatory
  8. Hey all, Quick question, is there a setting to make a comment mandatory when updating/changing the team or user a call is assigned too? Ta Hayley.
  9. Integrating with Xerox

    Good Morning all, We have a printer service with Xerox, however they have their own call logging system that they like us to log calls to. Because of this we do not log the calls in Hornbill as we would then have to raise a separate email to Xerox to advise them of the issue, and because the 2 systems are not integrated together we would have to manually update the hornbill calls each time with the Xerox updates. We would also have to close the call in hornbill manually. What we want is to be able to create a call in hornbill that sends as email directly to Xerox. Then when they update we want them to send one back to us that goes into the ticket? Is this possible? if so what would I need to do? Hayley.
  10. On hold reasons

    Ta! that's perfect!
  11. Deleting Posts

    Afternoon Guys, I am wondering if their is a way to remove posts that have been created in error? I cannot see a obvious way to do it? Please see example: Thanks Hayley.
  12. Custom views

    Sorry, I have just checked, and this is till not working, this button is switched on and users are not being added as a member to calls when they create them? The problem here is that we do not want to add all users to all teams but we need all our users to see all calls, and be able to track calls they have created - even when they have gone to different teams and they are not the customer. Many thanks Hayley
  13. Cancel Suspending Users

    Thankyou very much!
  14. Cancel Suspending Users

    Good morning, I have been asked to investigate if there is a way to stop accounts from suspending, when users put there password in wrong? Many thanks Hayley.
  15. On hold reasons

    Good morning, I was wondering if there is a option to supply a drop down box for the reasons when you put a call on hold? Many thanks Hayley.