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  1. Ta! that's perfect!
  2. Afternoon Guys, I am wondering if their is a way to remove posts that have been created in error? I cannot see a obvious way to do it? Please see example: Thanks Hayley.
  3. Sorry, I have just checked, and this is till not working, this button is switched on and users are not being added as a member to calls when they create them? The problem here is that we do not want to add all users to all teams but we need all our users to see all calls, and be able to track calls they have created - even when they have gone to different teams and they are not the customer. Many thanks Hayley
  4. Thankyou very much!
  5. Good morning, I have been asked to investigate if there is a way to stop accounts from suspending, when users put there password in wrong? Many thanks Hayley.
  6. Good morning, I was wondering if there is a option to supply a drop down box for the reasons when you put a call on hold? Many thanks Hayley.
  7. Thankyou I am going to give this a go, it would be helpful to know what the max amount of characters can be put into this field before it stops working?
  8. Hey All, Quick Question, We have a field in our Progressive capture with H_Summary as a field ID in it, to pull information into our summary on the request list page. I have made it a Single line text field but people are putting too much information into the field which is stopping it from pulling the information up to the summary. If their a code we can put in the Regex Field to control the amount of characters that can be put in? Like when you can specify it to only have numbers input? Like above? Many Thanks Hayley.
  9. Morning Victor, This is actually really helpful. One question. We have 2 x service level calendars one is for our critical issues (P1 and P2's) which runs 24-7 the other is for anything below this that runs normal office hours. The way our progressive captures are set up everything roots to one call closure node. will we have to split this depending on the priority? Thanks Hayley
  10. Never mind just realised that you can just select I am a member stupid me
  11. good morning James, I have switched this feature on and it is still not allowing our security manager to see the calls he has raised in the custom view. I have just got him to check and he still cannot see any calls he has raised that are new, on hold or open. If I manually search the ref he can see it. I understand that he will not be able to see any older calls he has raised as I have only just switched on the feature and this should only apply to future calls - however these are not showing either ? even though he is showing up as a member in the calls? Thanks Hayley.
  12. Perfect, Thankyou Victor
  13. Afternoon all, Quick question if we have decided to chop and change our catalog items around (E.g. one Service is going to make all catalog items redundant and just use 1 catalog and a simple list) If I remove the old Catalog items will this break something in the background of the old calls logged against them? I can see a option to retire the items is this the way to go? As it will leave a lot of retired items. OR can I just remove them? Hayley.
  14. So there is no way for our security manager to track all his created by requests?
  15. Morning all, So I have changed it around and set him to Created by: #However it is still not showing any calls at all. I have replicated this view on my account and I can see everything. Now, the only thing I can think is that I am in all teams on hornbill, and Tony isn't However as he has created the call surly even though he is not in all teams he should still be able to track his call? Hayley.