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  1. Lifespan Settings

    Hi @James Ainsworth, any further news on this? Thanks Sam
  2. ISSUE Blank Summary and Error Message

    ok it's all now working ok. Maybe just a glitch??! Sam
  3. ISSUE Blank Summary and Error Message

    Hi Chaz I've amended the flowcode in Set Summary Content node so that it will be shorter but I am still getting an error so there seems to be an underlying problem with these requests to do with the Email Notifications too. Can you look in the logs to see what happening? Thanks Sam
  4. ISSUE Blank Summary and Error Message

    Aha, ok thanks Chaz. So what rules do we need to add to prevent this from happening? Sam
  5. Hi We have come across an issue with 6 of our requests, 2 of which are IT/Faults/Issus and 4 are 'I Have an HR Admin Transaction Request'. You will see on the screenshot that they have all been received over a number of days from different customers. The Error Message they are have is attached. All have a blank summary but there is nothing wrong with the workflow nodes for these. Three of the requests were allocated to an analyst but none of the checkpoints have been ticked and there is no record on the timeline of any emails generating. We have received requests from the same catalogs before and after these one's that have been absolutely fine. Any ideas what has happened here to generate these errors? Sam
  6. Date SLA will breach column

    We are using both. We did take a look but couldn't find what we wanted, will look again! Thanks Sam
  7. Hi We have SLAs on some of our processes and request admins have asked if 'Date SLA will breach' (or something like that) can be added as a column that could be selected for the request list as they feel this would be useful to see at a glance against their requests. Is this something that could be added? Sam
  8. Customer Feedback Reporting

    Thanks guys, much appreciated Sam
  9. Lifespan Settings

    Hi James OK, obviously due to the nature of our business we base things on working days so would be fab if this could be facilitated. Thanks, Sam
  10. Link in email not opening

    Hi James, I'm not sure it is working. @William Ansah can you provide James with an update as to whether the issue is fixed now please, thanks Sam
  11. Hi In our 'I Want to Recruit' service we have an SLA reminder set up to generate 2 hours before a target. This is however still being sent by the system even if the SLA was met which is confusing the request owners. Is this how the system is set up? I would have thought it would know not to send reminders if the SLA has been met? Thanks, Sam
  12. Hi, we have set up customer feedback forms on our services and want to report on them. Is there a standard report/dashboard available for this that someone could share please? Sam
  13. Lifespan Settings

    Hi, is anyone able to answer this query please? Thanks, Sam
  14. Personal Snippets

    All fixed, thanks
  15. Lifespan Settings

    We have a lifespan setting on a human task for it to expire after 5 days however we want this to be 5 working days (i.e. not count weekends). Is there a variable we can enter to make this happen? Thanks Sam