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  1. @ArmandoDM Some more info. We have another manager attached to that ticket as a member and she can see the ticket as intended. She is a member of the team that currently has the ticket, other than that they are the same. A third manager that is not affiliated to any teams is also a member and can view her I'm a member tickets. All can view the ticket if they go directly to the ticket by editing the URL.
  2. @ArmandoDM Thanks for the quick response I have checked and can verify that that user is present in h_itsm_requests_members connected to the correct request ID.
  3. Hi, I need some help figuring this out. We have a request that one of our organisation managers wanted to see despite not being part of the assigned or supporting teams. So I added him as member to the request. When he logs in he can see that there is a request but he cannot open or view it. See attached screenshot. Is this a bug or is there some setting I have missed. He has the Incident Management User and Collaboration roles and the request is an incident. The request in question is resolved.
  4. Reports - Can you schedule?

    Adding us to customers (very) interested in scheduling of reports
  5. Re-Assigning Activities

    I don't have that role either. Checked system roles, service manager roles, collaboration roles, document manager roles and configuration manager roles. What am I missing?
  6. Is it possible to automatically assign each user to a team when importing them through CSV upload for example by adding an organzation ID column? The wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Users doesn't say anything but if this is possible what should the name of the column to be imported be and how should the format be for the organization? Organization ID in organizations is in the format company/department/team, could this be used here as well?
  7. Just posting to bump this issue. We have the same problem with a large and complex organization and it would help immensely. I raised another post unaware of this one.
  8. I have our internal users set up with the following structure: The Company Division 1 Team A Team B Team C Division 2 Team A Team B etc.. I want all of Company to be able to subscribe to a service through the Service portal, how do I do that? I tried just adding "The Company" to subscribers but my user who is in Division 1 > Team A cannot see the service in the service portal in order to log requests to it. What am I missing?
  9. I second this proposal. It would be a really good feature to have since we work mostly with external customers where multiple customers may be affected by some systems
  10. Thanks, I was looking at custom forms. Sometimes it's easier than you think.
  11. We currently have set up a request profile for tickets that is used in reporting. It's a multi level list. Is it possible to acccess this through the progressive capture and have the customer choose profile directly in the portal?
  12. When setting up the endpoint for Jira integration through ibridge how much if the URL do I set as endpoint and how much is added by ibridge itself? https://domain.atlassian.net/rest/api/latest https://domain.atlassian.net/rest/api https://domain.atlassian.net/rest https://domain.atlassian.net Endpoint Name is set in KeySafe
  13. Roles and board access

    Thanks all!