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  1. Time spent on Incident Tickts

    Hi @Prathmesh Patel, I hope I understood your question. The timer will run in the email as long as the email composer remains open. If you leave the email popup without sending the email, it will reset. Thanks, Daniel.
  2. Email groups

    Hi @gregmarcroftorc, @samwoo, At the moment there is no option to do this, BUT... We do have change to do something similar to what you need. The idea is to allow sending an email from the organisations view, so you will select one or many organisations and from there you can get their contacts. In there you will be able to send an independent email to all the contacts in that list. That will also allow using a template so you will be able to personalize a bit the email with the contact details if you want. Unfortunately this will not come in to our 3 months scope but is definitely going to be done. Is that what you were thinking? Thanks, Daniel.
  3. Sending Emails - selecting which Shared Mailbox to send via

    Hi @gregmarcroftorc, We've identified the problem last week and it is already fixed. You will be able to get the fix in our next build next week. Thanks, Daniel.
  4. Organisation Details

    Hi @samwoo, We've identified the problem and made a fix. If we don't find any further issues, you will have the fix tomorrow in live. Thank you for your help on this and sorry for the trouble. Daniel.
  5. Improved Email Search

    Hello, I wanted to let you know that we are going to be releasing soon an improvement to the Email Search in Hornbill. We are still working on further improvements in this area including adopting new technologies but you are welcome to give feedback on this subject. Thanks, Daniel
  6. Create a Poll in a Workspace

    Hi @samwoo, That's a great idea and we have already a change for this. It is going to be a as a new App because it will not only be available in the workspaces but other areas too. You will also be able to use it in the Portals for asking customers about their satisfaction. Daniel.
  7. Organisation Details

    Hi @samwoo, We've done some extensive research and found one potential issue. There could be a case where you use a special character such as & in the "Validate Input With Regex" when designing the form. Do you remember if you changed something in that area before the problem started? Thanks, Daniel.
  8. Searching for emails in Inbox or Sent items

    Hi @gregmarcroftorc, Wanted to let you know that next week we will be pushing a build with extra filters. This will allow you to minimize the amount of results by being more specific when you search. It is also more flexible when looking for a person, first or last name. The only thing left is the sorting of the results by date. That will take some and I'll let you know about the progress on this. Thanks, Daniel.
  9. Wiki markup - bold links?

    No problem @Paul Alexander, Glad is working, or at least that part. Enjoy home ;-) Daniel.
  10. Wiki markup - bold links?

    Hi @Paul Alexander, @Martyn Houghton, It is possible. You place the bold markup outside the link, like this: '''[[http://www.hornbill.com|Hornbill ]]''' That works fine. How were you trying to do it? Regards, Daniel.
  11. Erroneous Time Spent being populated on Activity

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, The change was done in two areas, the client (collaboration core). That will be in the next build, probably on Monday. That build contains a modification of the Time Picker that will accept more than 30 days and will also prevent calculations if the flag (in Platform Build > 2797) is set to false. This means that also the platform needs to be released. That can take a bit more, between one and two weeks. Thanks, Daniel.
  12. Organisation Details

    HI @samwoo, I saw the video you've sent to Pamela and looking at the last part of the video, in the Network Tab, there is an HTTP error (407) - Proxy Authentication Required (Forefront ... WebProxy filter is denied.) It looks like you are using a Proxy, and that requires authorization. At the same time I can see in the Console Tab with two errors, can you please have a look at that tab? Since none reported this error and we are trying to replicate the error with exactly the same configuration you mentioned, I have the feeling that the Proxy is the problem. Can you check the IE Proxy configuration and maybe disable this just for testing? Thank you, Daniel.
  13. Contacts - unable to delete Telephone number

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, The good news is that the Platform team is working on a solution for this problem, but a build will probably not be available until one or two weeks because there are several other new features that need to be tested before releasing. Sorry for this, Daniel.
  14. Organisation Details

    Hi @samwoo, good that at least we have a clue of the problem. Despite the fact that IE11 is very slow, the Org details are being displayed but after showing everything else in that page. SO, I'm still not able to replicate this issue. You have Windows 7, am I right? I'll try to replicate it with that machine. There are no plans at the moment to discontinue the support for IE11 and we are still testing all the functionality with that browser, so no worry about that. I'll keep you updated and at the same time if you have any other information that will help replicating this in IE11 will be welcome. Thanks, Daniel.
  15. Organisation Details

    @samwoo can you check if there are other users also affected by this or is just you?