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  1. Hi Bob, We have decided not to use the yesterday function at the moment. But I will keep it in mind, for next time. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  2. Thanks Bob. I have try the above, but when compare a count from 'Daily measure' and the count from above, I am not getting the same value. Do i need to specify times? Thanks. Regards, Joyce Tha
  3. Hi What function can be used in reporting to get yesterday's date in Horn bill? I have tried: h_datelogged >= CURRENT_DATE- 1 ,and it doesn't give me correct value Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  4. Hi, I need to put 'Routine Maintenance' dates on our change management Calendar. The calendar schedules changes automatic, but I want to pre-schedule our routine maintenance date for the next six month, hence we can see how many changes are happening outside the schedule maintenance window. Is there a way to edit the calendar? Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  5. Hi, I am trying to create a report, which provide counts on customer division (which is in one of the custom field). This division comes in different ways (from our AD), but one division, might have more than one 'Customer Division'. For example, PLC Division might cover (health& safety, HR, etc). So I want a column, in h_itsm_request which says If (left(custom_field,13)='Health&safety','PLC',(if(left(custom_field,2)='HR','PLC',)) Then I can use this column, to count the number for 'PLC' At the moment, i get separate counts, ie: Health&Safety = 5 and then HR = 10. So i have to manually add them up . Or please advise alternative way to do this, in a bar chart widget Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  6. Great thanks @Bob Dickinson
  7. Hi @Bob Dickinson I have create a report with the chart I am after, The report name is: Test Mobile Phone Request Report Please let me know, if I can create similar chart as a widget. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  8. Hi, Can I create a data chart widget, from joining two tables? If I choose data type 'sql group by' only get option for one table . Is there a way to select/join two tables (manage to join in reports, as well as on list of data widget, but not for data chart widget') Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  9. Need to do it as, a widget, as part of a daily dashboard.
  10. Thanks @Ehsan. The value i have on 'Assign to' from running select query on database direct is something like urn:sys:group:Instance/company/department/team/. I am interested on filtering by Team. So if I say: h_sys_tasks.h_assigned_to like '%department%' I am not getting any data returned, but sql error. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  11. This has worked for me. Thank you.
  12. Hi, which field on h_sys_tasks table are the columns seen on 'Activities view' linked with? I am after columns 'Assigned to', and 'Status' . I am trying to create a widget for count of open/active task by team (assigned to a team). Thanks. Regards, JOyce
  13. Thanks. I will try the Plugin suggested above
  14. Thanks I will try
  15. Hi, I am trying to create a 'live counter ' for ticket logged today, as list of counter widget. How do I felt for it to count tickets logged today? so what should h_Datelogged be equals to? in the sql query. I have try, now() and Today() but I am not getting any value. Thanks. Regards, Joyce