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  1. Hi Bob, I tried this, and had 2 x attachments sent via email, which I logged myself on the portal(But didn't have the attachments when logged)..strange!! Tony
  2. Hello, Can anyone please advise desperately..For the last few weeks, when we log tickets from emails, all attachments within the emails don't get attached to the raised tickets. This used to work until a few weeks ago, but this fix is now desperately required to make life easy for our analysts, and stop us having to download the attachments from email, and reattaching them to logged tickets. ( IN00034358 was sent via email to the portal with attachments, but when it was logged as a ticket attachments weren't included in the ticket Thanks, Tony
  3. Thanks Armando, I have checked and there are services in the catalog..
  4. We are currently unable to log tickets . When we try to log any tickets we get the error" If there are no services available to select, please continue and the request will be logged using the default request process..
  5. Sorry Victor...What I meant was that Notification sent to the IT ServiceDesk ( Logged/assigned) should only be visible to the SD Analyst\Team. But we now have Finance Department that can now see the ServiceDesk Notifications etc. Please see Screenshot below from a Finance user, who can see the ServiceDesk Notification...( Hope this makes some sense)
  6. Yes the notification refers to Requests ( logged/assigned/escalated)...
  7. We receive Hornbill notifications when new tickets are assigned to our individual users/ teams, but this only happens when assignments are escalated\logged to that team, but recently, all users are now able to see all notifications assigned to every team which shouldn't be the case. Can you please advise how to amend or correct this, because it never used to be that way. and now Finance sees tickets that has been logged to the ServiceDesk, and this is a bit frustrating for our teams.