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  1. Date SLA will breach column

    Hi @SJEaton If you are using SLA, are you using response or resolve or both, if so you should already have two columns available to you on the request list - Resolve By and Respond By Obviously if you only use a resolve by or just a respond by target then just use the relevant one's. Each analyst can choose which columns are displayed and the order from the column picker (drop down next to the cog icon). Steve
  2. FTF - Quick Closures - Reporting

    Does the existing drop down field not show in the details section already? looking at your original post you mentioned you had the is this a first time fix drop down question on all your calls? or is that a progressive capture question? If it is a request custom field only it can't show in the questions section unless it was asked as a question during the Progressive Capture process. You could go down a different route in the logging process if you were using a custom form for gathering any of the required info in your progressive capture? - if you had other questions on such a form - such as shown above 'Was the AD password been successfully reset', you could add one more and map the answer to this question to your h_custom_p field by putting this value in the field id, and then use a label of FTF in the label field so this also shows in the questions section ( not editable) If you untick - This field will be visible on the form, then the analysts would not be prompted to answer this when on the custom form in your progressive capture, and if you set the Default Value to Yes as shown below this would: * write the value to h_custom_p * Show in the questions section * Not require the analysts to answer this question The caveat being it would need you to use a custom form in progressive capture which may defeat the time saving which you were after? Wiki info on mapping custom form questions - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms I am not sure we can pre-set a specific customer in the process, would this not change each time and the analysts would need to record this depending on who they are resetting the password for? for both reporting and also for the individual customers to have a record / access to their password reset requests via the portals etc?
  3. FTF - Quick Closures - Reporting

    Hi @yelyah.nodrog Is your Is this a first time fix question a custom field on a request form? not a question in Progressive Capture? If so in your Password unlock business process, you could use the Automated task > Requests > Update Request > Custom Fields and pre-populate the relevant custom field with your Yes value - obviously you would need to check which custom field is being used for this question on your forms This way the analysts won't have to set the value, it will be populated based on this business process being linked to that type of request. Hope that helps Steve
  4. Customer Feedback Reporting

    Hi @SJEaton There are some example widgets (queries) and an example customer feedback dashboard on the Hornbill sandbox instance which you could perhaps use for inspiration or a starter for 10? There are also a couple of example feedback reports on the sandbox again which may help You can access the sandbox instance and admin tool as follows: admin.hornbill.com/demo user: grahamc Current password: H0rnbill Hope that helps Steve
  5. Editing questions in raised tickets

    Hi @Lightsource not currently, we do have plans to increase the details of requests which is visible on the Mobile app, once these progress i'll post back here
  6. Project Manager App Released to BETA

    We are excited to release the Hornbill Project Manager App after considerable feedback from our customers suggested that this would greatly benefit them and their teams to better plan and manage the multiple projects you get involved in delivering day to day. Project Manager has been published as a BETA App as we are looking to solicit feedback from you on what features and functionality you might feel are required to take this to the next stage in its evolution, you can now install the Project Manager App from your App Store. Planned Features As well as the features delivered in the initial BETA release, we have the following enhancements planned: Project Boards Plugin to Timesheet Manager Expanding on Service Manager Plugin Expanding on Project Types / Templates Resource Budgeting Project Dependancies (Completion Dates / Milestones / Tasks) If you have any feedback or requests for additional features please post them as new topics here: Notice During the BETA period, you are able to install and make use of the Hornbill Project Manager App for FREE however once the Hornbill Project Manager App is taken out of BETA and made available for subscription it will become a chargeable option. Pricing for the App will be based on the number of Named Subscribers and our planned subscription charge will be £10 Per User Per Month. Notice will be provided in advance of this switch, and you will have the option then to subscribe if you wish to continue to use the Hornbill Project Manager App. Documentation Please visit the Hornbill wiki to learn more about the Project Manager features and to view an overview video. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Project_Manager
  7. Reports - Can you schedule?

    Hi @dconagh Report scheduling is something we are currently working on, in parallel with new in-app reporting and PDF output. You may have seen we made scheduled tasks available as an experimental feature just recently and scheduled reporting is the next step. Once we have some more concrete idea around availability we will post back here. In the meantime i have added you, and @HHH as interested parties to this story. Regards Steve
  8. Editing questions in raised tickets

    Hi @Lightsource The questions and more namely the answers to the questions are not editable. However one approach you can do is map the questions in progressive capture to the custom fields on the request, and these can be viewed and edited in the details section of the request. There is info on this on our wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms When custom questions have been mapped to a default request field, the question and answer are still available in the Questions section on a request as well as the default fields mapped too. This will allow for the original answer to be retained The default fields values can be changed once logged Steve
  9. Choosing connections in the Progressive Capture

    @samwoo @Martyn Houghton the first iteration of the Connections progressive Capture forms has been limited to the user app and not the service / customer portals, so as you say this form will not show on the portals (currently). The initial implementation allows for the user (analyst) to pick / specify the connection type, which for an analyst seems reasonable, however we are looking at other options to not require the customer on the portals to have to distinguish or know which connection type they should add a user as, and instead leave that as a choice for the progressive capture designer at design stage. There is also the wider question of visibility of requests on the portals which you are a connection too, but that would be a little further along as well. I'll post back here once the Connections on the portals is resolved. Steve
  10. Schedule Calls to log automatically?

    Hi @Dan Munns having looked into this, it does appear to be an issue with the docmanager admin role which this user. We are going to a change and push out a new build for document manager, but would you mind revoking this role from the user and see if the displayed business processes are now as expected? Steve
  11. Schedule Calls to log automatically?

    Thanks for confirming @Dan Munns i'll get this looked at to see if we can find what the issue is
  12. Schedule Calls to log automatically?

    @Dan Munns For owner, see Created By on the list of Business Processes. I have asked one of the team to confirm the expected logic with and without the system setting enabled, it is a follows: By default everyone will have access to all the BPM (because the setting is set to false by default) as long as they have BPM Manager role granted i.e. manageBPM system right. If this setting is enabled then yes the customer has to go thru each BPM to grant access to user/group/role. Otherwise, only the user with Super User Role (i.e. admin privilege level) or the user who owns (created) the BPM workflow or the user to who has got access through user/group/role can access the BPMs. User should not be able to access any BPMs if it's not shared with them If this is not the case, as i suspect this is what you are saying then we can investigate as to why, could you review the above and let me know if what you are seeing if different and to help pinpoint any issue, please provide an example where a user is seeing more than they should Re your other post, i am going to ask one of the team to look and comment on this now Steve
  13. Schedule Calls to log automatically?

    Hi @Dan Munns is the user in question an owner of any of the other BP's which you now don't want them to see? I don't think there is another role which would be overriding this but i will ask the question internally and find out for you
  14. Contacts not in hornbill

    The ability to add a new Contact (external) is now available in the latest Service Manager update. You can enable the New Contact option on the Customer Search Progressive Capture form through the following system setting in the admin console: Home > Hornbill Service Manager > Application Settings app.itsm.progressiveCapture.customerSearch.allowAddContact Steve
  15. Views - not producing expected results

    @lee mcdermott no problem, glad it's there and hope the team find it a useful addition