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  1. update version unclear

    Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur Apologies, we have had a few issues with the update build numbers and update notes in the last few service manager updates, this will be rectified for the next update. In the meantime, should you wish you can visit https://forums.hornbill.com/forum/135-announcements/ to see the service manager update announcements which will provide you with details of the content of each of the previous updates. Kind Regards Dave.
  2. Service Manager Change Log

    Hi @Dan Munns @nasimg Apologies for the missing change log. I personally don't have access to add them, but we're aware of the problem and we'll get them added as soon as possible. Regards, Dave.
  3. New Status does not clear Sub Statuses

    Hi @Martyn Houghton Just following up on this, I did have a working fix for your immediate issue, however there have been some other questions raised in the past week or so by our product specialists around when we should be resetting sub-statuses and and which statuses should trigger sub-status updates etc. As a result I'll be having a discussion with @James Ainsworth about this area to make sure we are happy with the solution before we put it into the build, I will let you know as soon as we have the solution ready. Regards, Dave
  4. Re-Assigning Activities

    Hi @SJEaton If I understand your requirement correctly it sounds like you would want to have a look at the "Advanced Request Task Completer" role as shown in the screenshot. Hopefully that will give you what you need. Kind Regards, Dave.
  5. Hi @Gary@ADL Its most likely just some additional settings that would need to be altered to get the other flowcode working as you would like, but in any case I have the fix in with the updateRequest flowcode for the 2.51 release so that should be available to you soon. Regards, Dave.
  6. Unable to apply email to Request

    Hi @Keith As far as I can tell the cache issue has now been cleared, so if you could give it a refresh and try it again now and let me know if you still have any issues. Regards, Dave.
  7. Unable to apply email to Request

    Hi @Keith Apologies, it would seem that we have had an issue with the file caching following your update yesterday which has meant that a broken version of the file needed for applying emails has been cached hence the issue you are experiencing. We are working to clear the cache issue and as soon as I can confirm it is fixed I will let you know. Regards, Dave.
  8. Unable to apply email to Request

    Hi @Keith Sorry to hear that, just investigating now and will update you when I know more. Regards, Dave.
  9. Service Manager Update Error

    Hi @Ralf Peters We've had a review of the update log and there were no other errors during the update process which has completed and updated successfully. The error you experienced relates to not being able to reload of one the active user sessions, but this should not cause any issues. Kind Regards, Dave.
  10. View error - Sub Status Characters

    @Keith Just FYI we released an update this morning (1049) which should include the fix for this issue, for some reason it has not shown in the release notes but it was included. If you still have any issues after the update then just let me know. Regards, Dave.
  11. View error - Sub Status Characters

    @Keith Oh ok, yeah thats an odd one for it to be missing from the profile, but quite likely to be the issue. I have a fix completed, so as soon as we are able we will release an update with it included. Regards Dave,
  12. View error - Sub Status Characters

    @Keith We're just working on an update for this and another defect, so there should be a new release of SM shortly which will include a fix for this. Regards, Dave.
  13. View error - Sub Status Characters

    @Keith I've identified the issue, apologies but there was a incorrect parameter being used when trying to use the default translation string for the sub-status entries in the selection list. Could you confirm that your selected session language is different to the language used for the sub-statuses? If this is the case then this would result in you falling back to the default string which is unfortunately not displayed due to the parameter issue. I'll raise a problem record for this and get the fix put in now. As a short-term workaround, if the sub-statuses have all been created under a different language to your current language setting, you could try temporarily switching your session language from the top right profile icon to that used in the sub-statuses, this should then show the translation text. Or alternatively you could also add a translation entry into each sub-status for the language that you are using. If you have any queries on this just ask. Regards, Dave.
  14. View error - Sub Status Characters

    @Keith At a quick glance it looks like its something do do with the list not being able to find the sub-status string in your selected language or a suitable default language string, I've managed to replicate when switching language so when I get the bottom of it I'll post up. Regards, Dave.
  15. View error - Sub Status Characters

    Hi Keith, The icons should be there, they have been added to show you the service icon, followed by the request type icon and then finally whether it is a running or paused sub-state... however for some reason you are missing the name of the sub-status which should be being shown before the final icon. I'll see if I can replicate the issue locally. Regards, Dave.