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  1. Hi @m.vandun I just wanted to let you know that our development team have provided a fix that should correct this issue. This will be available in the next Collaboration update to your instance. Regards, James
  2. I will add you to the change @Everton1878 Regards, James
  3. Hi @nasimg Thanks for your post. We don't currently have this functionality available. There is a change in the backlog for this. I have added you to the change. It is not currently scheduled but I will update this post if we see any progress with this. Regards, James
  4. I've continue tested and when trying to link to a file on a network share, although it provided a hyperlink, the file itself did not open the file. Have you considered using Hornbill Document Manager for storing this file? Using Document Manager would allow the hyperlinks to work. We are also looking to provide a feature that will allow a request to be linked to one or more documents stored in Document Manager. For now you can add the wiki markup for linking to a document using the following format - [[docmanager/document/details/<DocumentID>]] where the document ID can be taken from the URL when viewing that document. Regards, James
  5. Hi @derekgreen I haven't trying this with a network path, but in this example I have used the BPM Update Request operation to amend the description of the request with a hyperlink. A number of areas in Hornbill allow for wiki markup where we can use specify a URL encased double square brackets to indicate a hyperlink. Let us know if this helps. Regards, James
  6. Hi @Martyn Houghton We are looking to provide a new right to allow the changing of the service level which can be assigned to individuals without having to use the "Incident Management Full Access" role. Provided there are no issues found in testing we should see this being available over the next couple of weeks. Regards, James
  7. Hi @Tom Brewster Yes, this is a new feature that has been provided in the latest update to Service Manager which came off the back of this discussion. Thanks for your feedback Tom. Regards, James
  8. Let us know how it goes @Keith and @nasimg. Looking forward to your feedback. Regards, James
  9. Hi @shamaila.yousaf We have competed work on a defect where the Asset Global search option was not showing when you have the Asset Management User role assigned to you. This will be available in the next update to Service Manager. Regards, James
  10. Hi Shamaila, When sorted by Date, this also includes time. The full time is displayed in two places. One by hovering over the "X days ago" and the other in the preview of the email. I will see what options we have in providing a way that the "X days ago'' could be changed to show the exact date/time. Regards, James
  11. Hi Shamaila, I have done some further tests and I can see some unexpected behaviour with the Assets in global search. It seems that in some cases where a user has the ''Asset Management User'' role, the Asset option is not displayed. I've made the development team aware of this. I did also test this with the ''Asset Management Admin" role which does always give you the access to the Asset search. If you are able to do so you could have this role assigned to your account until we have looked at the issues with the ''Asset Management User'' role. Regards, James
  12. Hi Keith, The documentation describing this is on Service Manager Business Workflow Process documentation in the section titled Suspend. On the list of Suspend type nodes, there is one listed a "Wait for Status Change". This suspend option can be used to managed the change from one particular status and uses the new status as the outcome so that the BPM can branch and take appropriate action depending on the new status. To help with a two stage closure, you can configure a "Wait for status change" from Resolved once a request has reached the point or stage for managing the resolution. This has three outcomes that can result. It may go from Resolved to Open in which case you can provide some additional workflow on how to managed that re-opened request. It may go from Resolved to Closed, in which case you can continue on a normal path in your BPM for providing any follow ups or reviews that are needed for a closed request. There is also an "Expire" option which can be used to drive an action after a period of time as passed, such as automatically setting the status to Closed. The auto-closing using this method helps prevent requests that have been re-opened from still being automatically closed. This same "Wait for Status Change" can also be used at the beginning of a process when going from "New" to "Open" or if it goes straight to "Resolved". I hope that helps. Regards, James
  13. Hi Paul, We have just provided an update to Service Manager that now extends the Solutions tab on a request to include FAQs. More information about this can be found here. We still plan on introducing more features for presenting Problems, KEs, and FAQs when raising a request. This is still in its planning stages and is not currently scheduled for development. I will continue to update this post as it progresses. Regards, James
  14. HI Shamaila, Thanks for your post. On the view that shows the list of emails for a mailbox there is a sort order at the top of the list that lets you select if the order is by Date, Flagged, or Status. Once one of these options are selected you can then click on arrow to reverse the order. Let us know if this helps and if this is the ordering that you are looking for. Regards, James
  15. Hi Keith, Thanks for your post. At the moment the refresh on the Request List does not apply to the My Dashboards view. Additional performance testing will be required for refreshing the charts as there is potentially much more data that has to be retrieved at once. It is a bit like loading X number of Views at once. I wanted to make sure the refresh of the request list wasn't delayed any longer so opted to keep it focused on just the list for now. We will have a look at this moving forward. We have some planned work around "in-app reporting" which is where this is likely to be considered. Regards, James