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  1. Service Support by Everyone EXCEPT...?

    Hi @Darren This is still in the planning stage and has not been scheduled yet. This is not something I would expect to be with development for some time yet as we have a full development queue. I'll keep you posted once we are closer to looking at this. Regards, James
  2. Scheduler and Reporting on Hornbill Collaboration

    Hi Hayley, Thanks for your post. The development on the scheduling features has been worked on over the last few months. This is the ability to schedule multiple things, not just reporting. We are looking at specific areas where we are introducing the scheduling. One area that is currently available as an experimental feature is the scheduling of tasks. We have also started work on what we call "In-app Reporting" for Service Manager which will combine scheduling and some simple reporting. You mentioned "simpler reporting" on the collaboration side. I would be interested if you have some particular reports in mind? Kind regards, James
  3. Hi Samuel, This does make sense. I'll put this through to our development team to have a look at. Regards, James
  4. Request List Views - Sort Order

    Hi Martyn, We do have a change in our backlog to facilitate this, however it is not yet scheduled to be worked on. I've added you to the change and I'll update this post once it progresses. Regards, James
  5. Hi Samuel, It might be worth posting this under Collaboration and have a separate topic. However, there is an option to dismiss these on the Pop-out panel. Regards, James
  6. Hi @Samwoo The original issue was just with Cancelled requests. Request can be resolved or closed with active tasks. There is a setting to prevent requests from being resolved when there are active tasks. Regards, James
  7. Toggle buttons for request types

    I'm reviewing this request to change the behaviour of the request type filter buttons. My concern with this at the moment is that those that want to move quickly from one request type to another will have to deselect the previous selection. If I'm viewing Incidents and I would like to view just Problems this will require toggling of the Problem icon to on and toggling the Incident icon to off. There is a possibility that we could provide a setting to enable or disable this ability. Possibly under the Configuration (Cog) option where the current Refresh Rate is configured. I would be interested in having some more feedback from those requesting this feature to see if there is any concern with the extra clicks that a toggle would introduce when moving between request types which may have an impact on your users and the way that they work. Regards, James
  8. Using WebHooks for Integration Web Hooks are a great way to integrate Hornbill with other applications. Web Hooks can send information to a HTTP Endpoint as soon as a record is created or updated, rather than relying on scheduled imports or the continually polling for data. A web hook is the opposite to an API call, a web hook is a call over HTTP from your Hornbill instance to a web endpoint of your choosing. Most application actions on a Hornbill instance can trigger an action-specific event when an action is performed. Hornbill can be configured to call to a web end point passing the action-specific data to the web service being invoked. This is a very powerful mechanism that enables true, near real-time integration with other business systems.    
  9. Request - User Feedback

    Hi Keith, Thanks for your post. I don't believe that we have anything in our backlog at the moment which would cover this. One way to possibly address this until a feature is available is to set up a Service for the site that does not want the feedback options. However, if you have a large number of services already this may be a challenge. Would having an option on the Service to show or hide the feedback on the request work? Or do you need that ability to differentiate between users from different sites as you mentioned. Regards, James
  10. "Admin" notification settings

    Hi Colin, Your screen shot is showing the options for the setting notification.excludeActionsOptional. Try the setting notification.excludeActions just above it. I'm not sure what the ActionsOptional is for. Enabling or disabling the toggle seems to be managed using the notification.excludeActions setting. Regards, James
  11. Assigning Team in during Progressive Capture

    Hi Evan, The Progressive Capture is more about information collection and isn't really suited to automated actions. This will more likely sit in your Option 2, the Business Process (BPM). Using the BPM's Get Info operation you will be able to extract any information that has been captured and is stored against the request and then follow this with a decision node to assign to the appropriate team based on the outcome. The Custom Progressive Capture forms can be useful for asking specific questions that may help with the direction of the BPM. The responses to the Custom Progressive Capture forms can be evaluated in the BPM using variables and a decision node can determine which team it is assigned to. The starting point will be deciding what information needs to be captured to determine which team it will be assigned to. James
  12. Auto close and resolve timer

    Hi @Gary@ADL The issue I mentioned in my previous comment ended up not being an issue so you can ignore that. You should be able to go ahead and look at the Expiry option for your Suspend and wait for status change and the following decision node. Regards, James
  13. Updating On-Hold Calls

    Hi @Paul Alexander I've added you to the list. This is soon to be worked on by our development team. I'll update the post once started. Regards, James
  14. Email - Request On Hold

    Hi Martyn, This is near the top of the queue and will with our development team soon. Regards, James
  15. Auto close and resolve timer

    Hi @Gary@ADL The 'No Match' expression on you decision node should be changed to look for the outcome of Expired if you are using the Expired option on the 'Suspend and Wait for Status Change' operation. However, we did identify an issue with the Expiry option on this operation where the decision node was not correctly evaluating the expiry. A fix was provided but I am not sure if this has already made it to the live environment. If not it will be in the next update. James