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  1. HI Carl, We have disabled the feature at the moment, its been superseded with something all together better which I am going to be announcing very soon. The problem with the web call is dealing with the complexity of "gluing" the inputs and outputs together. When we designed the BPM I laid down and absolute mandate that outside of simple browsable (point and clickable) "expressions" there will be NO programming skills required to use the BPM. Now while the WebCall concept is a real game changer for automation its also entirely impractical because the only possible way of getting the flexibility is to use some sort of glue code to pass params into the web call, there are options like URL encoded, form encoded, URL params, headers and so on. Now we could almost deal with this using expressions although it would be messy it could be made to work, but the bigger, MUCH BIGGER problem is how to handle return values and map that back into something useful that the BPM can use for onward processing - this is where it basically gets impossible, the only way we could make this work would be to expose some form of scripting programming in the BPM so despite some early experiments our conclusion its just not really workable. The WebCall may still get put into production but with very limited capability, but right now, after experimenting and playing with it, the good and very competent folks here at Hornbill did not think we would be doing our customers any favours by releasing this. We have an infinitely better solution which we are working on right now, in fact its almost finished and I will be covering it in great detail at our next Hornbill INSIGHT event which is in June 28th. So watch this space, we have goodness coming very soon. Gerry
  2. @Steven.Hawkins To be honest I too have struggled a bit with this, it was brought up internally a few times and as @Daniel Dekel says we are continuously looking to improve this. The reason why it opens on hover is to minimise the number of clicks required, we ere aiming to not regress from the previous navigation scheme so we definitely need to do something with this Gerry
  3. I would suggest not assigning tasks to individuals but to groups or roles, this would solve that problem all together. Gerry
  4. All, We have now finalised the agenda for Hornbill Insights 2017 which is being held on the 28th June. Despite the title of this forum thread this is not a replacement or re-invention of the HUG, we have yet to organise the next HUG, this is still on our agenda and list of things to do. We are into our third year of live customers on Service Manager and I am pleased to say that customer acquisition means we have a lot of customer now using this, so its high time we had a formal session to talk about where we are and what we are doing moving forwards. So although this is aimed at HSM users, there are still quite a considerable number of Supportworks customers keen to migrate to Service Manager at some point in the future so the invitation to attend is being extended to them also. This day is focused primarily on education and our thoughts and vision for Hornbill so if you want to find out how you can get even more value out of what you already have this is a must attend event. Spaces are limited though so please get in quick if you want to attend, the facility we have reserved has limited capacity - when its full - its full. If we are over subscribed we will do our very best to prioritise fairly. Your personal invites wild be sent out over the course of today and tomorrow via email so please look out for it and register if you are planning to attend. PLEASE ONLY REGISTER IF YOU INTEND TO COME ON THE DAY, WE HAVE LIMITED SPACES AND EACH SPACE COSTS REAL MONEY WHICH WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR, IF YOU DON'T ATTEND SOMEONE ELSE WILL MISS OUT AND WE WILL STIL HAVE TO PAY THE BILL! WE WILL KEEP A TRACK OF THIS AND WEIGHT YOUR FUTURE PRIORITY ACCORDINGLY Thanks Gerry
  5. @Lyonel I have just seen the agenda today so I believe these, along with the registration form will be sent out tomorrow. Places are limited to 70 for the current venue reservation but the focus for this day is around Hornbill Collaboration and Hornbill Service Manager, there will be no content relating to Supportworks, (that will be in a future HUG) so we wold not be expecting a large uptake for our customers that are currently using Supportworks, if there is we will have to re-think, or maybe place limits on numbers per organization etc... will cross that bridge when we get to it Gerry
  6. @DeadMeatGF Ahh fair enough, well let us know if you need us to get it back, we cycle backups every 30 days which is the backlog window you have before the data will be permanently gone from our systems. Gerry
  7. @DeadMeatGF Steve, You can take a look in the following table. h_buz_workspaces however, there is no soft-delete, so when you delete a workspace the record is deleted from this table, same is true for all the posts, comments, likes and other associated embedded media. Only way back would be from backups and a manual process to get the data out, import it back in, regenerate all the GUID's etc... its not an easy task Gerry
  8. @Lyonel When the report is run its data thats created, not the actual report. The data can be pulled down over WebDAV with the required access token but its quite a complex thing to do. I am not sure what form the data is in. @NeilWJ can you shed any light on this? Gerry
  9. Jamie, The activities data structure is very different to requests, while requests in service manager are designed to work like a request list, the activities view is somewhat simpler model, activities are meant to be much like tasks in outlook. I do not believe we will ever get close to the management and reporting functionally you have in service manager in the tasks system, it was simply not designed for that. I will post a reference to this post on our internal workspace for the dev team to look at although given current development commitments I doubt much will happen with this in the short term Gerry
  10. @PSG The likely solution to this would be to provide a link back to the task as I dont think its even possible to show the task contents in the timeline. I will chase this end and get someone to respond to you tomorrow. Gerry
  11. @nasimg I am afraid that the product is growing as is the use of its features so breaking up the forums into logical sections is really the only practical way to organise things. As I have no doubt you are discovering Hornbill is a lot more than just Service Manager so there is a lot to keep track of. However, in the case where we are making a big change we always place the link to the respective forum post in the app by the feature so as a general rule, I would suggest when we add a new feature and post such a link its probably a good idea for you to simply follow the post, that way you will be notified via email as the conversation develops - thats the best way to keep track of these changes if you need to. Thanks. Gerry
  12. Hi @shamaila.yousaf If you have not deleted it then it should be there, I expect its just a visibility issue which is good news. Just so you are aware, Hornbill is a cloud solution so @DeadMeatGF will not have any visibility of the backups, that would be something Hornbill would need to do if you need to go down that route. @DeadMeatGF can advise you further. Gerry
  13. Hi, Only the owner of a workspace is allowed to delete a workspace. If you select the Delete option it will prompt you to confirm and tell you that the delete operation is permanent as shown below, it defaults to No so you have to positively press the "Yes" button for this to happen. As far as I can remember this is NOT soft-deleted behind the scenes so there is no easy way to just get this back. If the content is important, the only way we could get this back would be to recover it from a backup, it should be possible but will require dedicated resource to extract the specific data, as well as any embedded image content. If you wanted us to go down that route that would I am afraid be a chargeable exercise as it would be fairly time consuming. Gerry
  14. Hi Thats not exactly correct, any user (not just admins) can be given rights to access the reports within the admin console. its really just a question of configuring the appropriate rights so they have limited access just to the reports. Gerry
  15. @Henrik Brattlie, Manag-E The date is still good, we are just finalising an agenda, I hope to be getting an official communication out early this week. Gerry