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  1. Jamie, No the permissions of the document will never be changed, it does not work that way. If you share the document with a Library, all people granted access to the Library get access to the document based on the permissions you shared the document to the library with. Gerry
  2. @Keith Sorry about that, I have moved the topic to somewhere more sensible, I had forgotten the Announcements group was read-only. With regards to the openness, I am very happy to be open with our customers but I need to consider our competitive position, it takes a lot of hard work to compete in this market today and we are still developing our arsenal of capabilities I am very reluctant to openly discuss futures, in particular strategic ones out in the open. This its self would make an excellent discussion point Anyway, if you (or anyone else) have got any suggestions then I am open, just jump on over to the above link and lets continue the discussion. Gerry
  3. Hi All, @Keith mentioned a suggestion something similar to this which I was already thinking about having hosted my first live stream event yesterday. I was thinking about doing some form of regular Q&A/General chat type on-line event, possibly using YouTube live streaming. I am not sure we could get into the detailed depths of something like reporting that @Keith had also mentioned. I could however cover some of the interesting things the folks are working on from time to time, so that I think sounds pretty aligned with the sort of thing you are suggesting. The format is pretty simple, there is a live video stream where I can present slides, do PTC, show software features, examples etc and there is a live chat where live viewers can ask questions for me to respond to - in effect the chat stream drives the agenda. Topics would be all things Hornbill and Applications related, Technology, probably a dose of my own views and opinions in general ad possibly the odd rant too. The great thing about the YT live stream is, you only need to attend the live stream if you want to participate in the real time chat, because once the stream is ended it is pushed to Hornbill's YouTube channel with no additional effort which makes it efficient. The bad news about YT streaming its in the public domain which means content would have to be limited to stuff that I would be prepared to make public knowledge because anyone including our competitors could be watching, that would be I would have to exclude things like security, future product plans and so on, so that is a limitation. I could use a closed system, something like Livestream but there are costs associated with that and the closed nature of the platform would add considerable complexity and overhead to administering such an event, and that kinda takes the motivation out of it. Interested in your thoughts. Gerry
  4. Hi All, We have now fixed a date of the 28 June 2017 which will be held in London, DoubleTree Hotel. We are still finalising the itinerary so this is a firm but tentative date. Once we have done that we will be sending an official invite out via email, but I wanted to give you notice as early as possible to help your schedule. I know the title of the thread is Fancy a "HUG" but this day is different to a HUG. The focus will be on Service Manager and Collaboration as well as coverage of our high level development plans (note I am not calling it a "ROADMAP" ). I have some really interesting things to show you relating to expanding the the BPM capabilities beyond human tasks and automated functions, showing features of Integration as well as IT Automation and Orchestration. I would also like to give you some insight into the power of the Hornbill platform and show you examples of a number of apps that we have developed for our own use that are not even in the app store. We will obviously have a Q&A session where you will get the oppertunity to take advantaged of our transparent and open approach face to face. The day is really targeted at admins and power users of our system because some of the content will be reasonably technical. Spaces will be limited so availability will be on a first come first serve basis, and we may need to change the venue depending on attendance levels. Gerry
  5. Hi @Alex8000 Thanks for the feedback, sorry for the omission, we should have checked that too, the problem is that code is part of our framework for dealing with SSO and as such is shared between all of our web interfaces so we have to change this with caution. We have raised a defect internally and will get that looked at soon. Gerry
  6. So do you get an actual error message? What actually happens to make you think there is a problem? You say you cannot make changes but you said above that you can make adjustments? There are no know issues in this area, I think the best thing to do would be to log a support request, they can help you diagnose the problem easily I would have thought Gerry
  7. The red underline is done by your browsers spell checker, this would have nothing to do with the edibility of the form. From the screen shot the content text looks "greyed out" so that would suggest this form is currently read only. I don't know what leads to that in this particular form, I expect its something to do with your user rights and/or visibility of the record. Gerry
  8. @Ashleigh Foote No problem, glad its sorted. Gerry
  9. @Ashleigh Foote A screen shot would be most helpful here Gerry
  10. @Paul Alexander Hornbill only exists because of our customers, we would be mad not to listen and thats a culture I have tried to create around our cloud offering. Of course we cant do everything and we need to create space to allow us to innovate and drive forwards too, always a difficult thing to balance so, on the odd occasion we also have the somewhat unenviable task of having to say no too, in order to keep us generally on the correct path. I would hope though, on balance the level of innovation and progress we are able to achieve would far outweigh the odd thing that we cant deliver. Thanks for your feedback re our community, its nice to hear. Gerry
  11. @Paul Alexander From a design point of view, the BPM is foundational to our "codeless" customisation model, which would also include coding SQL. On that basis we are never going to expose either coding interface or SQL through the BPM. Instead we would seek to expand existing parameter driven functions or indeed create new ones to meet the requirements. Appreciate this does not contribute to the actual solution but as you mentioned looking for an SQL node I thought I would just jump in a replay the design intent behind BPM. Gerry
  12. Hi Tina, The notification and the Home icon appearing are actually two different things. The "Home Icon Appearing" is the equivalent of the counter appearing on the home icon when the menu was docked to the left of the window. Because the nav is now a popup there needed to be a way for us to show there were new items through a counter. When you view/action a notification that should automatically clear the Home icon counter if the notification was actioned. There is a link at the bottom of the new nav menu called "Discuss this feature" which has a lot more detail and the discussions around this. I am not sure how to reduce the screen noice without creating the possibility of not seeing whats new, we are as always though open to ideas/suggestions. Gerry
  13. All, We are currently working on a date/time and content, I will post an update here on Wednesday Gerry
  14. @DeadMeatGF Steve, we will be looking at this in the next couple of weeks, once the underlying function has been built our UI techs will need to make it usable by mere mortals I will post here once we have something concrete to share. Gerry
  15. Hi @DougA I am not sure I have the depth of knowledge in this area to provide a sensible answer, I will ask someone to chime in and help out Gerry