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  1. @samwoo Thanks for the response. OK that makes more sense now. Yes I can see from the screen shot this is a separate application/plugin for Outlook. That application does a little more than just put stuff into the subject line, it also has auditing functionality - so I presume somewhere behind the scenes all of the emails you are sending are getting tracked/audited against their classifications. So us just putting in a drop down box to let you mark the messages in the subject field is not likely to satisfy your compliance team/people. Perhaps you could confirm this? We could implement such a capability, what I don't know though is what is behind the scenes in terms of the other functionality. Gerry
  2. Hi Samuel, When you say appended to the end of the email, do you mean just like a signature, some additional templated content appended to the end of the message body? Also, you said Outlook has a feature for this? (sorry I am not an outlook expert). On the face of it, it does not seem like an unreasonable request, I am just pondering on the best way of specifying an implementation for this. Obviously if it gets appended in edit mode then a user could remove the content before sending etc.... so I am wondering what your current workflow is if you can share that would be useful. Gerry
  3. @samwoo @gingib Upon investigation, it seems that our own recent move to office365 has meant we added another include which pushed passed the 10 limit and had not realised that. We will make changes to our DNS in the next few hours so should propagate through the DNS caches and the problem will be resolved tomorrow. Gerry
  4. Hi Kelvin, We don't publish a roadmap because our development effort is fluid and driven largely by customer need. In reality, when doing continuous deployment things get done quite quickly and as a result things can change change almost daily so of we tried to commit any kind of forward plan beyond 90 day execution we could be penning ourselves into a corner and removing our ability to be agile. We do of course have running themes, and we do have a general strategic direction when it comes to under-the-hood architecture type development but we look at these as themes rather than a "roadmap" in the more traditional sense. For example, one of the current themes is looking at a broader spectrum of integration capability, that is plugging into other systems (both cloud and on-premise) for the purpose of automating IT, this is a very high level theme which is currently driving both under-the-hood technology developments, BPM changes as well as plugging into other integration and orchestration tools. Another is expanding some of the less demanded ITIL capabilities around release management and integration with change management, and yet another is around knowledge management and there are yet others - but in 90 days time these will be done and a new set of themes that drive our efforts will have emerged. When delivering on-premise software we always needed to provide a clear (as best we could) date bound roadmap in order to allow our customers to plan/align their upgrade cycles/projects with our roadmap. With our cloud platform there is no need for upgrade projects because we keep everything up to date and do not make changes that break what you already have running. Can you expand a little on what you are trying to get to? Are there specific things you need from Hornbill that are currently available that is having an impact on your ability to move forwards? Gerry
  5. All, We have had the new email view in place for a while now so its coming to that time where we need to transition and remove the old view permanently. Thank you to everyone who provided the valuable feedback during the preview phase. Next we are working on a complete re-work of the email events system - this is the mechanism under the hood that deals with dynamic screen updates when things in the mailbox change. As this is a fairly big change we will not be applying the changes to the old email view so we need to transition in the next 30 days or so. The next update will switch to the new view by default and we will probably be announcing a 30 day countdown next week for the old view to disappear. Gerry
  6. @Dan Munns I am not sure how we set the default font to be honest, I will ask someone to post back with an answer, I cannot see why it would not be possible to have an option to set the default font but there might be some complexity involved, one of the dev team that work in that area would be better qualified to answer. @Daniel Dekel any thoughts? Gerry
  7. Hi Keith, What sort of presentation are you talking about? It might be possible with something like prezie or slideshare... Also, are you talking about a link in a workspace post? Gerry
  8. All, Further update, this new feature has been implemented and is now working. As I mentioned above my biggest concern with this is how one maps input and output data to web calls, really the only flexible way to do that is with code and we specifically do not want our customers to have to "code" inside the BPM, because not only does that make it more complicated for less technical people but it makes it more difficult for us to guarantee customisations will keep on working. We are rolling this out as an experimental feature in order to solicit feedback and suggestions so keep in mind this behaviour may change or might even be replaced with something more rounded in the future. Here is the latest screenshot This will be available in the next platform build 2693 (or higher) which will be some time before the end of next week. If you want to use it you will need to enable the experimental flag in the advanced settings, just search for "WebCall" and you should find it. Gerry
  9. Hi Dan, There is currently no support for personal mailboxes I am afraid, I am not sure where we are in that regard, I will try to have a look and see where we are and what the likelyhood of us being able to support personal mailboxes for outbound. The implementation for personal mailboxes in the cloud is no where near as straightforward as it was for Supportworks and on-premise deployments - not insurmountable but just not easy. Gerry
  10. @BenKeeley, Its pretty simple to set up SAML and you can do it in stages, you should be aware that you can use SAML just for authentication you do not have to merge or auto provision/update account info, you can add that later. So I would start with your own accounts, set up an SSO profile, make sure your Hornbill account ID matches your SAMAccount (or other such field in AD that Hornbill can associate to your account), and just verify that you get logged in. If anything goes wrong you can simply login with the 'admin' account and turn off the SSO profile. Its a good idea to keep the admin account logged in for this purpose, but if you have to log in with the admin account and your SSO profile is broken you can bypass the SSO stuff on the admin tool by adding the following to the URL: ?ESPBasic=true this will force the front end on the admin tool to ignore SSO configuration and let you log in with the admin account. Gerry
  11. Hi @Dan Munns I doubt that would be a very complicated thing to add to the Supportworks call importer. @Steve G would know a lot better than me but it does sound both simple to do and a reasonable/useful addition Gerry
  12. @Dan Munns According to the error message, the BPM is trying to send from a mailbox called 'munnsd' and given the error message says that it does not have a valid address I assumed that the specified mailbox exists and that its not correctly configured. That was my thinking anyway, but I guess there is more to it. I am sure @Victor will be able to give you more insight once he has seen the BPM Gerry
  13. Hi Dan, Thats a mailbox configuration error, each mailbox needs to be given at least one email address so it knows its own "from address", you can add an email address via the admin tool Gerry
  14. Just a quick update on this. We are adding this node but in the design phase we are running into problems with how to deal with input and results to/from WebCalls and the only way to make this flexible enough is to provide some form of basic coding interface to glue stuff together. This is not ideal, i do not want to morph the BPM into any kind of programming environment so although I will continue to progress this and add it as an experimental feature, I would not recommend it for production use. I need to find a better way of adding this capability without the need for customers having to code in the BPM. This will almost certainly mean some form of integration bridge to host the "glue" code and present the BPM with something that is usable by non-techs. As an interim we can use the webcall node but as I say without us providing a way for you to write glue code its use will be very limited I think. Anyway, please watch this space, integration approaches are high on our agenda at the moment and I have no doubt that whatever solution(s) we do come up with should be pretty awesome. Gerry
  15. Andy, We run our backups nightly, generally in the early AM for a given timezone. Depending on what data and the size of your data set and full recovery may take an hour or so. I would encourage you/your team to sense check on here what you are going to do, ideally you don't want to trash your own data if you can help it Gerry