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  1. Hi @samwoo Thank you for posting your experience - that is EXACTLY why we created document manager in this way. The owner of the document is a critical role for each document of value. We are trying to help customers solve the problem of rotting or useless documents. Every organization NEEDS a good off-boarding process that places value on a departing co-worker to re-assign documents they own, or seek permission to discard the documents as required. Most organisations are not that organised so end up in the predicament you found yourself in. The fact is these documents, if they are worth keeping they have an intrinsic value to your business and should be treated that way. Perhaps what would be better is an administrative function that allows you to re-assign all documents someone owns to someone else... the problem with that though is you miss the most important practice of all which is reviewing each document for relevance - its a large an heavy burden carrying a load of documentation that is no longer relevant, but thats what most organisations do, if thats acceptable then Document Manager is possibly a bit too structured for our customers and would be better to have a simple network file share instead. So the big question for me is - is it worth Hornbill trying to solve real business problems through functional behaviours and coming over as inflexible or should we just give up trying and let document manager become a free for all file sharing feature? in which case I would question the value of developing it any further, might as well just integrate with Sharepoint instead. Interested in any thoughts anyone has on this? Gerry
  2. Hi Keith You are welcome, let us know how it goes. Gerry
  3. @Keith Following on from our recent conversation we have now added two new "Experimental" iBridge integrations which gives you a generic way of making a WebCall via the iBridge from within the BPM, this should enable you to achieve what you want with regards to invoking your own scripts/servlets to automate the process of resetting your SAP passwords. Now I must confess I am still very uncomfortable with making any aspect of the BPM usability this "technical" so this is an experimental integration for now that you can use and we will support it, but when we have our Site Integration Bridge option available some time towards the end of this year, this generic experimental integration will be depreciated. Please let me know how you get on, this is now live and ready to use. Gerry
  4. Yes everything is published to your YT channel, but people will not naturally go and follow that channel, perhaps a link to our YT channel in the User app might be a solution.
  5. The in-app guidance that our friend HH offers can be tuned to each UI, that is "user" or "admin", the idea being you only see what is relevant which I think makes a lot of sense. For example, there is no point in introducing a new BPM feature and showing that to all of your end users. Now it would appear we have not been following our own rules in this regard on very occasion so we need to correct that. I think though @DeadMeatGF you make a good point, I have often been wondering about having some form of non-intrusive "news" type view/notification in the user app (possibly in the form of and always present workspace) that would act like a mini news channel that includes *all* of the features, tutorials and notice updates etc... like you I agree that people might just suggest things that you did not think of. Gerry
  6. @carlt Further to @James Ainsworth update, we have now rolled in the updated library we use for some comms related stuff. This will be on dev tomorrow, will make beta by Monday and should be into production in two days after that subject to testing and validation. Gerry
  7. @Keith Thats what we should have been doing, the system is capable of it, not quite sure why we were not. Could you give me specific examples so I could look into it? I ask beause notices come from different teams so I would need to look on a case by case to start with. Gerry
  8. @Keith Thank you for your feedback, you are most welcome, thank you for being a great customer to work with. Let us know when you have figured out what you can automate within your organisation, but hurry up before we bring out the next thing Gerry
  9. @Martyn Houghton We have a fix for this now, we actually needed to fully re-implement one of the components, this change was part of that so it should be rolled out very soon. You will not have to do anything or re-generate your keysafe credentials for this, it will just be updated. Did you get the integration working yet? Gerry
  10. @Lyonel Lol fair enough, I too have worked for very large global organisations so I understand these things are not as fast moving as they could be. As long as you are happy you have a plan that does not include running your affected computers without their recommended security patches for a long period of time we can sleep easy. As the problem is only apparent on Win7/IE11 and not on Win10/IE11 there is a very low likelyhood we would be able to find a specific workaround, if anything does come to light though we will let you know straight away. Gerry
  11. @Lyonel In that case, you might consider upgrading the OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for those users which would also solve the problem I believe? Gerry
  12. If you are using the open import tool/script I believe this basically does an UPSERT, which means, if the record does not exist it will be INSERTED but if its already present in the database it will simply be updated. However, you need to make sure the import is correctly keyed on your unique identifier (which is often the email address or UPN or SAMAccount from AD in some cases) which is how the importer can decide to perform an IMPORT or an UPDATE on a record by record basis Gerry
  13. @Lyonel Thanks for giving us an update on this. It is good that you have at least identified the change that caused the problem but we would suggest you be very cautious about removing Microsoft security patches because there are generally good reasons for Microsoft to deploy them. This particular patch includes (amongst other things).... Relaying the sentiment of an internal discussion amongst some of our security savvy folk here at Hornbill, we would feel a lot better suggesting you switch to a more secure browser/os as an alternative to removing any security patch. Can I clarify something with you, this tread seems to be tracking a number of issues. In relation to the CORS/-1 error you were getting, my understanding is you were only seeing this error on Windows 7/IE11 computers that have this security patch applied? does that mean you are not seeing the CORS/-1 error on IE11/Windows 10? or is the -1 error being seen on ALL IE browsers in your organisation. Clarification here would be most helpful. Thanks, Gerry
  14. @Lyonel Ok great. I was not suggesting you use chrome instead, its just knowing that it works eliminates any potential networking/proxy issues (assuming you use the same proxy config on Chrome as you do on IE of course). So that leaves a problem with IE security settings/behaviour. Gerry