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  1. Hi @DeadMeatGF, The current Build of the Service Manager App is 1019. This particular fix will be included in Build 1022 or higher. We're looking to prepare a Build in the next couple of days and begin testing. We hope to make the next Build available in the week commencing 31st July. Thanks, Ehsan
  2. Hi @nasimg, Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to follow up on the ability to update multiple Requests through the Requests List - I am pleased to inform you that we have now completed implementing this enhancement. It will be available in the next 2 weeks - Please look out for this on the Release Notes for the Hornbill Service Manager app. Thanks, Ehsan
  3. Hi Jamie @PSG, Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to follow up on our meeting a weeks back and the ability to add more than one Connection to a Request at a time. We've now completed implementing this enhancement to the Connections feature. It will be available in the next 2 weeks - Please look out for this on the Release Notes for the Hornbill Service Manager app. Thanks, Ehsan
  4. Hi @sprasad, That's surprising. That should not be happening following one of the previous Service Manager updates. In addition, in the next Service Manager update, we're looking to further improve this area. Thanks, Ehsan
  5. Thanks Mark.
  6. Hi @m.vandun, Apologies for getting back to you after a long time. I'm looking into this issue at the moment and I'm not able to recreate the reported behaviour. Unfortunately we do not have a lot to go ahead with. I presume that this could've been caused by subsequently clicking the "Finish" button through the Progressive Capture form and hence multiple Requests were raised. Since October 2016, we undertook a number of performance improvements within the product and I wonder whether those improvements helped to address this issue. I was wondering if your agents are still experiencing this behaviour? Thanks, Ehsan
  7. @lee mcdermott, I can see that you've updated to most recent update of the Service Manager App. Here's how I configured my Services to provide me with the option to complete another member's Activity... I created a simple Business Process that creates a Human Task and assigns it to the owner of the Request. Against a Service called "General Support", I selected the Business Process from the Workflow field against the Incident's configuration. I'm logged in as Ehsan. I raised a Request and assigned to another member of my team - James Ainsworth in this example. Have you enabled "Allow Task View" and "Allow Task Action" options for your account's membership against the Organisation record? I can see the "Complete" button when I open the Activity through the Request page. I'm assigned the following Application Roles. To be specific, we're interested in "Incident Management Full Access" for an Incident. I also confirmed that the following Application Setting is enabled. I hope you could use the steps above, to determine what could be missing?
  8. @lee mcdermott, The Variable Picker provides variables from other Automated Tasks in a Business Process depending on the design of your workflow. The variables are produced as the result of a sequence of Automated Task and you'll have to manually pick a variable in a Human Task, otherwise the Server does not recognise "ownerId" as a default variable. This then makes it unlikely for the Server update to perform such breaking change. Regarding the experimental feature - Are you a member of a team that supports the Service that the Request is raised against? Please refer to "Supporting Teams" section of the Service.
  9. @nasimg No worries. Regarding the option to update multiple Requests through the Requests List, we were waiting for a new component to be implemented by Hornbill Collaboration, which has now been delivered. We now need to use this component in the Service Manager App to complete the feature. We're hoping to make progress in the coming week
  10. @lee mcdermott, Just reading back on this post again - Within the Business Process, the configuration for the Human Task that you provided a screenshot for, uses the Variable Picker to set the task's assignee to the owner of the Request. In your example, that would "hornbillmobile". If the owner of the Request was "Roseanne", then the task would be assigned to her. This behaviour is expected. This can then be driven by two possibilities: The assignee of the Human Task used to be set to "Roseanne" by default, using the User option rather than the Variable Picker option in the Human Task configuration. The Business Process has since been updated to assign the Activity to the owner of the Request. Roseanne used to assign a Request to herself and then action on the Activity before re-assigning the Request to "hornbillmobile". In relation to completing an Activity on behalf of another User - You can achieve this by enabling "app.experimental.advancedRequestTaskCompleter" Application Setting in the Service Manager App and as long as you're granted a Full Access role (e.g. Incident Management Full Access) or the Service Desk Admin role, you'll be able to action on them. More details on this option can be found in the following Wiki page: Hope this helps. Thanks, Ehsan
  11. Hi @lee mcdermott, The Business Process looks OK to me - A task is created and is assigned to the owner of a Request using the Variable Picker option. I've attempted to recreate this issue within a Hornbill instance and I'm unable to recreate the reported behaviour; The task is correctly assigned to the owner of the Request in my example. Although, I have applied the latest update of the Service Manager App (build 997). I can see the Service Manager App on your instance is on build 979. Could you update the Service Manager App on your instance and give it another try? We can then confirm if this was an issue that was addressed in a previous build. Thanks, Ehsan
  12. Hi @lee mcdermott, Apologies for the inconvenience that this is causing. To help us investigate this further and identify the cause, could you please describe the Business Process; more specifically the flow that generates the task. Is the Business Process creating a Human Task or an Authorisation? Is it using the Variable Picker to pick the assignee? Thanks, Ehsan
  13. @nasimg When you get a chance, kindly let me know your thoughts on this.
  14. @Keith There is no Application Right associated to changing the priority. An analyst who can view and update a Request can change the priority. However, this logic does not apply to changing Service Levels (i.e. Corporate SLAs) where you'll need "Administer Service Desk" Application Right to do so, which is currently provided with the "Service Desk Admin" role although the link to the forum post that I mentioned above, is around providing a new Application Right to do so, so I would wait for that conversation to progress.