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  1. Update linked requests from any action

    Hi @samwoo You can update and resolve Requests in bulk, through the Requests List. You can also resolve or close linked Requests through the resolution tab in a Request. The other enhancements that you've referred to are currently not available. These enhancement requests are not in the 90-development board at this moment in time but I will speak to the team to register your interest Thanks, Ehsan
  2. @SJEaton We're planning to make the next update available in the week commencing 25th September.
  3. Hi @SJEaton, This has now been added in In the next Service Manager update, you'll be able to use Get Information > Get Request Details BPM automated task to get the value for External Reference Number. Thanks, Ehsan
  4. Service Manager Change Log

    @Dan Munns That's now been updated. Thanks
  5. Authorisation

    @nasimg The Authorisation email provides you with labelled buttons to action on an Activity. Clicking on a button (e.g. Authorise, Rejected, Undecided) opens up a Hornbill User App window, which then automatically performs the action.
  6. Access Hornbill Service Manager Error

    @dconagh Speaking to a developer here at Hornbill, I've been informed that if you remove "/adfs" from the URL, you will be able to download the file. i.e. This URL: https://mydomain/adfs/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml Becomes: https://mydomain/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml
  7. Access Hornbill Service Manager Error

    @dconagh That would be because the Admin Tool cannot access the URL. Alternatively, please paste the content of the file (i.e. download it to your desktop, open the file in an editor and copy the content) into XML field and leave the URL field blank.
  8. Access Hornbill Service Manager Error

    @dconagh, Please refer to the following Wiki document: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Single_Sign_On_Profiles#Common Issues
  9. Strange Error

    I created a Business Process that assigns Request to a team. I tried this as a user with "Incident Management User" and "Collaboration Role" - I couldn't recreate the error. I also tried the same step as a Service Portal and Customer Portal user and again I couldn't recreate the error. Could you ask your colleague to logout/login again - raise a new Request and then check if they can still recreate the error?
  10. Strange Error

    I don't believe you Steve. There must be a loose unplugged Network cable somewhere
  11. Strange Error

    @DeadMeatGF We will look at the issue with Site form. In relation to the BPM error, that perhaps works for you as you've more roles than your colleague. We will take a look - this shouldn't fail.
  12. Strange Error

    Cheers Steve. Sure, could imagine
  13. Strange Error

    @DeadMeatGF Does it relate to a specific action (e.g. an email is sent to the Request's customer after it is logged)? Could you please provide us with a screenshot of the error that you're presented with, then opening a Request?
  14. Email Notifications to Multiple Addressees

    All @nasimg @samwoo @Martyn Houghton @Michael Sharp Another great news - We've now completed the development of this requirement You'll be able to supply a list of email addresses (separated by a comma) through the designated option for Email Notification > Email External Address BPM operation. We aim to make this available as an update to the Service Manager App, in the week commencing 25th of September. Ehsan
  15. Data Clear Down

    Hi @Martyn Houghton Let me have a chat with the team and we will get back to you on this. Thanks, Ehsan