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  1. @DeadMeatGF What type of KeySafe Authentication did you create i believe it should be HTTP Basic? Just taken a look there is an issue which i have fixed and will be in build 605 of the admin tool hopefully available next week. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  2. @Martyn Houghton I have confirmed with Platform that the blacklists are internal to our Platform and are updated only by us for all customers. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  3. Hi Martyn security.guest.xxxxxx settings only apply to the Customer Portal the service portal uses security.user.xxxxxx settings. If you have Single Sign on enabled none of these settings are read as Hornbill never sees a users password its all controlled from which ever source your SAML Auth Provider is connected to like AD. I am unsure of the Password Blacklists i will get someone from out platform team to confirm this setting. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  4. @Paul Alexander Can you export the Progressive Capture you are having issues with and ping it over in a PM to me please and i can take a further look. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  5. @DeadMeatGF Apologies for this some rouge code made it out to live, this has now been corrected and i have added something to fix the issue with any effected Processes, if you open them in the BPM editor make a small change like move a node then save and activate it should save in the correct state allowing the process to be spawned with error. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  6. @Alex8000 can you try the following ProxyPass /ws/ wss:// proxypass / proxypassreverse / Also can you post the errors you get when you try the Support URL without InstanceName on the end. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  7. Thanks @Alex8000 i will get one of the network guys to take a look and i will let you know what we come up with. Kind Regards Trevor
  8. @Alex8000 Thanks for posting your configuration. Have you tried replacing InstanceName with panashornbill i would have expected to see your instance name instead of the string InstanceName in this configuration? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  9. @Alex8000 @Martyn Houghton Have you got the following in your Proxy Configuration? proxypass /InstanceName/ If one of you could post your current Configuration i can get one of our Network Guys who got this working originally to take a look. Kind regards Trevor Killick
  10. Hi @Ricky Watts There are two way a user account can become suspended either through incorrect password attempts or an administrator manually changing the account status to suspended. If you have Direct Database Access enabled you can query the h_sys_security_log table and see the incorrect attempts for a user, they will also show in the EspServerService log available from the admin tool. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  11. Hi @lee mcdermott While it has not been tested with anything like 160 domains we do not limit the number of SSO Profiles that can be created, you might find some usability issues with that many Profiles like selecting the correct profile when you first authenticate but there are no limits in place at this time. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  12. Hi @Winty The tables you are after are as follows: h_sys_roles - List of Roles and there descriptions h_sys_roles_apprights - List of Application & Rights a particular role has joined to h_sys_roles on h_role h_sys_roles_dbrights - List of tables & Rights a particular role has joined to h_sys_roles on h_role h_sys_roles_mbxrights - List of Mailboxes & Rights a particular role has joined to h_sys_roles on h_role h_sys_accounts_roles - Association of Users to Roles joined to h_sys_roles on h_role and joined to h_sys_accounts on h_user_id I hope this helps Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  13. @lee mcdermott If you run it again and look at the EspServerService log file you should see the reason for the API call failure logged. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  14. Hi All The ability to show your custom logo as part of the login screen has been added once its available on live i will post back with a response. We are still looking at adding the uploading of images for customising the portals so you do not have to host publicly https images, once i have further information on this i will provide a response. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  15. Hi @m.vandun The Chat notifications should now show in the top right along side Email. You will need to Update Live Chat to the latest release. Kind Regards Trevor Killick