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  1. @samwoo Ok so it looks like we added a change for Sticky Table headers so like excel you can scroll the data and maintain visibility of the header row, we will take a look at correcting this as its broken in IE11, apologies for this. I will post back when a fix is available. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  2. Hi Samuel I will check on IE but the table should scroll internally when it overflows the viewable screen size. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  3. Hi Samuel Not sure what you mean by as before? This current behaviour has been in place since Admin 2.0 was rolled out last year, the height is set so that the page only takes up 100% of the viewable space and then inside the table can be scrolled on the X and Y access on overflow. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  4. Hi Samuel There are two button in the top right that allow you to hide the query input and the list of tables, giving you more space to view the table data. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  5. Hi @Prathmesh Patel You can follow our Wiki Documentation here: Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  6. Hi @Prathmesh Patel I have given you 4 trial licenses for Live Chat these are valid until the end of March, you can install the application from the Hornbill App Store. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  7. Hi @Prathmesh Patel How many users do you need to access the application? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  8. Hi Alex I have updated the Planned Features list to include the visual element of your requirements, hopefully we can address this in the near future. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  9. Thanks for confirming the fix is working for anyone else a formal release of the LDAP User Import tool 2.0.6 can be found here: Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  10. Yeah there is at least one issue i have found here: i have sent you an email with an updated import tool to run when you get a moment. There is likely to be a second issue where the code assume the names are separated with a , and i can see in your example its a . but i have added some debugging to show these in the logs and corrected the Update action issue. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  11. I found an issue with the code that would prevent the manager from ever being imported when the action is set to Update, working on a fix for that now.
  12. Hi Steve No Worries, yeah what we do is search hornbill for users with the name Steve Giller then use the id we have in the hornbill database for that user. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  13. Hi Steve What should be happening is we query the LDAP attribute that holds the managers name for a given user typically this is manager, the field typically contains a distinguishedName so we run the regex to grab the name out of the distinguishedName string, we then looking the userId in Hornbill for that name and use that as the value of Manager when updating or creating a given user. Whats happening here is the manager id is being set as the distinguishedName which will cause issues when we assume its a valid user id in other areas of the application thus the error you are seeing. Can you ping me over your LDAP import log in a PM as it will likely contain sensitive information. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  14. Hi Alex We have something planned as a future feature, point 3 in out Planned Features will deal with making in coming chat messages more visible to end users and agents. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  15. Hi Steve Is your Config for UserManager as it was when you attached the configuration file? "UserManagerMapping":{ "Action":"Both", "Enabled":true, "Attribute":"[manager]", "GetIDFromName":true, "Regex":"CN=(.*?)(?:,[A-Z]+=|$)", "Reverse":true }, Looking at your distinguishedName example you might want to disable Reverse in the config and set it to false as your CN attribute appears in the correct order? Kind Regards Trevor Killick