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  1. @Everton1878 This is has now been fixed and had made its way to Live along with some additional export formats. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  2. @Rachel Crisp Do you have a network proxy? That message typically comes when a network proxy blocks all traffic not going via the proxy. Information on using the Clean utility with a network Proxy can be found here: Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  3. @Rachel Crisp It sounds like you download the source and not the release of Hornbill Cleaner, the download link here: contains the configuration file and the .exe to run. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  4. @Keith Not a problem if there is anything else we can do / change please do let us know. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  5. @Keith I have pushed this change out you should see this now if not give it a couple of minutes. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  6. @Keith So i spent some time looking at the different password requirements for various tools as have made some changes so that you select a length then optionaly must contain one of the following (Number, Special Character, Upper Case Character). Does this look like it would cater for your requirements? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  7. @Keith Are you talking about the iBridge method for generating a password? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  8. Hi @Everton1878 Sorry for the late reply this has been fixed in the next release of the Admin Tool (665) and the Server (2779) I will post an update when both of these are available hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  9. @Lyonel Thanks for the updates just to clarify is the -1 error message you reported happening on all IE11 / Win 7 Machines or only ones that have KB4021558 installed? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  10. @Lyonel Just to let you know we are aware of a memory leak / performance issue within BPM thats something we are currently investigating, as soon as we have a resolution for this i will let you know. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  11. @DeadMeatGF Just going to get our cloud team to take a look at the CloudFlare configuration. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  12. The experimental flag will go away in tonights server build. If you had created one of the keys today then thats not the issue sorry. I will take another look and let you know. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  13. @DeadMeatGF I just tried this creating a new HTTP Basic Auth and it is working. We have made a few changes to how KeyStore works over the last few weeks when did you create the test keys? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  14. @samwoo Ok so effectively you want to create a new user or asset from the output of PowerShell something like a CSV import. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  15. @samwoo Sorry little confused by your request without a connection to SCCM or AD how where would the source of the Asset Data come from when the Asset Import is run? Kind Regards Trevor Killick