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  1. Authorisation

    @nasimg You'll either need to make each manager an authoriser by purchasing the relevant licenses or you'll need to create a task to have a user gather authorisation from the manager and have them complete the authorisation in SM.
  2. Attachments received via Email

    I haven't had this discussion yet (and I'm off from next week for quite a while so it won't happen soon) but based on what I've read around the forums from various customers I get the impression that there are a few common misconceptions about Document Manager. Firstly that it is a good place to store "stuff" - my understanding is that it is best used to store documents that are regularly updated, probably on a schedule, that would benefit from versioning and require accountability for changes made. Secondly that there is some way that the Hornbill Platform can recognise the difference between an email attachment and a signature logo or other image etc. - this would be wonderful but the reality is that they're all attachments, they're just presented in different ways to the viewer. Finally that cloud storage is some kind of bottomless pit of storage, rather than it being (in simplistic terms) someone else's Hard Drive! What people seem to want is Hornbill to automagically recognise "attachments" and upload them, compare them to existing uploads, and if they're newer versions to update the existing attachment. I think we're a good few years away from that, especially if they keep turning off the neural networks every time they show a bit too much intelligence
  3. I have had a very odd error reported from my Facilities Management Service Desk, it appears to have been introduced with the 1049 build yesterday. The report from our helpdesk team is as follows: Just to clarify, the progressbar flickers between halfway and completely filling the bar between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 nodes. On my tests you can assign a priority, but if you're not really quick the dropdown changes back to it's previous value as the progressbar changes length; this has not previously been an issue. Having used my ninja speed to get a priority assigned I am seeing no further issues on my test call. My tests have been performed this morning, so a complete overnight shutdown of the PC - on that basis it's not a "refresh after an update" issue. Has anyone got any idea as to what may be happening and why? I'm assuming it's something to do with the way we assign a temporary SLA so we can start the timers and the first task for the Service Desk is to assign the correct SLA. I've attached the BP that is causing an issue. dev-estates-incident-with-maintenance.bpm.txt
  4. Strange Error

    I've not had more requests that required a restart - maybe the update helped, maybe whatever glitch was at our end fixed itself, but fingers crossed. I've updated Service Manager and the PC issue is fixed.
  5. Strange Error

    Thanks @Chaz
  6. Strange Error

    I don't doubt that - with the new students arriving we will have a number of misplaced cables etc.
  7. Strange Error

    I'm sure you always hear this, but we've not changed anything! Well, I haven't, and no-one else should have, as they don't know what they're doing
  8. Strange Error

    This is a screengrab of the error on a colleague's machine, the restart did not work for them, but did for me.
  9. Strange Error

    Not sure if this is related, but rather than start a new thread: Got this error when trying to change from my default site, I can link the default OK, but can't change it.
  10. Strange Error

    I have also applied today's update in case that is a magic fix!
  11. Strange Error

    Next time I get one I'll grab screeshots and logs. Didn't think to grab them so far as it's the first day of the new term and things are a bit hectic!
  12. Strange Error

    I appear to be getting errors on a number of newly-logged calls, but hitting the 'Restart from last step' icon has fixed them all. Are there any known issues that might cause this - obviously it's not a major problem with such a simple fix, but it is an annoyance!
  13. Service Support by Everyone EXCEPT...?

    Maybe the option to pop out a checkbox list with "Select All" and "Select None" options would work?
  14. Would a better process involve an expiry date on a policy held in Document Manager triggering a Change Process in Service Manager with Update, Review, Accept and Publish stages, finally storing the updated document as an updated version? I'm not saying that is currently possible but it sounds like a practical way of using the tools we already have.