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  1. Here is what you can expect from the new Service Details node:
  2. Hi All, An additional output parameter called 'Linked Requests' has been added to the 'Get Request Information' bpm node. This parameter will give you a total count of linked requests to the request your business process is running against. If there are no linked requests, the parameter will return 0 so a value will always be returned. This will be available in our next Service Manager update. Alex
  3. It can be anything you want it to be. I would use one of the get request information options that sit under the Requests entity then make a decision from there. e.g.
  4. Just so I understand correctly, do you need to make the decision in the business process? Something like this maybe:
  5. The 'Project Name' simple list:
  6. Hi, The 2 application settings you mention here are there to act as a default and to save you entering in the information every time in each bpm node each time you want to create a new Jira request. If you leave the input param on the bpm node to 'Auto', it will look for a value in these settings. You can manually specify the Project Name and Issue Type by selecting them from the drop down menu. If you want to add additional options to the drop down menus, you'll need to add them to the relevant simple list(s). Hope this helps, Alex
  7. Hi Lee, The most common error here is that the email template that has been defined in the business process node is not a valid email template in the system. Is this possibly the case? Alex
  8. Hi Gary, The way to see the full error is to go to the logs in the admin tool and to filter the server service log by 'error'. Alex
  9. Hi Sam, Currently it's only possible to share the view and not the graphs. That's not to say that this feature wouldn't expand in the future to allow the sharing of graphs. Alex
  10. Hi Samantha, try this as an expression for each custom field: Alex
  11. Hi Samantha, For this scenario you can use an esp condition on the field to only show it if it contains some data. Here is a link to a wiki page that you may find useful. Alex
  12. Hi Paul, I have to say I'm slightly confused now as I've got your exact setup working completely as expected on my own Hornbill instance with no issues. Can you try deleting the decision node and recreating the branches to see if that makes a difference? Remember to type out the condition exactly as it's shown 'Coworker' because it's case sensitive. Alex
  13. Hi Paul, Just to confirm, when you are raising requests from the portal, are you raising them from the service portal or the customer portal?<instanceName>/<instanceName>/ Alex
  14. Yes, that node would work as well. The values that you can choose there are the ones inside the brackets: Analyst Email Post Request Self Service
  15. Hi Paul, Yes if you add an automated node right at the start (getRequestInformation) you can make a decision based on a couple of the output variables. Firstly you could use customerType (either Coworker/Contact) or you could use source (Analyst/Email/Post/Request/Self Service) Alex